6 Encouraging Prayers For Safe Travel

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The older I get the more I understand why my parents wanted to know when I was going to be home and who I was riding with if I wasn’t driving.  They were concerned for my safety and well-being.  Whether I was walking down the street, taking a bus trip with school/church, or just driving to a local restaurant, safety was their number one concern.  I am so grateful for my parents and the values they have instilled in me.  Here are 6 encouraging prayers for you or your loved ones who are traveling.

The Long Haul

Dear Lord,

You know the road before me.  This is a long journey I am about to take.  I pray for a safe journey these 700 miles, Lord.  I pray that if any problems come my way that Your hand would be with me and guide me through them.  I pray for the other drivers on the road with me.  Father, I pray for good rest for us all and that cell phones will be put away so no distractions take our eyes off of the road.  Lord, You are mighty and I love You!  Amen

I’m The Passenger


I thank you so much for Your everlasting love for me!  Guide my friend, John, as he takes us to the convention this weekend.  The journey isn’t too long, but traffic will be a mess and trying to find parking may be a problem.  Father, guide his mind, hands and feet to deliver us safely to our destination.  I place this journey in Your hands.  I love You!  Amen


Blessed Lord,

My wife/husband is not responding to my calls.  I am worried about her/his safety.  Please bring my spouse home quickly and safely.  I know about the crash on highway 72, but I don’t know if he/she passed through already.  Lord, I am scared.  Please hear my prayer.  Bring my spouse home to me.  I pray for Your hand to deliver my spouse safely into my arms tonight.  I love You, Father!  Amen

No Service/No GPS

Father, please guide me to somewhere safe where I can ask for directions.

Father, please guide me to somewhere safe where I can ask for directions.

Dear Lord,

Technology seems to bring us more trouble at times and I have no service for my GPS right now.  I’ve pulled over to ask You to help me stay calm.  I don’t know the area I am in at all and I don’t have a map.  Father, please guide me to somewhere safe where I can ask for directions.  Lord, I get scared when I don’t know where I am at and I need You right now!  Thank You for Your love and protection over me!  Amen

For Family Coming To My Place

O Lord,

I am excited with the anticipation of seeing my cousins and aunts and uncles for our family Christmas party.  Lord, the roads aren’t the best and there are many icy spots.  Lord, I have everything ready here.  I have the turkey in the oven and all the sides ready to go.  I have the rooms ready for my family to sleep in.  I have games and movies ready.  The only thing I am missing is my loved ones.  They are not here yet, but I know Your hand is with them.  Please guide them here safely.  Lord, keep the deer off of the roads and please keep other drivers alert.  I love You, Father!  Amen

Bless The Truck Drivers

Father in Heaven,

I just want to say “thank You” to all of the men and women who are on the road every single day delivering goods to our stores so we have food and clothing.  Lord, they go through so much stress making sure their freight is delivered on time.  When hazardous conditions arise I pray You keep them safe.  When they are running behind, give them Your peace in the moment.  Father, I pray for safe journeys for our truck drivers.  Without them I don’t know where we would be.  I am so grateful for the time they put in on the road.  Father I pray that You also deliver them home safely to their families on their days off.  Father, You are so awesome and I love You!  Amen


We all are on different journeys daily in our lives.  Some of us drive to work.  Some of us need rides from point “A” to point “B”.  Some of us drive equipment for construction.  Whatever you do for a living that requires driving can and should be prayed about.  I pray that you all have a safe day!  God bless you all as you continue to live a life worthy of the calling!

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