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A Story of Redemption

“This basket reminds me of mother. And it reminds me that God uses foolish and broken things to accomplish His work.” These words, spoken by Moses’s sister Miriam in the Sight & Sound Theatres production of Moses, get right to the heart of the compelling story of Moses. Yes, it is a story of God leading His people out of oppression, and a story of miracles along the way. But it is also a story of redemption, and of God’s unrelenting nature when it comes to His people. He isn’t willing to let Moses go, even when Moses runs from Him. He can, and will, use broken, foolish, sinful people for His glory. Miriam’s words remind us of that in this production. The story of Moses is a great story, with many twists and turns. And when it’s brought to life by this fantastic theater company, it will leave you speechless, feeling like you’ve just walked out of a show on Broadway. The realistic sets make you feel like you’re really there, even showing the river Moses was placed in, and the waters that God helped Moses to part. From the lighting and special effects, to the actors and costumes, this production of Moses, filmed for the big screen, is one you don’t want to miss.

A Bible Story Brought to Life

As I began to watch the filmed version of the live theater production of Moses, I kind of thought I’d be seeing something I’d seen before, a story I knew well, and if I’m honest, I expected the quality to rival that of the musicals my college put on in the past. Because we don’t often see Christian theater productions that can match the quality of the types of shows you’d see in New York City. Wow, was I wrong! I was blown away by the effects in this show, and how real it seemed. I’ve seen several Broadway shows, and the quality here could definitely compete. The story of Moses truly came to life in this film, in a way that young and old can both marvel at. Kids will love the realistic effects and live animals, and all the music. Adults will love seeing a story they may know well recreated on stage with jaw-dropping details. And, the movie will create some great talking points for families. Discussions about God’s unfailing love, His power, and the joy that comes from following Him will come easily after seeing this movie as a family. And while the story of Moses is a story that many of us know well, there’s a lot more that goes into Moses’s journey, many parts that we often forget about when we think of this great servant of God. The live theater production of Moses shares these sometimes forgotten parts, and uses the Bible, along with great writers and some creative liberty to fill in the gaps and help us really see what Moses’s life may have been like, what his thoughts and fears may have been, and how the people he encountered may have treated him. The writers did a great job of really making me understand the characters and what their lives may have been like, and when combined with the excellent theatrics, sets, and effects, the film was way more than just a movie. It was an experience.

A Story of God’s Pursuit

Sight & Sound Theatre’s production of Moses begins with Moses as a baby, and takes us all the way through him receiving the 10 commandments. Along the way, we see him grow up in Pharaoh’s house in luxury, but make the choice to leave to be with God’s people, his people. We see his temper cause him to kill a man, his people turn on him, and his choice to flee to Midian. We see him make a life for himself there as a shepherd, but still constantly struggle with his choices and God’s call. He turns his back on his people and on God, but God continues to pursue him. He comes to Moses in a burning bush, and shows him the miracles he will be able to perform. Moses reluctantly follows God’s calling, but once he’s laughed at by Pharaoh and his people are angry with him, he once again tries to run away. We see God’s relentless pursuit again, this time through his sister Miriam, as she convinces him not to give up. She tells him, “When mother put you in the basket, she didn’t swim down the river to bring you back when the water got rough.” Miriam’s character showed Moses, and all of us, that even when the water gets rough, we need to trust that God brought us to it for a purpose. The movie goes on to show God using Moses to send plagues on the Egyptians, eventually resulting in Pharaoh allowing the people to leave. But even after the glorious escape, there are many trials. The Egyptians come after them, but God parts the Red Sea to save them. The Israelites complain to Moses about lack of food and water and want to go back the being slaves. Moses faces a lot of obstacles on his path to becoming the leader of the Israelites, and continues to face obstacles even after he has chosen to follow God’s will. The actors, music, sets, costumes, and special effects used in this production bring this story to life and remind us of God’s awesome power and of His never-ending pursuit for our hearts.

A Story of Imperfection

The live theater production of Moses reminds us that while he was far from perfect, his willingness to serve allowed him to be perfectly used by God. Moses is just one of many Biblical figures that showcase this truth. He had a speech impediment, a bad temper problem, and he was a murderer. He ran away from God’s will, but God kept pursuing him to accomplish His good work for His people. The stage production of Moses reminds us that we too can be used by God, if we are willing to say yes. We don’t have to be perfect, God just wants our hearts. Even once Moses agreed to do what God asked, he struggled. He questioned God and felt God was no longer with him. He didn’t always want to do what God asked, but he obeyed. Even in our childish complaining, our running away from God’s will, and our selfish desire to do only what we want, God relentlessly pursues us. And when we choose to obey, great things can happen. Watching this stage production of the story of Moses is not only fun and educational, it is inspirational and heart changing. You won’t regret it.


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Julie McConnell

Julie is a life-long Hoosier, wife, and mother of two. When she is not working in her pharmacy, she spends her time with her husband and daughters in Indianapolis. She is a member of Geist Christian Church and enjoys playing outside with her girls, finding fun things to do in Indy, watching football, and reading bedtime stories.


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