6 Prayers For Special Needs People

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Having any kind of handicap whether it’s a mental disability or a physical problem can cause serious issues for people and their families/friends. Kids growing up with mental issues often have to take many trips to specialists and therapy. Those with physical issues go through the same thing. Life is just not easy for many folks in these circumstances and we all should be praying for those we know that live life with these trials. Here are 6 prayers you can pray for those in your life that are going through these struggles.


Dear Heavenly Father,

Please protect my son from the bullies at school. They know he is much slower than them. They know how much it hurts him when they abuse him emotionally. The names he has been called tug at my heart-strings. He gets pushed around and he has hardly any friends. Father, please raise up some strong friends that will stand by him and help him. Please convict these bullies to what they are doing. I know that many bullies act like they do because their home life is very bad. I pray for their families too. Soften the hearts of their moms and dads. Let them see that abuse is not a form of discipline. Most importantly, I pray that You would draw these hurting families to You. They need Jesus just as much as anyone else. Give my son courage to keep walking tall and give him peace in his soul, knowing that You are right there with him always. May You be glorified in his life today! Amen!

Daily Life


I ask for strength to make it through another day. It is hard doing the same routine everyday with Jenny. It makes me so sad that at age 7 I still have to dress her and even feed her things that are more difficult. I wish she didn’t have to struggle so much and I pray that You give me patience to know that You are in control and that Jenny is just perfect for our family. I love her so much! She really is a beacon of sunshine on hard days. She has a joy in her that many people don’t and I am so thankful to be her daddy/mommy! Father, thank You for Jenny! I love You! Amen

It Doesn’t Look Good

O Lord,

You already know my thoughts and pain, but I bring you this prayer of desperation and pain to Your throne. My baby, he is only 3 days old. He is still not off of the respirator because the umbilical cord did extensive damage to his tiny respiratory system when it wrapped around his neck. Not only that, the doctors say he will have certain mental issues if he survives this. He also suffered brain damage through this and the doctors don’t know how bad it is yet. Father, this was supposed to be a time of joy and celebration and I am full of worry and sadness. Please, Father, work a miracle today! Keep my baby alive! Prove the doctors wrong and bring Andrew safely through this with no issues at all! I am worried, Lord. Please give me Your peace in this very tough time of life. Amen

Prove the doctors wrong and bring Andrew safely through this with no issues at all!

Prove the doctors wrong and bring Andrew safely through this with no issues at all!

Prayer For The Physically Handicapped

Father In Heaven,

I bring my grandpa to You in prayer. He is a Vietnam vet and has been in a wheel chair since he came home. As if the horrors he saw there wasn’t enough, he now faces life daily in the seat of a wheelchair. But now, he is in the nursing home and I know that he doesn’t get the care he deserves. He is often ignored. Father, I ask that You provide a way to allow my wife and I to bring grandpa into our home and give him the love and care that he needs. Lord, I ask that You provide our family with the finances and resources to make this happen. No matter what happens, I pray that You walk next to grandpa and give him peace in these tough times. He loves You and I pray that You would dance and sing over him in his trial. I love You! Amen

At The End

Almighty God,

I pray for my grandma. You know her mental/physical issues. She is dying slowly each day from Dementia and Parkinson’s disease. She doesn’t even know me anymore. I hate to see her like this, Lord. I don’t pray to keep her alive as long as possible. I pray that You would not allow her to live in such pain and agony anymore. Please Lord, if it is time, bring her into Your arms in Heaven. She has lived a long life serving You and encouraging so many others. I will miss her so much, but life is but a fleeting moment and I will see her again. I just want what is best for her. I love her and ask for Your peace in this very difficult time. Amen

Thank You

Abba, Father

Thank You so much for this amazing time of life! Little Henry has gotten quite a huge following of fans as he has been preparing for the Special Olympics. The money donated and the time spent from others to help promote this event has been a huge encouragement! It just goes to show that there is something in all of us that drives us to do our best and succeed. Henry is ready to give everything he’s got to get through his events! I am so inspired by his strength mentally and physically as I’ve watched him train and push through difficult barriers. Lord, You have blessed our family so much with this amazing young boy! I love him more than words can express and I pray that as he continues to grow physically that he will continue to grow even more spiritually with You! I love You, Father! Amen


If you know anyone with special needs, will you pray for them today? Will you lift them up to the throne of God and bring them to His feet in prayer? May God bless you as you continue to live a life worthy of the calling!

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