How To Write Your Christian Testimony: 10 Great Tips

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One of the greatest witnessing tools we have available to us is the testimony of a changed life. We can look at many examples in the Bible of people who came to Christ, were saved and walked away changed. That same thing is happening today. You have the ability to share your story of a changed life. When sharing your Christian testimony through written word you want to remember that while this is a blessing to those who are saved, it can be used by God to reach the unsaved. Always write with the thought in mind that unsaved people will be reading your testimony.

Even if you will be sharing your testimony verbally in front of a group, it is helpful to write it down so that you can say exactly what you plan to say. It does not need to be memorized, but you should have a plan of what you want to share before you stand up to speak. Writing your testimony beforehand will be a big help in keeping you on track.

Before you begin: Pray

Take time to talk with the Lord about writing out or speaking your testimony. Each opportunity is a witnessing tool that God can use to touch a life. Allow Him to guide your words.

Things to Include in your Presentation

Explain the Problem – Sin

Tell your readers or listeners what brought you to the realization of your need of a Savior. You don’t need to give a laundry list of your sins, but you should tell how you were brought to conviction. The Bible tells us that God’s law is what brings us to a knowledge of our need of salvation (Galatians 3:24). Sharing with the audience what God says about sin is an important element of your Christian testimony. You can do this by sharing various parts of the Ten Commandments and how they were convicting to you personally. Your audience needs to know that the reason they should consider Jesus Christ is not because He can make them happy, but because they are sinners and He can forgive them.

Share the Solution – Jesus Christ

When you are done with your testimony everyone should know that Jesus is the answer to their problem of sin. Your salvation is not what you were able to accomplish on your own, but it was purchased by Jesus on the cross (Titus 3:5-7). Focus your testimony on pointing people to Jesus.

Christian Testimony

Writing your testimony beforehand will be a big help in keeping you on track.

Avoid Church Words

Be careful about using words that unsaved audience members won’t know. The longer you are saved, and the more time you spend in church, the harder it is to remember that people outside the church don’t understand all of our vocabulary. Also remember that other religious groups use the same words we do in Christian churches, but have a different meaning to their vocabulary. The more you can give your testimony using common words, the clearer your communication will be.

Stay Focused

Try to give the important elements of your testimony clearly and succinctly. If you have time or space you can give more information that will help illustrate your points. But don’t waste precious time telling stories that won’t help people know about how the Lord drew you to Himself.

Be Honest

Share your testimony in an honest way. There is no reason to sensationalize or lie about the events in your life. Just because other people may have been saved out of a horrible background and you haven’t, doesn’t mean you are any less saved. There will be people in the audience who can relate to your real story, even if it sounds boring compared to someone else’s testimony. When you are honest God can use your words to reach others.

Give Specific Examples

Give your readers and listeners specific examples of how God worked in your life. Again, you don’t need to share the details of your sin. However, the more examples of real events you can give, the more the audience will relate. Those who are not saved will see more credibility in your testimony if you tell the real ways God has changed you.

Share your Current Situation

What is God doing in your life today? It is great to hear what He did last year (or 30 years ago) in saving you, but your audience will want to know that God is still at work in your life today.

Watch Your Time

If you are told you have 3 minutes to give your testimony, then you need to stay within that time limit. This shows respect to your hearers and those speaking after you. If the listeners know you only have 3 minutes and you speak for 7 then it can be seen as boastful on your part. Make sure you honor God the one who saved you when you share your testimony with others.

The beauty of writing your testimony is that you can say exactly what you want to say in the space limitation you have. You can edit out the unnecessary information.

Writing your Christian testimony is a wonderful way to share the miracle of a changed life with an unbeliever. I hope these tips are helpful. Get started today in preparing your testimony so that you can share it with others.

Why Your Testimony is Important?

Events and testimonies in the Bible are examples for us today. The Bible says in the New Testament that the things written in the Old Testament are there to serve as examples and encouragement for us today (1 Corinthians 10:11). Your testimony can be the exact same thing for others who will read it in the future. Do you have something you think is important that should be mentioned to other readers concerning sharing their testimony? Leave a comment and let us know.

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