Bible Study For Youth: 10 Suggested Topics

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If you are looking for some good Bible study topics for young people, then I hope these suggestions can be a help to you. You will need to do more personal study in these subjects to be able to teach them effectively, but this is an introduction to what you can teach the youth in your church or things you should be teaching your own children.

Dealing With Temptation

Everyone deals with temptation (1 Corinthians 10:12, 13). Even Jesus Himself was not immune to the devil’s trials (Matthew 4:3-11). When teaching about temptation to young people you should encourage them in the fact that we all struggle with temptation. But don’t allow them to think that just because we all struggle with it that it makes it right to obey the temptation.  Temptation is not sin; but, if we yield to the temptation then we fall into sin.

The process of temptation and sin is taught in James 1:13-15. It says that temptation does not come from God. Temptation comes when we are drawn away with our own lusts. This means that each person will be tempted in different ways at different times. What is not a struggle for me can be a cause of sin to someone else. Therefore, we should be sensitive to others and not participate in activities that could cause others to sin. The verses go on to say that when the lust has been allowed to mature it brings sin and ultimately death.

We don’t have to be slaves to the temptations of the devil. By focusing our lives and minds around the Word of God then we will be better equipped to fight the battle with temptation.  Here are a couple other articles right here at WhatChristiansWantToKnow that deal with the subject of temptation:

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Study on Prayer

Prayer has been called the lifeline for the Christian. It is our way of communicating with God. God has given us His Word so that we can see what He wants to communicate with us. Prayer is given so that we can have a relationship with Him.

The word prayer means to ask, request and even beg. And God invites us to do it. How refreshing. Don’t feel ashamed to go to God and ask Him for what you need (Matthew 7:7, 8). He wants to supply our needs but He wants us to trust in Him for it. If we spend our time asking friends, family and the government to supply our needs and never ask God, then we are not engaged in prayer the way we should be. God has plenty and will take care of His children, but not if they never look to Him for that supply (Matthew 6:25-34).

A great study on prayer for young people can be to study the various prayers in the Bible. Jesus spoke much about prayer in the four gospel accounts. Systematically work through the various teachings of Christ on prayer as you teach.

How to Read and Study Your Bible

…this is an introduction to what you can teach the youth in your church or things you should be teaching your own children.

Young people need to be taught the value of reading their Bible. Often we hear things like, “the Bible should not be read like any other book.” However, I think many times we miss some of the power of the Bible because we don’t read it like a book. God has given us His revelation from the beginning of time to the beginning of eternity. He shows His plan systematically through history. Yet we often teach and read the Bible without regard to when events took place chronologically.

Read the Bible from beginning to end. Find out how God reveals His plan little by little. Don’t be guilty of teaching and reading the Bible without considering the context that surrounds what is being read.

Then, of course, there is a need to study the Bible through individual stories and studies. There are many great ways to study the Bible. Teaching various Bible study methods will help young people approach the Bible to find answers to their questions.

Being a Disciple of Christ

What does it mean to follow Christ? That is the question on which the New Testament is focused on answering. Study the life of Christ and His followers, but don’t stop there in learning how to live for the Lord. A great place to start your study is Romans chapter 12,  I wrote a summary that you may want to review here: Romans 12: Bible Study and Summary.  This chapter, as well as the rest of Romans, tells practical things that a disciple of Christ should be doing.

The 10 Commandments

Study the 10 commandments in context as well as what they have meant historically. An interesting study for young people would be to find out which countries use the 10 commandments or the Mosaic law as part of their founding and constitution.

God’s law, and specifically the 10 commandments, can be effectively used as a soul-winning tool. Christ did not do away with the law when He came, but He completed the law (Matthew 5:17). The law is in place to show sinners their need of a Savior (Galatians 3:23, 24).

Spiritual Gifts

As a young person it would be good to study about and learn your spiritual gift. There are two main passages in the Bible dealing with spiritual gifts: 1 Corinthians 12 and Romans 8. There are other passages too, but these are the two large ones. When studying about or teaching the spiritual gifts you should have a good understanding of these two passages.

There are spiritual gifts tests that can be taken to help people know what their spiritual gifts are. Even without taking a test, a young person who is following God properly and living in obedience to his parents and other authority around him is probably already using his spiritual gifts. Work to encourage that behavior in the young people you are teaching.

Controlling the Tongue

The Bible often talks about the tongue being a destructive power (Jeremiah 9:8). Controlling the tongue is a difficult thing (James 3:6-8). The tongue can pour out blessings and cursings (James 3:9, 10). It is unnatural for a well to give sweet and salty water, yet we do it with our tongues.

Learning to control the tongue is a sign of spiritual maturity. The tongue can also bring healing to others (Proverbs 12:18, Proverbs 15:4).

Considering Marriage?

God has clear instructions to men and women in marriage. God also tells us what He expects from us as godly leaders of our homes. Study passages in the Bible on how God wants men and women to live. Also spend time studying the relationship men and women should have towards one another.

While doing a study of relationships and marriage you can teach young people how they should approach marriage so that they can prepare themselves for their future mate.


The Bible often talks about us forgiving others because of the forgiveness we have found in Christ (Matthew 6:12-15, Luke 6:37). We are specifically commanded that we should forgive others before we ask the Lord for forgiveness (Mark 11:25).

Forgiveness should not be done hypocritically. We should be honest in our forgiveness of others (Mark 7:6). This is also not denying that there is a problem. To forgive does not necessarily mean to forget. The Bible says that God does “not remember” our sins, but this means that He does not hold them against us (Isaiah 43:25, Hebrews 8:12). We may not be able to forget the past actions of others, but we don’t have to hold that sin against them in our future dealings with them.

Forgiveness is a topic that young people need to study and understand. These are trying times in their lives when they will be put to the test. However, forgiveness does not get any easier as they get older. They must learn to forgive so that they can live a victorious Christian life.

Basic Bible Doctrines

There are some basic Christian beliefs that every Christian young person should know. It would make a good study to spend time going through some basic Bible doctrines in your personal study or in Sunday School class at church.

Here are some of the basic topics of Bible doctrines to get you started:

  • Who God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are.
  • What the Bible is and why God wrote it for us.
  • Why God created man and how God plans to save mankind.
  • What the church is and how it fits into Gods purposes.

Your Suggestions

Do you have any topics you believe are critical for young people to learn? Write a comment below and share with us your thoughts.

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