What Does The Bible Say About Adultery? Five Important Lessons

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Infidelity.com reports that 57% of American men and 54% of American women admit to committing infidelity in any relationship they have been in.  The same site reports that 53% of American marriages end in divorce and that 74% of men and 68% of women says they would have an affair if they knew they would never be caught. 1  These are depressing statistics, to say the least.

What Does The Bible Say About Adultery?

Adultery is not only a sin against one’s mate, but an attack on the sanctity of marriage, and a course of conduct that can cause havoc in many people’s lives.

Adultery is a Sin against God and One’s Spouse

Merriam Webster’s Online Dictionary defines ‘adultery’ as: “voluntary sexual intercourse between a married man and someone other than his wife or between a married woman and someone other than her husband”.2   It is also known as infidelity.  Adultery is not only a sin against one’s mate, but an attack on the sanctity of marriage, and a course of conduct that can cause havoc in many people’s lives.  Adultery is also most importantly a sin against God.

Marital failures, and many other destructive conditions, exist because of sin.  They exist because humans have decided that their way is better than God’s way.  They have decided that fulfilling their desires is more important than obeying and glorifying the Creator/Sustainer of the universe.  Nevertheless, the Christian must learn what the Bible says about adultery in order to see it the way God sees it.  Only when we change our views to line up with God’s views can we live the full, blessed life He has waiting for us.

In the Old Testament, God Declared Adultery to be a sin Deserving Death

When God set apart a nation to be His special people, He gave them a set of basic guidelines for living.  They were the basis for every other law He would give them.  These laws were a written record of the way God expects His people to behave.  The seventh commandment God gave His people was, “You shall not commit adultery” (Exodus 20:14).  God knew that the heart of humankind would naturally seek to fulfill every desire it experienced.  God gave these laws to make His holy standards clear.

God viewed adultery as being a sin so terrible that it was punishable by death.  “If a man commits adultery with the wife of his neighbor, both the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death” (Leviticus 20:10; cf. Deuteronomy 22:22).  If we ever think that God takes adultery, or any other sin, lightly, we should remember what penalties and punishments He assigned to them.

Adultery is not just an outward action

“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’  But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart” (Matthew 5:27-28).  This tells us that adultery can take place within the heart [mind] and is just as sinful as an outward act.  The sin of the mind may not affect as many other people, families, and friends as the outward physical act, but it is still a sinful affront to the holiness of God.  This applies to the prevalence of pornography in our culture.  Often claimed to be a ‘victimless offense’, the damage pornography does to the heart of the one involved in it, and often to those around him/her, can be just as devastating.  Pornography and adultery often go hand in hand.

Adultery can keep you out of the Kingdom of God

In First Corinthians 6:9-10, the apostle Paul lists some sins that, if continued in without confession and repentance, will prevent the practitioner from entering God’s kingdom, “Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God?  Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God”.  Included in this list is the sin of adultery.  This further emphasizes how serious God views this sin.  He knew the devastating effects adultery has on individuals and families and He wanted to protect us from that heartbreak.  He still feels the same today.

David and Bathsheba: A Biblical Case Study of Adultery

Second Samuel 11-12 tells the story of how the great King David, of whom God called, ‘a man after my own heart’ (Acts 13:22; I Samuel 13:14), committed adultery.  There are several lessons that should be learned from this story.

1. No one is immune to temptation.

When King David was a child, he slew a giant.  Then God chose him to be the second king of Israel.  The Bible also says that David was a mighty warrior (I Samuel 18:7-8).  However, he still fell prey to the fleshly temptation of lust.  We must never think we have reached a station in life, or a spiritual condition, where we can no longer be tempted to sin.  We must always stay in a close relationship to God, so that He strengthens us to resist temptation.  We are never strong enough on our own.  No matter who we are.

2. Stay in the will of God

“In the spring of the year, the time when kings go out to battle, David sent Joab, and his servants with him, and all Israel.  And they ravaged the Ammonites and besieged Rabbah.  But David remained at Jerusalem” (I Samuel 11:1).

Second Samuel Verse 1 says that it was, “the time when kings go out to battle”.  However, where was David?  He had stayed behind.  He was not where he was supposed to be.  Instead of being with his men in battle, as was customary and appropriate, David was indulging in some inappropriate leisure time activity.  Many times, we are most vulnerable to temptation when we have strayed out of God’s will.

3. Do not let sin dwell in your mind

As David was idly walking around on his roof, he saw a woman named Bathsheba bathing.  Instead of turning immediately away, fleeing sexual immorality (I Corinthians 6:18), and seeking the face of God, he lingered and let sin take hold of his heart.  Once the sin in his heart had taken hold, he acted upon it, sinned with Bathsheba, and she became pregnant (II Samuel 11:2-5).  If we allow sin to linger in our thoughts it will inevitably take root.

4. Do not try to cover up sin; repent and seek God’s forgiveness (II Samuel 11:6-13).

David tried to cover his sinful behavior by bringing Bathsheba’s husband back from the battlefield.  David hoped that Bathsheba and her husband would sleep together and everyone would believe it was this marital union that resulted in Bathsheba’s pregnancy.  However, Bathsheba’s husband refuse to lay with his wife while the other men remained on the battlefield without him.  It seems that Bathsheba’s husband had more morals than King David did in some matters.

Although David could have confessed and repented at this point, he decided to try another cover up.  He had Bathsheba’s husband sent back into battle, placed on the front lines, and then abandoned to face death at the hands of the enemy.  King David had Bathsheba’s husband murdered in the hope of covering his own sinful behavior.  An important lesson to be learned from this is that one sin leads to another, oftentimes worse, sin if the sinner does not confess to God and repent of the sinful conduct (Romans 6:19).

5. God Will Even Forgive Adultery.

Second Samuel 12:1-15 tells us that Nathan, David’s beloved friend, confronted David with his sin.  The mighty Kind David’s heart was broken when he realized how he had sinned against God and grieved God’s heart.  David repented, asked for God’s forgiveness, and was forgiven.

Today, God offers that same forgiveness.  When one comes to faith in Jesus Christ, by confessing and repenting of his or her sin, God is faithful to remove the guilt, shame, and future penalty that sin carried with it.  By committing one’s life to Christ, a person becomes a new creation (II Corinthians 5:17), no longer helpless to resist temptation, but empowered by the indwelling Holy Spirit.

This forgiveness is reiterated in the New Testament by Paul, writing to the Corinthians.  Recall the verses mentioned earlier in I Corinthians listing some of the sins that will prevent one from entering the kingdom of God.  Paul did not leave the Corinthian Christians without hope.  The next verse says, “And such were some of you.  But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God” (I Corinthians 6:11).

Whether the sin is adultery or something else, Jesus Christ has paid the price for our forgiveness by His death, burial, and resurrection.  No one has sinned too much or too long to be forgiven.  The offer of salvation is for everyone (John 3:16) who is willing to confess and repent of his or her sins and turn their lives over to the Almighty Creator, Sustainer, and Savior of the world.

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The Holy Bible, English Standard Version

“Scripture quotations are from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version® (ESV®), copyright © 2001 by Crossway, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved.”

1. http://www.infidelityfacts.com/infidelity-statistics.html

2. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/adultery

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Matt77 April 21, 2014 at 2:33 pm

Dear Kris and Jack,

Thank you for your responses, they really help. Thank you for your prayers too.

Need some more time, support and prayers from you. Hope I can mail instead of just putting into this forum.


Kris April 21, 2014 at 6:42 pm

Ok Matt….the post below was posted before I got the notice of your post….will keep on praying for you and your spouse….it is part of being part of the Body ….I am thankful Jesus ‘s has ‘got our 6′ but we also do watch for one another ‘s back in all things ….Victory through this !!Jesus Christ has not left us !



Jack Wellman April 22, 2014 at 4:15 pm

Matt…I am not forgetting about you friend…and I know Kris too…she is such a faithful prayer warrior and godly woman of faith and I thank God for her. I believe that none of us can tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. Let your conscience tell you after prayer and maybe even fasting. I hesitated to tell you what you should do because God may have a different answer for you or advice than I would for He is so much wiser. I would, if I were you, go to your pastor and talk to him, face to face. Being a pastor myself, I can assure you that I have privately counseled many and have never, ever shared their private struggles with anyone but God. Have you done this sir? I feel helpless at times lie these so I must defer to God and to your pastor before or if you tell your wife because this was a one time slip into sin and you have repented and committed to never do it again and it is not like adultery that is ongoing where people dive into sin. By your contrition, you show me strong evidence that you have the Holy Spirit and want to obey God. I believe that a pastor should never make those decisions for you or recommend something a person who is struggling with this to do because it only happened once and will not happen again and I hate to get between the hammer (God) and the work (the Holy Spirit) that is working in your (the anvil).


Kris April 21, 2014 at 3:53 pm

Frankly I wish we had done this the first time he was unfaithful , but though I confronted him and with the word , and took the other steps in that I asked a pastor to speak with him , my husband did not respond to either confrontation with repentance but a feigned form of ‘not doing it ‘ anymore.

Many things did not reveal themselves during that first infidelity as we had a new baby, and my husband’s mother died and I was concerned about keeping him in the marriage and trying to understand how grief might have played a part in his behavior.

He just got to be a better manipulator using his needs to be ‘successful’ and ‘happy’ which played upon my ways that I had been taught that I should be a’ good wife’ , a ‘good sport’ and ‘support his every idea ‘ because he was working so hard to support me and our children.

My mother kept her marriage this way , my father played a lot of golf and was gone a lot for business in his being a regional manager and had to travel.

SO it is that I have had the time to look back and how I contributed to this behavior and my husband took advantage. He knew I would not leave him and that I was steadfast and faithful to God , to him and to marriage. I was a good ‘homebase’ for him and for whenever he needed some kind of backdrop to assure people he was a good man, a good husband and a good father.

Whenever I did bring something to him that might have reminded him of what good things he was missing out on and how his family was missing out on his participation , it hit a blind spot , probably because I was always following the counsel to appreciate , affirm and support him. I tried to approach him like Esther as many women are taught, but Esther was married to a wicked king…Husbands are to example Christ , especially to their wives and for the sake of their children learning what a good, godly , honest and upright man looks like .

My husband did not respect his choice in wife. Before we married sin was not as distinct and dealt with. BIG mistake as we were then part of a more liberal body of believers . As my walk became more growing in the knowledge and my efforts to deal with my own flesh became more and more apparent and of concern to me , my husband became more and more concerned about how others felt about me. He chose the approval of people who were still actively involved in sinful living , climbing the ladder of success and compromising all matters of life for their own pleasure and gain.

After the last and most tragic adultery lifestyle that developed none of the things we did really made any changes in his attitude. In therapies he slept when he went alone and when we went together nothing much was done to confront sin …the therapist wanted to analyse my husband which would take many MANY years and way more money than his adulterous second life allowed. We took many other things into our effort to save our marriage …I have thousands of marriage and adultery books…we attended marriage weekends…we renewed our vows…but two years into this I was praying with him and he was actually just being ‘there’ when he interrupted me to confess to his having lied to me and was still involved with the other children …something I had hoped he would delay until we had dealt with this sin and he showed some active effort to work through and restore the marriage.

Every time he brought something new to the table …it was like having to start over. He was a skilled ‘trickle truth’ confessor…not because he could not remember …many times something this huge takes time to recall details …but his memory is VERY sharp and keen ….and I know from a lifetime with him that his memories were selective and he was still lying .

Over time his lies became revealed and when this happened he was always disturbed because it was not like I was tracking him or seeking . I trusted the Lord to reveal things when and how He would to demonstrate that sin will always be uncovered…and not just for the betrayed but for the sinner’s sake to be convicted and perhaps repent.

The road is long for my husband I see because though I did my best to follow biblical guidelines from all I made effort to study in scripture , my husband has turned away from caring what GOD says or about his own soul and is hard, bitter and resentful of being ‘outed’, even though I have left the outing to the Lord as to whom he becomes known to.

He cared about how our children would feel and did not want to tell them how his life had been a lie…I don’t blame him for fearing to do this but I insisted he tell them. They are all adults now and they had right to make a decision about this , to make some sense of the man they called dad . My husband wanted ME to tell them but I told him that he needed to do it and it was actually a ‘gift ‘ of sorts so that HE could demonstrate some sort of integrity….to begin to gain some respect at least for being the man who will make his own confession! He was bitter about it because he did not like to have to see the reaction HIS sin had caused …

So he is now living away from us . He is trying to form a relationship with the children of the adultery but it is not based upon honesty . He was unwilling to teach them things that would help them avoid making the same mistakes. One day they will have to face what our children have had to deal with …the man they know as father is not the one they thought he was.

Our children were raised in the Word . They have a foundation of faith and know about how deceitful sin is . They understand and have been forgiving and caring for their father even as he has yet to perceive and admit his sin has damaged the way they are having to consider how they might trust their own perceptions of people …especially men for our daughters.

We have been learning the ways we need to make evaluations of character now for our own learning and future relationships . It is one of the ‘benefits’ of having to face how people of the world and how the flesh works to deceive and how God will equip us if we are willing to learn from Him in how to live through this world and avoid sinning ourselves as it is harmful to ourselves and others and it shames and hurts the Lord.

There is a lot in scripture about this thing called ‘repentance’ but it astonishes me to admit I was in a fellowship where this word was not emphasized or taught . Perhaps it is my poor memory or the fact that grace was so greatly emphasized I do not recall ever hearing it until much much later in my walk. We were taught we had “Sonship rights’ so the focus was what we had received in Christ. This is well and good but to repent…to change our minds about all that God tells us in His word is so very important to be able to actually access and live in His grace.

Sadly sin abounded in that ministry …I now recognize the aspects that are not rare today sadly in many fellowships …the effects of poor approach to scripture , various aspects of Gnostic teaching and new age things so bountifully filling churches with doctrines that appeal to flesh,which let a hoard of unbiblical teachings proliferate to the destruction of lives , marriages, and loss of souls as many see no reason for seeking repentance , and no difference in what is going on in the churches and what the world has going on.

This is sorrowful and it is causing much damage to individuals and society alike.

The repentant person is in a state of seeking to line his thought life up with the Word of GOD …the whole word and is intent upon ‘not going there’ where ever some thought, some thing, some place, or someone will lead to stumbling and falling into sin.As one pastor aptly put it ‘sin is not bad because it is forbidden but sin is forbidden because it is bad”…Society is urging us to case off godly boundaries and definitions of things that are harmful and to run after pleasure and sin …calling what God tells us is evil ‘good’ and what is good ‘evil !

The marriage hurt by sin is always in need of people examining themselves lest they fall into harmful lusts and sin …but two agreeing as to this truth and making urgent effort to help one another deal opening with the challenges of it requires willingness to confront one’s self ..and kindly and boldly confront one another

My husband for reasons he refused to share has spent our marriage assigning bad motives to anyone who might approach him with any kind of counsel he did not like to hear.

I admit that most all of us do not enjoy being told what is unflattering but if we love Christ we will recognize that this one trait alone will prove to be harmful and destructive to our desire to walk in truth and to live a life that does no harm to ourselves and others.

How much more we need to be willing to not just admit sin but to realize we need to avail ourselves to guidelines in how we need to make adjustments to those realizations …CHANGE our minds to line up with the Word of GOD and His ways which are higher than our ways .

Without meekness and willingness to begin again and again on the road to changing our minds …’renewed’ minds that also are followed up with changes in how we live out those changes ,…what can two do if they do not agree to walk together?

For this I have continued to follow after and seek out in the WORD how I must make personal changes and learn what I can ….my husband simply admits his sin , but is unwilling to make changes in how he makes decisions. He has fled to live alone , without accountability , without anyone to tell him anything…as I recall his mother and his father’s words ” we do not believe anyone has a right to tell anyone else what to think about GOD” …They must have instilled this into their very handsome, talented, intelligent son who has lived his life rejecting all wisdom that did not allow him to ‘do what thou wilt’ as the satanist Aliaster Crowley has set forth ,..a ‘father ‘ of the mindset of the 60′s , musicians, ongoing into our day and time.

My husband does not connect his past choices with the idea that he is in need of making any other effort to learn how to make decisions …this reminds me of the way insanity is defined ” Making the same choices and expecting a different outcome’

I love my husband and it grieves me that though he admits that his way of making choices has brought forth a terrible outcome …he does not want to make any changes …so …though there is sorrow …it is not ‘unto repentance’ …and we know if that does not change …the outcome is worse than just what happens in this world .

Jas 1:21 Wherefore lay apart all filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness, and receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save your souls.


Matt77 April 23, 2014 at 2:56 am

Dear Jack,
Thank you for your advice to talk to my Pastor. I have not been able to do this as am in a different place and travelling to my base tomorrow.

I feel stripped, all my self will is broken. I got to confess that this was not ongoing adultery, i did the horrible act with escort girl i willfully hired and paid for. Knew the scriptures, the word against uniting to a prostitute, warning in proverbs,yet in that phase of sexual frustration, just went and did the act. After the same, i realized my stupidity, foolishness which i could not take back. I wept and wept in the conviction of the holy spirit and still sorrowful. The thought of porn or sex repulses me at this point.

Also, worried of stupidity having created any infection though protected, and consulting a doctor today but to early for test.

My wife is Godly, committed, a great women and I failed God, myself and her. Also, I hate to break this news to my wife as we having a baby in 2 weeks. She may reject me emotionally if she hears this though God has forgiven me. We had a great family going which I realise even further now and worried by confession will destroy it. Though physically, she may continue with me. I couldn’t have let this happen. Don’t have any counselling or therapy centers in my city. Am scared to talk to Pastor but need to, and he is very close to me and entire family and will be so disappointed in me. He prayed and sent me out! It will be a week or two before I can meet and share what happened to my Pastor.

Thank you Jack and Kris for your prayers, please do continue to pray for me that God guides me in this situation. Wish I could take is offline for more confidentiality.


Kris April 23, 2014 at 3:22 am

Take heart Matt….’this too shall pass” is true because Christ died for sin…He knows we are dust…but has given all of Himself because we need a Savior living in the dark world. Those who are His know that they have a past …but Jesus knew about our life past ,present and future and still gave Himself for our sake.

Marriage is His , Those who know Him have a struggle sometimes accepting that He loves us …like you love your children…as they grow you know they may goof up ..sometimes willfully but you continue to be father and to love them with your heart invested in their growing and developing and maturing.

Father in Heaven I thank you for Matt’s heart broken over this sin and I thank you for giving him the faith to accept your working this out in him, in his marriage and for your hand of protection over his wife at this time.

I pray your will cause your loving mercy to rise in his mind to remind him of all that you have in store for him in becoming the man who is equipped with such an experience of the truth of your redemption and restoration of his relationship with you , with healing of his wife’s heart and strength through this time.

Lord you know the end from the beginning and you have not changed your mind or ability in working all things we surrender to you for your glory and for our overcoming testimony as we go into the places you have for us.

Thank you for increasing our faith and helping us to trust you in all of these things. It is sometimes hard for us to see when we are blinded by tears of regret and hear the whispers of accusation for all that we have done but you have forgiven and cleansed.

Help us to live in your site and by your way …help us to see that you have pulled us out of the ditches we have stumbled into.
Help us to pray for our offenders and we do lift those women who have fallen into the sinful plans of the enemy of their souls to become prostitutes and pornographic tools in the prison of the devil.

I thank you for teaching men how to avoid these traps and to learn to become equipped to help other men and in the process become strong in their own walk to be comforters to those who are in need of being comforted with the comfort with which they have found hope and healing.

Father I perceive that Matt is going to become a strong helper to those who are in like situations or are considering such things. I pray that presently you will contnue to bring to him mind the scriptures that he has sown into his heart to prepare him with what he needs to keep in mind NOW.

Thank you Jesus for Matt’s heart and his worries being laid upon you. Help him cast these cares upon you …one by one….

In Jesus Christs overcoming name ….we are so thankful !

Isa 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

Phl 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Reading the scriptures aloud when we are under attack with thoughts that condemn us after we have confessed ….helps clear the way for the Lord to ‘speak’ to our hearts.

BTW…Here is a link to a songwriter that I think will bless you . He is soft spoken but his message and lyrics are very keen about truth that is often not heard in even today’s churches…His name is Trevor Baker ….I just had begun to listen to him due to a link from Lighthouse Trails Newsletter online. Comforting and worthy message that is easy to listen to and encouraging through some pretty tough things …



Kris April 23, 2014 at 5:04 am

One thing I shared with my husband while trying to overcome this situation was Did he think he sinned worse that King David? or Paul? ….

I know one thing the devil works to deter, stumble and hinder the believer….and all we can do when we stumble over sin is not let the devil win! To do as Jesus told us ” continue in my word and you will be MY disciples indeed!”

We were not saved for nothing …and God did not start with anyone who is sinless of those who Christ has died and cleansed with His blood.

Through our walk we learn and grow …One of the best things I can think of is to pray …”Lord what will you teach me from this situation? What will you allow me to be used by you to minister to whomsoever you bring across my path’

Next to the Word of GOD the thing the devil wants to destroy the most is what GOD wants to do through married couples who overcome.’

Do not allow yourself to think what the devil would love to have you think …YOU …yes YOU were born again for the purposes of GOD through the knowledge and life of Jesus Christ which is the new BIRTH….You are learning to walk so you can counsel others wisely when you encounter another fallen one who is sorrowful unto ‘death’ to deny the wicked and rise up …allow the resurrection of Christ to be applied to your life …sin is awful and God warned us of it …but in today’s world we often don’t take to heart those things…or we allow someone to teach us it doesn’t matter …and that ‘someone ‘ is often cloaked in sheeps clothing unfortunately

Nothing destroys God’s intentions but we may get so convinced that our failures are too great for God to make something whole and new out of the ashes that we just go along with the lies of the devil.

NOTHING shall separate you from HIM who has bought you with a price ….we are NOT OUR OWN …our marriage is HIS vehicle to mature us as individuals …as specifically designed genders [ contrary to the world's gender neutral ideas ]

We are called to show forth the godly design for life which we are learning as we grow up …how many children do you know that are born and then are given the family car to drive …The world teaches people that they should be able to be sinless right away and never fall and never be deceived.

We have a Savior very familiar with our obstacles to maturity and thus we have to confess and then obey by continuing to learn , and grow up in Him….following His words and denying our flesh …we LEARN .

The flesh profiteth NOTHING …it is the spirit that makes ALIVE…GOD’s SPIRIT …Jesus said ‘MY WORDS are spirit and they are life’

If you are IN Christ you have died and your life is HID IN CHRIST …we then walk IN that …continuing to turn to HIM and at that same moment when we turn to think and follow what HE tells us about our state we are also resisting the devil ..and he will flee from us

In the state of sorrow over sin do not be deceived into thinking that your self condemnation is anything …it is not useful …repentance is to go on and not ‘live’ in that …and thinking about the things God says about His kids helps …I have been listening to sermons online …searching the scriptures to see if what is heard is also SO in scripture and context…keeping your mind on the Word through all means while God works out things …as you pray and keep on thinking the things ..hearing the things of scripture you will be occupying yourself with doing what is GOD ‘s job in this situation.

It takes effort …it is not a once and done thing , keeping our minds involved with renewing our thoughts upon this ‘bread from heaven’

I am thankful that you have had the courage to share your sorrow and remorse here …those who have been dealing with adultery actually do need to hear the way a repentant adulterer is thinking about this. Many sites where I have tried to encourage fellow hurt spouses need to hear it strangely because I think it is helpful to remember that all who sin and become truly repentant are in need of comfort . None of us married sinless people that I know of . My husband simply took the road with no restance and has not accepted forgiveness….yet.

I am determined not to let the devil win in any way in this ongoing necessity to be faithful to God and give God the venue of our marriage for His purposes ultimately ….That is my view thus far …seven years after D DAY and still awaiting my husband’s waking up to all that the Lord must have had in mind .

I still believe that those who begin in Christ and do not rise to the challenges that GOD has given believers to walk in are still those who God wants to use in these dark days where the society is so sexualized that the unwary man or woman does not realize that sex is not like air they need to live …They have had it impressed into their minds that they cannot and should not be self governed ….we all know that this is effecting people with over desires that were not always so prominent nor surrounding people in the daily life as we have now.

The Bible says ‘MY people are destroyed for lack of knowledge’ We are not destroyed because we do not have the latest info on all kinds of things of the world …most of that stuff is crammed down our throats. Sins are intentionally being ‘normalized’ through every avenue to the minds of people . They don’t realize this and so many are not ‘armed’ against the usefulness of things that stimulate their lust.

I have much to say …sorry if I have occupied so much of this thread….I figure that anything I might share from this situation makes it at least USEFUL in some way for others …and in today’s world there are a lot more dealing with this in and out of the church than I realized.

Make some lemonade for the Truth out of the lemon you have gone through …don’t let the devil win by giving up on your ministry or marriage …You can do this through Jesus Christ and THAT is a testimony worth having !


Kris April 23, 2014 at 5:34 am

WOW,,,Here is an encouraging teaching on Youtube…by David Wilkerson….I read his book years ago …The Cross and the Switchblade..” this teaching has a title that might put some off but it was powerful in engaging with truth.

David Wilkerson – “Doubt” The Sin God Hates Most”

It rocks! had nor heard him teach for years! Give a listen and be encouraged Matt!


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