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Mick November 2, 2013 at 12:20 pm

Great article full of truth. It was when I truly realized that everything is God’s – it was then that I knew how blessed I am, and that only because of God’s true goodness. God has blessed my family and me with so many things of real value as well as providing financial security. “You can’t outgive God!” is so true! And to think how I wasted so many years never focusing on God but thinking I could create my own wealth.
Jack, the sad thing, as I look back on my early life, is I don’t think I could have convienced the me of 40 years ago that I should change. The ways of the world are so enticing. The church I attend now has a tremendous focus on youth. I know I am and will forever be grateful to my Mom and grandparents who “made” me go to church until, sadly, I just absolutely refused. My grandfather could have forced me to go, but he knew you can’t force someone to love God. He continued to set the example though, and I sure was glad that I knew where to turn when I hit the proverbial “rock bottom” in my early 30’s. Although my grandfather had departed this earth many years before, he was there as much as ever.
The website you refered to is a real eye-opener! If only our nation would be guided by Proverbs 22:7. Again, great article.
Mick G.

Jack Wellman November 2, 2013 at 5:32 pm

Wow Mick, what a powerful testimony to the work of God and to His glory. Amen…and yes, our nation is in trouble.
As for your conversion, A.W. Tozier is right….God cannot use any man greatly until he has hurt him deeply and my own conversion in prison from a life of crime, thievery, drug dealing and use, and a wasted life of homelessness, joblessness, abandoned by parents, destitute, and at the very bottom I could only go but one way and that was up. God had to break my pride for He resists the proud (me) but give grace only to the humble (me broken) and God can not fix what is first not broken. You can share your testimony to give others hope Mick to never give up for He never gives up on us and His love never fails, even though we do !

Don Rocco November 30, 2013 at 9:47 pm

They can’t collect and there are a number of alternatives, stop borrowing by lenders not granting anymore loans, sellout of lands and other properties, ran after those who stole the money (9trillion dollars unaccounted by the Federal Bank), forcible condonation of loans which is not feasible, enslave the US constituents to force labor camps (this is the most evil idea)
or let it all be decided by God himself.

Henry June 28, 2014 at 4:43 pm

Hi Jack…

I live in South Africa… the numbers (debt) you mention exceeds my imagination.
I have read somewere that “only a war” can solve it…
and when the Syria crisis started to unfold… we prayed for help… I watched CNN every day…

The prophesies in Zec 5:6 and Isa 17:1 came to mind.

Yes… there is only one solution…
Yeshua Hamasiach…


Jack Wellman June 28, 2014 at 5:41 pm

Amen my brother…He is our One and only solution to all that is wrong with this world for in Him there is only good. Yes, these Scriptures fit like a hand in a glove my friend.

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