First Lady, A Modern Fairytale

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First Lady, a Modern Fairytale 


(Opens February 14, 2020)


First Lady A Modern Fairytale Movie

Movie Synopsis and Review 


Produced by: Renaissance Women Productions
Writer/Director: Nina May
Cast: Nancy Stafford and Corbin Bernsen
1 hr 41 min

A classic romantic comedy with the backdrop of Presidential Politics & Royal Charm!

Nina May, brings a wholesome, romantic comedy movie to the big screen starring Nancy Stafford and Corbin Bernsen, who were both perfect for their parts, plus several other familiar faces such as the very funny Tanya Christiansen and the talented Burgess Jenkins and Benjamin Dane.

When unexpected death of President Morales occurs at the cusp of his reelection campaign, the now former First Lady, Kate Morales (Nancy Stafford) aims to fulfill her husband’s last wish…to take care of Vice President Taylor Brooks (Benjamin Dane), as he steps into his new role as President, and protect the dignity of the White House from the opposing presidential candidate, HaroldFirst Lady A Modern Fairytale Movie Carrington (Burgess Jenkins) and his ditzy wife, Mallory (Tanya Christiansen).

How can she do this now that she is the Ex-First Lady AND with the Carrington’s gaining popularity on social media with the millennials? Her faithful entourage has a plan! They team up and encourage her to do what has never been done before, run for First Lady!

First Lady A Modern Fairytale MovieAfter a detrimental slip up from Mallory, the First Lady want to be, Taylor and Kate win the election by a landslide! Now it’s up to Kate to continue her promise to protect and help Taylor during his presidency.

All meanwhile, in a far off land, there is a King (Corbin Bernsen) that hFirst Lady A Modern Fairytale Movieas been keeping a close eye on Kate, who was his summer crush when they were just teenagers.  The King’s granddaughter (Gabriela Kostadinova) encourages him to follow his heart and fulfill his longtime dream of reuniting with Kate. After much convincing by the Princess, they pack up and make their way into the White House! How you ask? The Princess was coincidentally chosen by Kate to be an foreign intern and every Princess must have a bodyguard, right? Therefore the King accompanied her posed as “Max”, the bodyguard! Here is the King’s big chance to see Kate once again!

BUT…Kate is so focused on her mission to honorably represent the position of First Lady that she doesn’t even recognize “Max” from their courtship many years ago. However, as Kate and President Brooks start to disagree on some matters, she finds comfort in Max. After several failed attempts, Max finally has the courage to reveal the truth to Kate. In the end, Max makes Kate an offer better than she ever dreamed as First Lady!

First Lady A Modern Fairytale Movie

This modern day fairytale served as great entertainment with its wonderful cast and sprinkle of comedy.

The First Lady, a Modern Fairytale is heartwarming, funny, and inspiring—well worth a couple hours of your time this Valentine’s Day!

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FIRST LADY is rated PG (thematic elements)

The film is distributed by ArtAffects Entertainment.


ABOUT RENAISSANCE WOMEN PRODUCTIONS: Renaissance Women Productions is a non-profit 501c3 organization and a project of the Renaissance Foundation. RWP has been producing award-winning shorts, documentaries, TV shows, and films for the past two decades. Our mission is working with new and undiscovered talent, to give them the opportunity to break into the film industry. The students, interns, and enthusiasts that have come through the foundation have produced everything from TV shows and commercials, to documentaries, educational, and feature films. From pre-production to post, RWP trainees take part in every phase of production in our award winning projects. More information is available at

ABOUT ARTAFFECTS ENTERTAINMENT: ArtAffects Entertainment was created in 2003 as a distribution consultant on “The Passion of the Christ.” The company generally specializes in faith & family fare and releases films across the US as well as more limited regional campaigns. The founders, Dan and Margo Lange have vast experience with US distribution of art, animation, faith-based, and wide commercial film releases. ArtAffects has partnerships with home entertainment, international sales, SVOD, and other ancillary markets. Their official web site is


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