The Ticking Time Bomb of the American Debt

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The U.S. has a ticking time bomb. America can barely make interest payments on our national debt and the debt is growing so rapidly it’s out of control. What does the apparent financial meltdown of America mean to Christians and non-believers?

The Sinking of America

Picture a boat sinking in the water and the panicked passengers are bailing water out of the boat while the hole at the bottom is ever widening.  The harder they bail, the more the water pours in and in fact the very effort of bailing is causing more water to flood into the boat. It is a no-win situation.  Eventually the boat is going to sink and with the sinking of the boat, the passengers are all going to drown.  That is precisely what is happening to the U.S…America is drowning in an ever increasing sea of debt.  What is presently in the trillions will be followed by numbers that cannot even be fathomed.  The debt is presently around $17 trillion dollars but the actual U.S. debt is about $66 trillion dollars.  What a foreboding millstone around the neck this is around every man, woman, and child in America. Christians must not fool themselves into believing that we will be immune from this crisis. We are on the same sinking ship as non-believers are.  There is little doubt that unless Christ returns soon, many American Christians will suffer from the effects of the financial meltdown that is coming due to the escalating U.S. debt.  Both Christians and unbelievers may very well experience some very severe hardships in the near future.

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The U.S. has a ticking time bomb. America can barely make interest payments on our national debt and the debt is growing so rapidly it’s out of control.

The U.S. has a ticking time bomb. America can barely make interest payments on our national debt and the debt is growing so rapidly it’s out of control.

Slave of the Lender

What happens if the foreign governments who are upholding or supporting our debts call in our debts?  This could tank the dollar and collapse the American economy…an economy that is already shaky.  What is presently a house of cards would take only a slight breeze to tumble it.  Proverbs 22:6 warns us that “the borrower is the slave of the lender” and so the U. S. is slave to those who hold our nation like a bank holds a mortgage.  It’s as if we are playing Monopoly and every property we own is mortgaged and not only can we not collect rent, if we land on the other nations Boardwalk or Park Place, we’d go bankrupt and be out of the game.  The amount of money that this nation pays on the interest of the debt far exceeds even the most massive government programs.  This nation pays well over $200 billion dollars on the interest alone and it’s expanding exponentially while also adding to the U.S. national debt.

The interest on the national debt is set to reach $1 trillion dollars in just a few years!

The Debt’s a Bottomless Pit

See for yourself just how swiftly the national debt is plunging at  It is shocking to see how quickly it is growing. It’s like a runaway forest fire in a tender-dry landscape and there is nothing to stop it.  What happens if those who are supporting this debt call for this debt to be paid?  If you are a homeowner you understand that the bank actually owns the house, unless you have the house paid for.  For citizens, if we ran up that much debt the bank would repossess the house and we’d be homeless.  Is the same thing possible for the nation?  It seems an impossible situation and every second of delay makes it even more impossible to solve.  Is there even enough capital in the world to pay off this debt?  How long will nations patiently sit by while the U. S. plummets into an ever increasingly dark and bottomless pit?  Those nations who presently see this situation spiraling out of control must realize that they’re investing in something that they’ll never get their money back on.  They have to know that this can’t continue forever.  They surely know that this a lose-lose situation.  Eventually it will be impossible for them to keep loaning money out.


If you are not in Christ Jesus then your future is indeed bleak.  It is a hopeless situation that will also have you plunged into a bottomless pit of eternal judgment and with no possible escape (Rev 20:11-15).  I strongly urge you to solve your sin-debt today before Christ returns for you have a debt that you cannot possibly pay.  You will either pay for your own sins…and it will never be able to be paid…meaning that you will spend all eternity in paying for them, or you can repent, confess your sins, see your need for the Savior and put your trust in Him because He paid the debt for you.  He paid a debt He didn’t owe for a debt we could never pay (2 Cor 5:21).  Even more, you can inherit all things by being adopted into the family of God (Rom 8:15; 9:26).  In Him we have an imperishable inheritance that can never be touched or taken away (Eph 1:10-12).  If you refuse this calling, then you too will be plummeting like the U.S. debt and have an impossible, inescapable situation from which there will be no end and no way out, therefore consider how you might be saved today by Christ Jesus for there is no other way (Acts 4:12).

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