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Asa August 28, 2020 at 1:26 pm

Good day brother Jack. Does God save people as individuals through accepting Christ as Lord and Saviour, or people are also saved as a nation. I am looking at a country like China, it is the second biggest economy in the world and yet the majority of the population nelieving in foreign Gods. Is God blessing China with her pagan beliefs? Is it correct to say God blesses nations even during this time of the new covenant, the time of the Lord Jesus Christ.

These are questions I am grappling with but my spirit says Christ is the answer, no nation is blessed because it is a God fearing nation like it was the case in the old testament to Israel. I believe that even the israel of today is subject to the new covenant , there are jews that are christians amd there are jews that do not want to embrace Christ. Therefore, the israel of today will not be saved as a nation, but individuals will be judged according to their rrlationship or obedience to God.

Jack Wellman August 28, 2020 at 1:48 pm

Hello Asa. I never insinuated or said that God saves nations and not individuals and as I concluded, I cannnot know for sure what God is doing. He has not confided in me. Appearances seem that He is lifting His blessings that He so richly poured out in the past, but He alone knows for sure. God blesses nations that live in obedience to Him, but some prosper more than others, but that does not mean the nations that prosper have God’s approval. I agree about Israel. Being a descendant of Abraham is no guarantee of entering the Kingdom. They too, each person, each Jew, each unsaved American, each unsaved person from any nation must repent and put their trust in Christ. Your last sentence is spot on. Thank you Asa.

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