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steve broome June 27, 2015 at 4:24 pm

Peace and God’s GRACE, to all that read these words,
I am deeply saddened by the things I see in our world.
The recent decision of our government to approve a new,
Definition of marriage. The hate between whites and blacks,
The horrible actions of a man to walk in God’s HOUSE and murder,
Our brothers and sisters in cold blood. The ungodly acts of
IsIs to behead those defenseless folks who wouldn’t renounce,
Jesus Christ as their Lord and SAVIOR. These are just some of,
The things ,why is that they hate my LORD so ? His teachings,
Are that of good not to hurt but love all. I thought when those,
That joined hands in Charleston was finally a breakthrough for,
Us all, but Satan found away to deceive us by bringing the rebel,
Flag back in the light and shuting the door on JESUS. The only,
Way this can happen is if we allow it . JESUS CHRIST doesn’t,
Condon confusion and hatred so only one source left. The DEVIL,
And gay and lesbian movement, if you are a Christian and you,
Have read the bible you know that a man laying with a man,
Or a woman laying with a woman is even against nature not,
Only GOD. We should all be sad, at the way since Adam and eve,
Man has defied his or her creator. Listen there is one GOD,
And he sent his son that by him we could turn our face from sin,
If you are gay know this that I love you and Jesus loves you,
Because I love you I must tell you that GOD teaches against this,
It’s not unforgivable the only sin that’s unforgivable is to ,
Blasphemy against the HOLY GHOST. Please just read it for,
Yourself! And to hate or turn your back on another because of,
The color of their skin is stupid That’s what I said STUPID!
Not ignorance because you know know the difference just,
Stupidity, not to mention a sin, love your neighbors as you love,
Yourself, and blacks your just as guilty as the white people,
JESUS knows your heart you ,me ,NO ONE can hide their heart,
From him but due to him being hung on the cross for your ,
Stupidity you can be forgiven PRAISE GOD. All people are sinners,
But not all stupid, AMEN we need to be ONE a singular people,
With ONE GOD, and I mean the GOD of ABRAHAM ISAAC and JACOB. PRAISE GOD. Loving each other and forgiving one another,
TOGETHER And if your a plumber or what ever profession you,
Do help those less fortunate give people not just your OPINIONS
But yourself, stop the HATE open your heart’s and LOVE.
That’s all GOD wanted in the beginning anyway! Change inside,
It can’t be any worse, seek and you will find. For a child was born,
And his name Emanuel, GOD WITH US, And if GOD is with you,
Then surely who could stand against you. I’m saved by his loving,
GRACE, and I love you unconditionally want you love me too ?

Me September 26, 2020 at 7:13 am

But blacks don’t hate white people. Blacks have always been hated for STUPID reasons. You know this. Don’t put this on us.

Jack Wellman September 26, 2020 at 9:34 am

You are right my friend. We should not judge anyone by the color of their skin. That is clearly sin. Thank you for your comment.

Gladys Ndjoze February 18, 2016 at 3:29 am

Amen brother Amen… this is the spirit that all believers must have. I just don’t understand the nature of us, Christians. The more we are enriched with God’s truth, is the more we tend to just drift way from it. Yes, the gap between blacks and whites is due to lack of knowledge… We do not understand the ideology of creation and production and therefore not understand the power of the blood and the cross. We are all descendants of Adam and Eve, and Christianity is like HUGE family re-union.. The blood of Jesus made us one again.. Christians let’s rise up, we are the cream of this world. We follow the right believe ( Jesus Christ).. We cannot always be flabbergasted about the horrible deeds of sinners and sit back. If we can’t reach out, we must pray in truth and spirit…John 4:24

Taylor November 21, 2020 at 11:30 pm

Yes. True.

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