7 Prayers For Safety In Different Situations

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It seems that the older I get, the more chaotic the world is also getting.  Danger seems to lurk around every corner some days, whether it is a personal danger or threats of nuclear warfare.  There is a serious spiritual battle taking place in the hearts and minds of every single person alive today.  With all of the madness, prayer is a must!  How can you pray for safety to God in the midst of danger?  Here are 7 different prayers covering different possibilities.

Safety For Family


You alone brought me to my spouse.  You have brought a love between us that has kept You at the center.  Please protect my wife/husband from harm today.  You have also given me the joyous responsibility of being a parent.  I love my children, Lord!  Father, please protect my kids as well.  I thank You for the abundance of blessings I have with my spouse and kids!  I love them all and I pray that they may find their way home safe today.  I praise Your name, Father!  Amen

Our Men and Women in the Armed Forces

Omnipotent Father

You have the power to do as You please and I pray now for our brave men and women all over the world that put their lives on the line everyday so that we can remain free.  Lord, keep them safe from harm’s way.  Many of these men and women have families back home that they provide for.  Please allow them a safe journey back home to hug their loved ones.  Father, be with the spouses and children of these brave men and women.  Give them a peace that passes all understanding to know that You are in control of all things!  May these brave men and women be a blessing to the people they encounter this day!  Amen

Local Authorities

Dear Lord

I pray for the police officers and firefighters who risk their lives daily for us.  Father I pray that you will stop the schemes of the criminals that intend to hurt our police officers.  I pray that their evil plans will backfire on themselves.  I pray that you will protect our officers as they bring the unjust into prison.  Give them clarity as to how to act in every situation that arises, Father.  I also pray that You would protect our firefighters, Lord.  They have a huge role to play in bringing those in danger out safely from burning buildings.  Lord, guide every step they take and bring them home safely to their families.  May Your will be done always.  Amen

Our President

Safety is an important issue to pray about in our lives.

Safety is an important issue to pray about in our lives.

Father in Heaven,

With personal biases and thoughts aside, I want to offer a  prayer for our president, Lord.  You have put him into office and I pray that You would keep him safe this day whether he is at meetings or visiting people around the world.  He has great responsibilities to attend to and I pray that he can finish all of the plans that are on his agenda today.  If he is flying, keep him safe.  If he is in his office, keep him safe.  Thank you for our president, Lord.  I pray that he will make wise decisions this day as You watch over him.  I love you, Lord!  Amen

Those in “high risk” careers


I pray for our men and women in different “high risk” fields, like construction and power plants.  Father, some people are building skyscrapers today.  They are very high in the air and are risking their own lives to build these massive structures.  Father, hold them as they risk their own lives to construct these buildings.  Bring them home safe to their families.  Father, I also pray for the men and women working in nuclear power plants.  I pray that they stay alert and fix any issues that arise so we can all stay safe.  I thank you for men and women like these that put their lives in harm’s way for us.  I praise Your name, Father!  Amen


Merciful Father,

I pray for everyone who is traveling today.  I pray that they may arrive safely to their destinations.  Father, be with pilots, train conductors, bus drivers, boat captains and taxi drivers.  These men and women are trusted to be alert and focused to take people to different areas.  I pray that you would guide their hands and feet to give all people a safe journey this day.  May Your name be glorified forever and ever!  Amen


My Gracious Redeemer,

Bullying is a part of the norm in schools around the world.  Father, protect our children from bullies, whether they are in person or through the internet.  It breaks my heart to see tenderhearted kids being picked on and made fun of.  Father, light a fire in the hearts of the bully’s parents.  These moms and dads need to step up and confront their children that are bullying innocent kids.  You know all about bullying, Lord, as You watched Your Son, Jesus, be whipped, beaten, mocked, spit on, bruised, scorned, ridiculed, and crucified for the sins of humanity.  Father, You are love in its purest form!  Thank you for your protection!  Amen


Safety is an important issue to pray about in our lives.  These are only 7 of the many possibilities to pray for safety.  I pray that this article finds you safe and well!   God bless you as you live a life worthy of the calling!

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