The American Bible Challenge (Review)

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It is no secret that over at Christianity Every Day I have been ranting about the new show The American Bible Challenge which is coming to GSN August 23rd. The show will last one hour and it begins at 8pm/7pm Central. The other day I had a chance to take a sneak peek at the first episode and it was so much fun! Here is a review of what to expect … without spoiling any of the results. Take a look at the video clip to the right for fun.


I watched a press release of The American Bible Challenge which is a trivia show based upon information in the Bible. The show is hosted by Jeff Foxworthy, who moderates the show by asking contestants questions for which the answers can be found only in the Bible. Jeff shares how he came to faith here: Coming to Faith.

Three teams of three compete against each other to win a $20,000 award for the ministry or charity that they have named; there are no personal rewards. In the episode that I watched Suburban Saints, Minnie’s Food Pantry and Gospel Geezers were on the hot seat. You can read a little bit about these teams here: Teams Announced.

The game begins with the first round which includes all three members on all three teams playing (9 people total). As the game progresses teams reduce to 2 players (the best Bible scholar sits out) and then only 1. The winning two teams from rounds 1 through 5 play against each other in the Final Revelation, which is a speed drill where Jeff asks questions and the team members give an answer or pass to the next question. In the Final Revelation all three members of each of the two competing teams are back in the game. This reminded me of my days as a school teacher when our students competed in regional Bible competitions. If you are good at the Bible you will find yourself yelling the answers in hopes that your favorite team hears you! The team that wins the Final Revelation will advance to a championship show later in the season with a chance to win $100,000 for the charity/ministry for which they are playing.

Favorite Parts

  • The show employs clever category titles such as “What do you NOAH ’bout the ark”, “Kids sayeth the cutest things” and the final (speed) round which is called “The Final Revelation”.
  • Learning about the teams and the ministry/charity for which they are playing
  • Love the singers … when it cuts to commercial The American Bible Challenge Choir sings fun songs
  • The various types of questioning — not all multiple choice, sometimes the teams are required to know the answer without any hints
  • No team leaves the show empty handed — even the eliminated teams get a cash prize for their charity/ministry
  • Teams have 10 minute Bible study before the Final Revelation; great behind the scenes shots

Not So Favorite Parts

  • I wish the show were available on a “no pay” network — the word of God is free and should be freely given
  • I wish those contestants could hear my right answers — well — most of the time
  • I find myself asking “What took so long for this great show to be available?”

Overall Recommendation

I am confident in saying that you can expect to find that this is a wholesome, family oriented kind of show. It is one that you can even use as a way to sharpen your knowledge of God’s Holy Word. Watch it if you are able, you will not be disappointed.

Photo & Video:  (c), used by permission

The information contained in this post was originally posted on August 17, 2012 at Christianity Every Day. It is re-posted here by permission.

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