50 or More Definitions for KJV Words

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What version of the Bible are you reading? What is the reason why you have chosen that version to read? Some say it is because whomever led them to Christ used that particular version. Others say they find it is easiest to read. My Bible study and memorizations are from the King James version of the Bible because I believe it is most closely translated from the original manuscripts. Whether or not you agree with me, I believe it is quite easy to read as well. Perhaps you stay away from the KJV because there are some Old English words in there that you just do not understand. For this reason I thought it might be a good idea to share some King James Old English Word definitions for you [1]. Take a look:

ABASE: To humble; to lower.
ABATE: Diminish; lessen; lower intensity.
ABBA Aramaic/Hebrew for “father.”
ABHOR: Despise; hate; loathe.
ACQUIT: To hold guiltless.
ADAMANT: A diamond or hard substance.
ADJURE: To command; compel; force.
AFOOT: By feet; performed by foot.
AFORETIME: A previous time.
AFRESH: Again; anew.
AGAR: Another name for Hagar.
AGONE: Gone by; past; ago.
AMIABLE: Likable or friendly.
ANOINT: To apply oil or ointment.
APOSTLE: Missionary or messenger.
APOTHECARY: Pharmacist or druggist.
ANON: Immediately.
ANTICHRIST: One opposed to Christ.
ARMHOLES: Armpits.
ARRAY: To dress or decorate.
ASSWAGE: Cease from anger; calm down.
ASTONIED: Astonished or amazed.
AVOUCH: Affirm or vouch for.
AWAY WITH: Endure or tolerate.
AXLETREE(S): Axle of a wheel.
BACKBITETH: To speak mean or evil about.
BACKBITINGS: Plural of Backbiteth.
BADEST: Asked; told; spoke to; said to
BARBARIAN(S): Culturally rude or crude.
BASE: Low in place or position. (ABASE)
BECAME: Was exactly suited for; fitting.
BDELLIUM: A fragrant gum
BEDSTEAD: Elaborate or rich couch or bed.
BELIED: To lie against; to speak falsely.
BEMOAN: Lament; express pity for.
BERYL: A precious stone.
BESEECH: To call upon; appeal; beg; ask.
BESOM: A broom or stick used to sweep.
BESOUGHT: Entreated; asked; called.
BETROTH(ED): To be engaged to be married.
BETWIXT: Between the two.
BEWITCHED: To fascinate or mislead.
BLAINS: Inflamed skin tumors.
BLAZE: Proclaim; make known; publish.
BLESSED: Happy; receiving of God’s favor
BOSSES: Circular swelling; center of a shield.
BOTCH: An ulcer.
BREACHES: Bays; harbors; creeks.
BREECHES: Short legged trousers.
BRIGANDINES: A coat of armor.
BRUTISH: Stupid.
BUCKLER: A shield.
CALDRONS: A pot; kettle.
CALKERS: Repairers of seams.
CANKER: Dying/ decaying body part or sore.
COMELY: Splendid; fitting.
COMPASS: To surround; encircle.
CONCISION: Cutting off; false circumcision.
CONCORD: Agreement; unison.
CONCOURSE: Gathering or crowd of people.
CONCUBINES: A secondary or inferior wife.
CONFERRED: To speak or talk together.
CONSECRATE: To set apart or separate.
CONTEMN: To despise with mockery.
COUNTENANCE: Appearance.
COUNTERVAIL: To make equal or compensate.
COURSE: In portion; part; in turn.
COVERT: A hiding place.
CUBIT: A linear measurement.
CUMBERED: Distracted or burdened with cares.
CUMBERETH: To render useless or vain.
CUMMIN: Plant bearing aromatic seeds.
CUTINSUNDER: To cut into pieces.
DAINTIES Tempting; good tasting; delicacy
DALE: Valley.
DAM: A mother.
DEARTH: Famine, especially from lack of rain.
DEFAMED: Slander; speak evil of.
DEGENERATE: Fallen; undesirable; can’t do good.
DEPUTED: Authorized; appointed; deputized.
DEVIL, HATH A: Has a Devil; crazy or insane.
DIADEM: Turban; crown. Also a jewel stone.
DISQUIET: Disturb; make restless.
DISSEMBLED: To use deceit; to feign or hide.
DISSEMBLERS: Pretenders; hypocrites.
DOTING: To appear to be ill; or sick over.
DRAGONS: Great serpent; jackal or wild dog.
DRAUGHT (waste): Latrine; toilet; sewer.
DRAUGHT (fishing): Fish caught with net
DROPSY: An illness.
DROSS: Impurities found in pure metal.
DROVE: Flock; company.
DRYSHOD: Footed with shoes.
DUKE: A head of a family or tribe.
DURETH: Endures; lasts.
DURST: To dare; venture.
EAR: To work, till, or plough the ground.
EARING: Plowing; tilling the ground.
EARNEST: Unbreakable pledge or promise.
EASTER: Day after feast-Unleavened Bread.
ELDER: Older; greater in age.
ELIAS: Elijah (Greek NT).
ELISEUS: Elisha (Greek NT).
EMERODS: Tumors; hemorrhoids.
EMINENT: Something raised high or elevated.
ESPOUSED: Engaged to be married.
ESPIED: To see; behold.
ESTRANGED: Separated by disagreement.
EUROCLYDON: A furious, northeasterly wind.
EVEN: Evening; dusk.
EVENINGTIDE: Evening time.
EXHORTATION: Encouragement.
EXPOUNDED: To set forth; to declare.
EXTOL: To lift up; esteem; praise.
EXTORTIONERS: Greedy person who extorts others.
EYESALVE: Medicine for the eyes.
EYESERVICE: Looking good while being watched.
FAIN: To desire earnestly; long for; happy.
FAIRS: Wares; merchandise.
FAMILIARS: Intimate friends.
FELLOES: Wheel rim.
FENS: Marsh; swamp.
FENCED: Fortified; protected.
FLAGS: A plant growing in moist places.
FLAY: To strip or tear away.
FLOWERS: Plant; menstrual flow; blood.
FLUX: Bowel disease; dysentery; diarrhea.
FOLDEN: Interwoven; tangled.
FORBEARANCE: Self-restraint.
FORSOOK: To abandon.
FORSWEAR: To swear falsely.
FORTHWITH: Immediately.
FOWLS: Birds.
FRAY: To make afraid; to scare.
FROWARD: Perverse; deceitful; causing frown.
FURLONGS: Approximately 1/8 mile (660 feet).
FURROWS: Groove in earth made by a plow.
GADDEST: To have roamed; gone away.
GAINSAY: Answer; speak against; speak lies.
GAPED: To open wide the mouth.
GIRT: Belted; wrapped.
GOAD: A pointed stick.
GODSPEED: A goodbye hoping God’s blessing.
GOSPEL: Good news (about salvation).
GRACE: Kindness; favor.
GRAVEN: To cut, engrave, or carve.
GRAVITY: Dignity; seriousness.
GRISLED: Spotted; speckled.
GROSS: Fat; thick; large.
GUILE: Deceit; craftiness.
HABERGEON: A coat of armor.
HAFT: A handle.
HAIL: A greeting of joy and peace.
HALE: To draw; drag; force.
HALLOWED: To make holy; to set apart.
HALT: Lame; crippled in the feet.
HAP: Good fortune; good luck.
HAPLY: Perhaps.
HAUGHTY: Proud; arrogant; lifted up.
HAUNT: To inhabit, visit, or dwell.
HEADY: Reckless; hasty; headstrong.
HEARTH: A furnace; fire.
HEATH: An evergreen shrub or tree.
HEATHEN: Nations; non-Jews; non-believers
HERETIC: False teacher who causes division.
HEWN: Cut; sawed.
HIN: Liquid measurement (5 liters +/-).
HIRELING: A hired laborer.
HISS: Whistle.
HOLLOW: Palm; cup.
HOSEN: Under clothes; hose-like stockings.
HOUGH: See HOCK (Pronounced as HOCK)
HUSBANDMEN: Farmer; person who tends crops.
HYSSOP: A bitter minty herb.
IGNOMINY: Contempt; shame; dishonoring.
IMMUTABLE: Unchangeable; unsilenced.
IMPENITENT: Without remorse.
IMPERIOUS: Hard-faced; bold; self exalting.
IMPLACABLE: Unyielding; obstinate; can’t please.
IMPLEAD: Bring accusation against; sue.
IMPORTUNITY: Persistent or urgent requests.
IMPUDENT: Stubborn; hard-faced; rude.
INCONTINENCY: Lack of self-control.
INCONTINENT: Unbridled; uncontrollable.
INDITING: Overflowing; full of.
INFAMY: An evil reputation; disgrace.
INFIDEL: An unbeliever.
INIQUITY: Sin; wickedness; evil.
INORDINATE: Without restraint; immoderate.
INSTANT: Insistent; steadfast; immediately.
INTREAT: Comfort; attempt to reconcile; help.
JACINTH: A precious stone.
JANGLING: Foolish; empty talk; argument.
JOINED HARD: Border; adjacent to; connected.
JONAS: Jonah (Greek NT).
JOT: The smallest Hebrew letter (“i”).
KERCHIEFS: Veil; covering.
KINDREDS: Tribe; family.
KINE: Cows; cattle.
KNOPS: Decorative knob or ornament.
KNOW: Intimate sexual relations.
LADE: To burden; to load.
LANGUISH: Wither; to be made weak.
LASCIVIOUSNESS: Unbridled sexuality or excess.
LAUD: To applaud; praise.
LAVER: Wash basin.
LAWYERS: Person skilled in the Law of Moses.
LEASING: Falsehood; deceit.
LEATHERN: Made of skin.
LEES: Sediment.
LEGIONS: About 3000-6000 (usually soldiers)
LET: Obstruct; hold back (Romans 1:13)
LEVIATHON: Crocodile; dragon; Satan
LEWDNESS: Villainy; wickedness; crime.
LITTER(S): Object carried with poles by others.
LOFT: Story; floor; roof.
LOINS: The lower back; waist.
LOP: To cut off.
LOT: Portion; destiny; fate.
LOWING: Mooing; making cow noises.
LUCRE: Gain (money) from lucrative deal.
MANTLE: Garment; covering.
MARTYRS: One who dies for a belief or cause.
MATRIX(S): Womb.
MATTOCK: Hoe; spade; agricultural tool.
MAW: Mouth; throat.
MAZZAROTH: Constellations of the Zodiac signs.
MEAN: Obscure; insignificant. (Acts 21:39)
MEAT: Food.
MEET: Agreeable; fit; proper; suitable.
MESSIAS: Anointed One.
METE: To measure; to deal out.
METEYARD: Measures of length.
MILCH: To suckle or give milk.
MINISHED: To be made few; diminished.
MINISTERS: Servants.
MIRE: Mud; clay-like soil.
MIRTH: Gladness; rejoicing; laughter.
MITE: Small Jewish coin called a lepton.
MITRE: Turban; headdress; ornamental hat.
MORTIFY: To put to death; to take away.
MUNITION: Fortress; stronghold.
MURRAIN: Pestilence; plague; disease.
MUSTERETH: Inspect; assemble (troops).

NAUGHT: Nothing; vain; bad.
NECROMANCER: One who talks with the dead.
NEESINGS: Sneezing.
NETHER: Lower.
NETTLES: Thorny shrub; prickly weed.
NIGH: Near.
NITRE: A mineral; carbonate of soda.
NOISOME: Annoying; offensive; harmful.
NOT A WHIT: Not the least bit.
OBSTINATE: Stubborn.
ODIOUS: Abhorrent; to stink; loathsome.
OFFSCOURING: Filth; outcast; scraped off pieces.
OMNIPOTENT: All powerful; all mighty.
ON THIS WISE: In this manner.
ORACLE: Inner sanctuary; Holy of Holies.
ORACLES: Declaration; uttering; command.
ORDAINED: To form; appoint; settle; place.
OSEE: Hosea. (Greek NT)
OSSIPHRAGE: Vulture (Breaks bones of its prey.)
OUCHES: Settings for gems; sockets.
OUGHT: Anything; obligation (as in a debt);
OUTWENT: To go beyond; past tense of outgo.
PARABLES: A story that involves a comparison.
PASTORS: One who feeds the flock; shepherd.
PAVILION: Tabernacle; dwelling.
PEELED: Bald; bare; smooth.
PERSECUTE: Annoy; harass; oppress.
PHYLACTERIES: Box/straps worn on head/arm.
PITCH: A thick, dark, sticky substance; tar.
PLATTED: Braided; intertwined.
PLEIADES: Star cluster in constellation Taurus.
POLL: Cut off or trim hair. (Ez. 44:20)
PONDERED: To consider carefully; meditate.
POTTAGE: Any boiled dish or food.
PREDESTINATED: Determined beforehand.
PRESBYTERY: An assembly of elders.
PREVENT: Precede; go before.
PRICKS: Rod with a sharp point.
PRINCIPALITIES: Authorities; areas of authority.
PRIVILY: Secretly.
PROGENITORS: Ancestors; parents.
PROPITIATION: Covering; atoning sacrifice.
PROSELYTE: A Convert; one who is a follower.
PROVENDER: Food for livestock; provision.
PSALMS: A song or melody.
PSALTERY: A stringed musical instrument.
PUBLICAN: A tax collector.
PUTRIFYING: Gangrenous; decaying; rotting.
QUAKING: Shaking; trembling.
QUICK: Alive
QUICKEN: Make alive; resurrect.
QUIT: Innocent; behaving (1 Cor. 16:3).
RABBI: Teacher; master.
RAILING(S): Bitter complaint; denounce; deride.
RAIMENT: Clothing.
RECOMPENCE: Repay; execute revenge; pay back.
REDEEM: Rescue; buy or purchase back.
RENT: Tear; tore; torn.
REPENT(ANCE): Change of mind (toward sin/God).
REPROACH: Disgrace; shame.
REPROOF: Admonition; scolding; rebuke.
REVELATION(S): Revealing; disclosing; exposing.
REVILE: To verbally assault; abuse; vilify.
ROE: Small graceful deer.
RUSH(ES): Reed(s) growing in moist places.
SABBATH: A rest; cessation from work.
SACKBUT: A trombone-like musical instrument.
SAINTS: Born again people of God.
SANCTIFICATION: The act of making pure and holy.
SARDINE: A beautiful stone.
SATAN: The Devil; adversary.
SCRIPTURES: That which is written; book; letter.
SEDITIONS: An uproar; insurrection; dissension.
SELVEDGE: End; edge.
SEPULCRES: A place of burial; grave.
SEVERAL HOUSE: Separated house; halfway house.
SHALL: Will (1st person: I or we)
SHALT: Shall (2nd person: thou/you)
SIGNET: A seal or stamp.
SIMILITUDE: A likeness; image; representation.
SMITE: To strike; beat.
SOD: To cook; boil.
SOLACE: Comfort; delight in; peaceful; enjoy..
SOOTHSAYERS: A fortuneteller; astrologer.
SPITE: Vexation; anger; grief.
STEDFAST: Firm; fixed; steady.
STEWARD: Manager; overseer.
STRAIT: Narrow.
SUCCOUR: To help; aid.
SUMPTUOUSLY: Splendidly.
SUPERFLUITY: Super abundance; overflowing.
SUPPLANT: To deceive; defraud.
SUPPLICATIONS: Petition; an expression of need.
SURFEITING: Intoxication; overindulgence.
SURMISINGS: Suspicions; speculation.
TABERNACLE: A tent, booth, or dwelling.
TABRET: Tambourine.
TALENTS: A weight, money, or gift.
TARES: Weeds found in grain.
TARRY: Wait; linger; stay; pause
TEMPERANCE: Self-control.
THEE You (object of verb/preposition.)
THENCE: There; that place.
THINE: Your(‘s) (possessive)
THITHER There; away.
THOU You (person or subject).
THY: Your’s (possessive)
TIRE: Turban; head ornament.
TITHES: A tenth part; 1/10.
TITTLE: A dot or small punctuation mark.
TOW: The short fibers of the flax plant.
TRESPASSES: Wrong-doing; sin.
TRODDEN: Trampled or walked on.
UNCTION: An anointing.
UNICORN: A very large wild ox (now extinct).
UNLADE: To discharge; unload.
UNSHOD: Barefoot; without shoes.
UNTOWARD: Unfavorable; unfriendly; perverse.
UPBRAIDETH: Scold; reprimand; confuse.
USURP: To seize; take hold of; intercept.
USURY: Interest (money).
VAIN: Foolish; useless; self exalting.
VERILY: Truly; surely.
VERMILION: Red color.
VESTMENTS: Garments; clothing.
VEX: To trouble; disturb.
VIAL: Bowl; goblet; container.
VICTUALS: Food; sustenance.
VILLANY: Folly; evil intent.
VIOL: Musical instrument; a kind of harp.
VOCATION: A calling; invitation; summons.
WAX: To grow; become; advance.
WERT: Were; was.
WHENCE: From where.
WHEREFORE: Why; What for?
WHEREINSOEVER: In whatever respect; whichever.
WHEREWITHAL: How? By what means?
WILT: Will
WHITHER: Where; which place.
WHOREMONGER: One who buys or sells sex.
WILES: Cunning devices; methods.
WINEBIBBER: One who drinks wine.
WINEFAT: Winepress trough to collect juice.
WIT: To know; to become aware of.
WITHOUT: Outside.
WOE: Expression of grief or indignation.
WONT: To be accustomed to; habit.
WORMWOOD: A bitter plant; bitterness.
WOT: To know.
YEA: Yes (excited cheering).
YEAH: Yes; certainly; agreed; affirmative.
YE You (plural).
YONDER: There; in that place.

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Resource – Scripture quotations are from The Holy Bible, King James Version. [1] Williams, Michael. King James Old English Word Definition Guide-3rd edition pocket size. Lulu Com, 2011. Used by Permission.

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