Should Christians Take ED Medications?

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You’ve seen the commercials, so maybe you’re wondering, should Christian’s take ED medications or other similar products?

Having Faith

Maybe you’ve heard of the tragic stories of fundamentalist Christian parents who withheld medical care from their child or children because they thought it showed a lack of faith. In few cases, a child has died because the parents did not seek medical attention. Even though these are in the vast minority, why do some Christians refuse to take their children or themselves to the doctor when they’re sick? Do we really show we have faith by not seeking medical attention? Didn’t Jesus even say, “The sick need a physician” (Matt 9:12)? Wasn’t Luke the Evangelist and author of the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts also a doctor? If Luke was a believer (and he was), why didn’t he quit his profession after trusting in Christ? Several years ago, I remember hearing someone say that “their faith is weak. They went to the doctor. They should have prayed about it instead. When I talked with the one who went to the doctor, I asked if they been praying about it, and they said, “Yes, and it seemed that God wanted me to go to the doctor.” They did go to the doctor and what they found was a very serious problem that if it had been left untreated, they could have died. That person’s faith had nothing to do with them going to the doctor, in fact, it possibly saved their life. God gives us doctors, nurses, and medical staff as a means to get better so we can do the will of God. We are not much good to God when we’re flat on our back (except to pray). When I finally had a chance to speak with the person who had accused this man of having weak faith, I asked them, “If you broke your arm and the bone was sticking out, would you just pray about it and leave it at that…or would you show you lack faith by going to the doctor and have it set and have a cast put on it?” They had no answer, but their silence in fact, was an answer.

Even walking strengthens the immune system, acts to lift depression, and lowers one’s blood pressure and stress levels.

Healthy Alternatives

For some people, there may be other alternatives. For example, instead of taking ED meds, doctors suggest exercise. Men who exercised were found to have improved bodily functions, and this acted to boost men’s sex drive. When a consistent, weekly workout schedule was able to be maintained, the person’s sexual performance was sustained [1]. And exercise doesn’t have to be grueling to see the benefits. Even walking strengthens the immune system, acts to lift depression, and lowers one’s blood pressure and stress levels. When those things are reduced, sex is more likely. Hobbies are also a great way to unwind, and if the couple share a mutual hobby (i.e. fishing), that’s even better, but as a husband, I’ve learned to enjoy my wife’s hobbies, even if they’re not my favorite. Time spent with her and enjoying them together is a boost to our relationship, and that doesn’t hurt a couple’s sex life at all. I often sit and watch certain movies or shows with my wife that are not what I usually watch (i.e. cooking), but I think she knows that, and that draws us closer together in a way, because she knows I’m trying to please her and not myself. Here is another way to ramp up the romance. Do unexpected favors for your spouse. My wife would rather me not do laundry (I’m color blind!), so I do other things around the house to “beat her to the punch.” I love surprising her with ice cream sundaes, or flowers, or cleaning the litter boxes out, or…. Just being a servant of one another is a great way to improve the relationship, and that is always a win-win, particularly when it comes to sexual intimacy. Sex may indeed start in the kitchen, and in the laundry room, and in the…

Needing a Physician

Jesus tells us that the sick need a physician, and although the context was not about seeking medical care, I believe the principle is that if we need help, we should seek it, and certainly, we should pray, but after we pray, we should do all we can do. When you are sick, it’s hard to “Let go and let God” and I think it’s contrary to God’s will to remain sick or diseased and not seek help. It’s not a matter of lacking faith but lacking common sense, and a parent or caregiver who refused medical care for their children or grandchildren, can face serious consequences by neglecting to seek help. What if someone has cancer? Is it really a lack of faith to seek a cure? Medications have saved millions and millions of lives, so for many Christians, they see no problem with taking ED meds. By improving their sexual intimacy, they improve their relationship. They see it as any other medication that’s used for aging bodily functions that no longer work as they did. And most importantly, ED medications do not alter the mind like other illegal or even prescription drugs can do, and that clearly is sin, just as in drunkenness.


In Genesis 1:28, God commands Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply, so God is pro-life, and as the Author of Life (Acts 3:15), He made us sexual beings and wants us to enjoy sex. He created it for our enjoyment and our intimate bonding. God would not have made us this way if it was not His will, so enjoy the gift of sex, but of course, within the confines of marriage. It is a gift of God, and it is the one physical act that seems to bond a husband and a wife together like no other. Indeed, the two become one flesh, and are one in many ways. That’s such a great blessing and we ought to thank God for it. He is not against physical pleasure like sex within marriage, so if you think it’s wrong to take ED meds, then for you it is wrong, however, it may not be sin to your brother or sister. That’s when we are to show grace. Love conquers a lot of our differences, doesn’t it? Or at least it should.

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