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As a pastor and Outreach coordinator, I was shocked that churches today are not utilizing effective means to reach the lost in their community.  Over 50% of those polled from ages 25 to 69 are open to someone coming to their door to invite them to church even though less than 4% of churches nationwide have an active Outreach program.1 That means that 96% of the people in our nation with churches in their community will never have someone come to their home to invite them to church.  And the vast majority of these people are open to visitation, yet no one will come to their homes.  Even more surprising, the majority of those aged 18 to 69 are more open to door-to-door invitations than advertisings in the mail, in the newspaper, or on TV or radio.  The result is that there are millions of un-churched people who have never once had anyone come to their door to share the gospel and invite them to church.  This training is so simple and easy to remember that there is a simple acronym that is used: WDJD.  That is What Did Jesus Do.  This is the very same method that Jesus Christ used in his work during His own ministry.

Door-to-door evangelism is quickly becoming a lost art and the lost are passing through the fingers of evangelical churches.  From my own years of experience and after receiving training in effective evangelistic methods, I can now offer churches a way to reach those millions of people who will never come to church on their own without an invitation.  I have trained churches and built Outreach programs from scratch.  I have received training by evangelists and utilized the most effective methods that are currently available.  At one training in Pueblo, Colorado, almost one in four came forward at the end of the training to commit their lives to Christ for the first time and/or to commit to reaching the lost with the gospel.

These methods are so simple that you can find out how to inspire your own church members to become effective evangelists within their own neighborhoods, families, and among co-workers by means that Jesus Christ Himself used.  I have trained churches in ways to build Outreach programs such as door-to-door, one-on-one witnessing, and Outreach activities that address the needs of the community that they reside in, trainings for parenting, marriage strengthening seminars, all of which I have done.

It is not simply about building church membership or filling the pews, but about reaching those who are perishing without Christ.  Jesus gave the Great Commission, an imperative command, five times in the New Testament yet only 1 in 20 Christians have ever led more than one person to Christ in their entire lives.  If you would like to receive training on how to be effective witnesses, please contact me and schedule training for your church. They can be in as short as one two-hour session, in two one-hour trainings like on Saturday night and Sunday morning, or longer if you want to build community programs that attract people with sincere applications of biblical principles that will help people live their daily lives while pointing them to Jesus Christ as the ultimate solution. There is nothing more important for the Christian than making disciples of Christ who in turn make other disciples of others, and so on.


For more information, contact me at Jack Wellman, P.O. Box 171, Belle Plaine, KS 67013 or by email at: jackwellman@hotmail.com.

1.  “Missional Research:  Center for Missional Research. “ North American Mission Board. 2011.   Internet. Available: http://www.namb.net/cmr/. Accessed July 29, 2011

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