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Dwight Lyman Moody, more commonly known as D.L. Moody was born to a farmer’s family in 1837. He only attended school until grade 5 and left the busy farm life at age 17. In Boston his uncle hired him as a shoe salesman, but he could only keep his job if he attended church regularly. He had high hopes of earning great money in shoe sales. His Sunday school teacher visited him at his Uncle’s store where he led D.L. to Christ.

Soon he moved to Chicago in pursuit of that shoe sales career. It was there that he was called to ministry through the YMCA where his desire was to begin a Sunday school for the children. He is known for his work with the youth of the city in his Mission Sunday school. In 1864 he founded and pastored the Illinois Street Church, now known as The Moody Church. He expanded into more evangelist ministries, including a great Civil War outreach to both Union and Confederate troops.

D.L. Moody was a great leader and trainer of missionaries in America. Long after his death in 1899 his ministry continues through the Moody Bible Institute. He was not a man of few words. The Lord gave him great speech and his quotes are repeated by many even today. Here are my favorite top 40 D.L. Moody quotes.

Featured D. L. Moody Quote: Some day you will read in the papers that D.L. Moody of East Northfield, is dead. Don’t you believe a word of it! At that moment I shall be more alive than I am now; I shall have gone up higher, that is all, out of this old clay tenement into a house that is immortal- a body that death cannot touch, that sin cannot taint; a body fashioned like unto His glorious body.”

The Bible (The Word of God)

There’s no better book with which to defend the Bible than the Bible itself.

This book (the Bible) will keep you from sin or sin will keep you from this book.

I prayed for faith and thought that some day faith would come down and strike me like lightning. But faith did not seem to come. One day I read in the tenth chapter of Romans, “Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” I had up to this time closed my Bible and prayed for faith. I now opened my Bible and began to study, and faith has been growing ever since.

One thing I have noticed in studying the Word of God, and that is, when a man is filled with the Spirit he deals largely with the Word of God, whereas the man who is filled with his own Ideas refers rarely to the Word of God. He gets along without it, and you seldom see it mentioned in his discourses.

Let us have one day exclusively to study and read the Word of God. If we can’t take time during the week, we will have Sunday uninterrupted.


Character is what you are in the dark.

If I take care of my character, my reputation will take care of me.

Oh, young man, character is worth more than money, character is worth more than anything else in this wide world.

Faith & Grace

A man can no more take in a supply of grace for the future than he can eat enough for the next six months, or take sufficient air into his lungs at one time to sustain life for a week. We must draw upon God’s boundless store of grace from day to day as we need it.

Faith takes God without any ifs.

"Real true faith is man's weakness leaning on God's strength"

“Real true faith is man’s weakness leaning on God’s strength”

But, a man said to me, no one has come back, and we don’t know what is in the future. It is all dark, and how can we be sure? Thank God! Christ came down from heaven, and I would rather have Him coming as he does right from the bosom of the Father, than any one else. We can rely on what Christ says, and He says, ‘He that believeth on Me shall not perish, but have everlasting life.’ Not that we are going to have it when we die, but right here to-day.

Real true faith is man’s weakness leaning on God’s strength.

There are three kinds of faith in Christ: 1. Struggling faith, like a man in deep water desperately swimming. 2. Clinging faith, like a man hanging to the side of a boat. 3. Resting faith, like a man safely within the boat (and able to reach out with a hand to help someone else get in).

Faith is the foundation of all society. We have only to look around and see this.

The law tells me how crooked I am. Grace comes along and straightens me out.

We must not limit the mighty grace of God.

Grace means undeserved kindness. It is the gift of God to man the moment he sees he is unworthy of God’s favor.

The Holy Spirit

The Bible without the Holy Spirit is a sundial by moonlight.

There is no better evangelist in the world than the Holy Spirit.

God commands us to be filled with the Spirit, and if we are not filled, it is because we are living beneath our privileges.

If we are full of pride and conceit and ambition and self-seeking and pleasure and the world, there is no room for the Spirit of God, and I believe many a man is praying to God to fill him when he is full already with something else.


Some people think God does not like to be troubled with our constant coming and asking. The way to trouble God is not to come at all.

Work as if everything depended on you and pray as if everything depended on God.

Every one of our children will be brought into the ark, if we pray and work earnestly for them.

Prayer is a serious thing. We may be taken at our words.

I firmly believe a great many prayers are not answered because we are not willing to forgive someone.

A man who prays much in private will make short prayers in public.

Security in Christ

I believe hundreds of Christian people are being deceived by Satan now on this point, that they have not got the assurance of salvation just because they are not willing to take God at His word.

Now, I find a great many people who want some evidence that they have accepted the Son of God. My friends, if you want any evidence, take God’s word for it. You can’t find better evidence than that. You know that when the Angel Gabriel came down and told Zachariah he should have a son he wanted a further token than the angel’s word. He asked Gabriel for it and he answered, “I am Gabriel, who stands in the presence of the Lord.” He had never been doubted, and he thundered out this to Zachariah. But he wanted a further token, and Gabriel said, “You shall have a token: you shall be dumb till your son shall be given you.”

It is our privilege to know that we are saved.

Do you believe the Lord will call a poor sinner, and then cast him out? No! his word stands forever, ‘Him that cometh unto Me I will in no wise cast out.’

There is no knowledge like that of a man who knows he is saved, who can look up and see his ‘title clear to mansions in the skies.’

Walking with the Lord & Service to Him

I tell you whenever a man stands by God, God will stand by him.

I would rather a thousand times be five minutes at the feet of Christ than listen a lifetime to all the wise men in the world.

The preaching that this world needs most is the sermons in shoes that are walking with Jesus Christ.

If He laid down His life for us, is it not the least we can do to lay down ours for Him? If He bore the cross and died on it for me, ought I not to be willing to take it up for Him?

Shame on the Christianity of the nineteenth century; it’s a weak and sickly thing. Would to God we had a few men like Daniel living here today.

A man ought to live so that everybody knows he is a Christian… and most of all, his family ought to know.

There is no man living that can do the work that God has got for me to do. No one can do it but myself. And if the work ain’t done we will have to answer for it when we stand before God’s bar.

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