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Edna Davidsen December 25, 2017 at 3:49 pm

Dear Jack Wellman

I’ve just read your blog post “ How Christians Can Relieve Stress Biblically?” and wanted to leave a comment because I was encouraged by it.

Yes; it sure is a stressful word if we don’t have the right Biblical tools to deal with it.

As you state in this blog posts: We’ve all known some people who had to cope with stress in different situations.

Matt 11:28-30 to which you refer is one of the most beautiful and powerful scriptures we have from our Lord, Jesus.

What I see as one of the most appealing aspects of Christianity is the fact, that it’s not a religion about how powerful humans can be, but rather how great our God is.

Our job is just to live our life in gratefulness and stop worrying about this precious gift we have gotten from God.

Your blog post had a vital point when you stressed that we have to act upon what we read in the Bible to make the Faith work.
Faith without action has no value.

The Psalms in the Bible are some of the best pieces of Art (and actual value) we’ve got.

They’re filled with power and put together as wonderful poetry.
Yes, there sure is something compelling about reading the Word of God.

It’s also sometimes overseen that Faith is coming from what we hear (and read) the point being it’s coming to us from outside.

Al this modern talking about “looking into oneself” is like going into a prison without the key to getting out again

What we have to look into is the Word of God and trust that He will lead us safely through this life.

God bless!
Edna Davidsen

Jack Wellman December 25, 2017 at 5:14 pm

Love what you said about looking into oneself. We need to look into His Word. That is well put and I had wished I had put your wisdom in this post. Thank you so much.

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