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Patricia Schneider January 31, 2015 at 12:27 pm

Hello, Dr. Michael!
EXCELLENT article with Scriptures!!
Appreciated how you clearly defined SIN in 3 simple explanations:
1. ‘Sin is not accepted as sinful.’
2. ‘Sin varies in severity.’
3. ‘Sin is a disorder.’

Have to admit when I started reading #3, my ‘feathers started ruffling.’ (I have bipolar illness. Thanks to our Father God giving His kids medical knowledge, I’ve been mentally healthy since 2002. My shrink had prescribed Effexor & Depakote. Teased Sweet Jesus, “What took You so long?” Well, I was 54 at the time! LOL!)
Yet, as I continued reading #3, I understood and totally agree with what you wrote.

Thank you for being one of God’s instruments and sharing His Word & your medical expertise with us all!
God’s wonderful blessings & His sustaining graces be showered upon you, Dr. Michael, and your family!!
Your Sis in Christ Jesus ~ Patty

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