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DocReits December 5, 2014 at 12:21 am

Great article Dr Williams! Thank you for explaining the similarities and differences between Fundamentalists and Evangelicals.

I thought it interesting that there was no “box” in either group’s charter to place the most important part of Christianity into which is man’s need to be awakened to his complete depravity through the knowledge of God’s Law, and his need to repent, and only then…Christ.

I realize space is limited and that it perhaps could be included under “Conversionism”, but unfortunately, in my experience, the emphasis in most of the evangelical churches I have attended is on , “Saying the prayer, inviting Jesus into your heart” and all will be well.

That is like placing a Band-Aide on skin cancer. When was the last time anyone heard a sermon on the Law(The Ten Commandments)? When was the last time we were confronted with Johnathan Edward’s words that we are, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”?

When will we stop being so “polite” so as not to offend someone but instead, be loving enough to confront folks with the fact that we are all going to hell, unless all of us(me included) turn from our sin, and turn towards Christ?

The Law of God is Supernatural. Its telling will awaken the soul to its fatal danger. After which, the sharing of Christ, its only salvation.

“The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul…”(Ps 19:7)



Robert December 5, 2014 at 12:17 pm

Very informative, Dr. Williams,
It seems like I’m hearing the term ‘Fundamentals’ used more and more in a derogatory manner…as if being a ‘Fundamental’ means no one should pay any attention to you. Anyway, DocReits’ comments are spot on also. Preaching on the Law and sin is so sparse in our culture today that many who believe they are Christians are decieved. Many do not believe God even has any standard other than to ‘love one another’, which they define as ‘anything goes as long as you’re not making anyone else uncomfortable’. This kind of thinking leaves us to make up our own standard, and this standard falls far short of God’s standard. Therefore, these people simply think they are ‘good enough’ to be accepted by God and they see no reason to address the sin in their lives. Anyway, Doc’s comments touched a nerve with me, as I’ve heard a pastor say that he doesn’t mention sin from the pulpit because ‘everyone knows that they are sinners’. I’m not sure they do anymore. God bless you both.
Yours in Christ,

Dr. Michael Williams December 5, 2014 at 9:18 am

Thanks for the comment DocReits. My belief is to preach it all and let God sort it out. Psalms 119:165 in the King James says, “Great peace have they, which love thy law and nothing shall offend them.” We live in a world where nearly EVERYBODY gets beligerantly offended if you mention Jesus or the Bible. It makes me wonder sometimes if they get that upset over something they think is not real and not believe in, they must be going broke on therapy bills between the Easter bunny, tooth fairy, and Saturday morning cartoons. Praise God for his unspeakable gift.

whisperingsage January 16, 2018 at 2:15 pm

It sounded like they were one and the same but this article explains a little, there are the “emerging church” and the New Evangelicals. it was confusing to me or my husband to talk about evangelicals as a separate and distinctly different doctrine, and the article above does not releive my confusion. That does clear things up for me. I could see years ago, the many churches moving toward accepting the One World Church, that’s what the emerging church is. When the Antichrist is in power they will hold hands and sing Koombaya. And they won’t have a saving faith. They have churchianity, not Christ as their Lord. We have dealt with these a lot, and they are blind. Just because you “go to church” doesn’t mean one is saved- Christ said, many will come in my name saying Lord Lord haven’t we done many good works in your name and cast out devils in your name, and Christ will say, I never knew you.

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