Christian Quotes By Topic: Inspirational Sayings

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Sometimes it is great to have a quote that was made by a Christian. There are many Christian quotes out on the internet and sometimes you really have to search and search for just the right one.

Christian Quotes By Topic

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver. ~ Proverbs 25:11

This page is provided so that you might be able to quickly look at an alphabetical listing by topic to find just the right quote. This will be a living document so we will add more links as they become available.

Christian Quotes By Topic

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Bible – Quotes About the Bible: 25 Awesome Sayings

Baptism Quotes – 27 Inspirational Sayings


Children – 15 Inspirational Christian Quotes About Raising Children

Christmas – 21 Inspirational Christian Christmas Quotes

Church – 21 Great Quotes About Church

Compassion – 21 Inspirational Compassion Quotes

Condolence – Words of Condolence: 22 Quotes, Sayings & Verses

Cross – 22 Quotes About the Cross


Despair – 21 Uplifting Quotes for Times of Despair

Difficult Times – 21 Inspirations Christian Quotes


Easter – Christian Easter Quotes: 25 Uplifting Sayings


Faith – Christian Faith Quotes: 20 Moving Sayings

Family – 28 Great Sayings

Famous – 21 Famous Christian Quotes, Well Known Sayings

Fellowship – Christian Fellowship Quotes: 22 Edifying Quotes

Friendship – 22 Christian Friendship Quotes


God – 22 Christian Quotes & Sayings About God

Graduation – 15 Christian Graduation Quotes and Sayings


Heaven – 21 Great Quotes About Heaven



Jeremiah, Dr. David – David Jeremiah Quotes: 23 Inspirational Sayings



Life – 21 Christian Quotes About Life

Letter or Email, 10 Christian Says for

Love – Christian Love Quotes: 22 Thought Provoking Sayings

Luther – Martin Luther Quotes: 21 Powerful Sayings


Marriage – 21 Powerful Christian Marriage Quotes

Mission Trips/Missionaries – 22 Awesome Quotes For Mission Trips and Missionaries

Motivational (Misc.) – 20 Motivational Christian Quotes

Motivational (Misc.) – Words of Inspiration: 22 Motivational QuotesMeyer, Joyce – 25 Uplifting Quotes

Moody, D.L. – Top 40

Murray, Andrew – 25 Great Quotes




Perseverance – 25 Awesome Christian Perseverance Quotes

Poor – What did Jesus Say About the Poor?

Prayer, Quotes & Sayings

Pride – 21 Helpful Quotes About Pride

Piper, John – 28 Top Sayings

Presidential Quotes, Christian



Resurrection – Quotes About the Resurrection: 20 Great Sayings

Rodgers, Adrian – 22 Encouraging Quotes



Serving – 20 Amazing Quotes About Serving

Sin, Christian Quotes About

Swindoll, Chuck – Chuck Swindoll Quotes: 24 Powerful Sayings


Christian Thanksgiving Quotes and Sayings

Ten Boom, Corrie – 24 Favorite Quotes




Waiting – 25 Great Christian Waiting Quotes

Warren – 22 Top Rick Warren Quotes

Wesley – John Wesley Quotes – 23 Great Sayings

Wisdom – 15 Wisdom Quotes From The Bible

Wisdom – Words of Wisdom: 22 Inspirational Quotes

Women- 21 Awesome Quotes




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