10 Effective Ways To Spread Christianity

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Sharing your faith with others can be done in many different ways. We should all be willing to give an answer to those around us as to the hope we have in Christ (1 Peter 3:15).

Here are some effective ways to spread Christianity to those around you. My prayer is that you not limit yourself to just these suggestions. Use them as a launching pad to other creative ways of sharing your faith. Please leave a comment below with other suggestions or alternatives to the ones mentioned.

Carry Tracts

Have tracts with you that you can give out any time you have an opportunity. There are tracts that are general in nature, but you can also find a variety of tracts that are situation appropriate. By this I mean you can get tracts that are written for waiters and waitresses, various holidays and events, as well as location specific tracts. Try to carry a variety of tracts in your purse or car so that you are ready to give one to those you meet.

Leave tracts in public place like the restaurant and coffee shop or on public transportation. When you return a book to the library you can leave a tract in it. Don’t stuff every book on the shelves with tracts. That can be considered vandalism and poor taste. But putting them in some of the books you return can be a witness to the librarian when the book is processed.

Effective Ways To Spread Christianity
Share your faith on Twitter and Facebook by including an occasional Bible verse.

Social Networks

Share your faith on Twitter and Facebook by including an occasional Bible verse. Share with others what that verse means to you and why it is important in your life. You can do this without being “preachy.”

Even as a Christian I sometimes skim over Bible verses from friends who spam their own social feeds with them. You should include enough other content that the Bible verses fit well with the information you are providing. This will make the verses stand out and give you a chance for further interaction.

Always Have a Bible Handy

You should always be ready to share your faith with those who may ask. You can get a small New Testament to carry with you at all times. There are many Bible apps on smartphones for various platforms. This allows you to always have a Bible with you.

Share Your Testimony

Look for opportunities to share your testimony with others. One of the most effective witnessing tools you have is your own Christian testimony. Telling others how God changed your life gives them a chance to see that God is real to you and that you want them to have the same relationship with Him that you have.

You can write out your testimony so that you can share a copy with a friend or even strangers. You can include a copy of what the Lord has done for you in your annual Christmas letter to your family.

Bible Distribution

There are different groups that hand out Bibles at special events. Ask your pastor if he knows of an opportunity in your area.

The pastor I worked with in Mexico was saved as a result of a Bible distribution ministry. Someone slipped a copy of John and Romans under his door one afternoon. He read that Bible and sought out the missionary so that he could learn more. That pastor is now involved in a ministry to distribute Bibles in millions of homes in his region of Mexico.

Go on a Mission Trip

You can go on a mission trip within your state or in another country. Even if you can’t speak the language well you can show God’s love with those you meet. You can use an interpreter to share the story of why you traveled so far to share Christ with them.

Share a Movie With a Friend

Have you watched a good Christian movie lately? Try watching the movie together instead of giving it to your friend to watch alone. This gives you a chance to answer any questions as they come up. You also have a shared experience to talk about when other questions arise. If something in the movie applies to a current conversation you can say, “it is kinda like that time so-and-so did this in the movie.” Then you can use that as an opportunity to share more about the Lord.

Include Tracts in Correspondence

When writing Christmas or birthday cards to your friends and family include an appropriate tract for the occasion. These work well in sympathy cards if done tastefully with the right tract. You can even include tracts with payments you mail each month.

Genuinely Care for Others

Comfort your friends and co-workers with God’s love when they go through hard times. If you are loving and caring to your friends they will come to you when they have problems. Maybe you have recently read a Bible-based article that speaks to the problem your friend is facing, share the article with them. When they know you care they will gladly accept your offers of help.

Local Shelters

There are many food and homeless shelters around the country which need volunteers. People who come to these shelters are expecting to have the Bible taught to them. This makes them a willing audience to hear you tell about the Lord. Sit down with those around you and share what Christ has done in your life. There is no need to be judgmental. The fact that you are there and offering to help shows them that you have at least a small level of love towards them. In a loving and kind way make a connection and take the opportunity to spread your Christianity.

Please share your thoughts below on how we can all be a better witness for the Lord.


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