10 Reasons You Might Need Biblical Counseling

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Our world moves so fast sometimes we just can’t keep up. It seems like time is always running out and what really matters gets put on the back burner. We desire to have great marriages and more meaningful friendships. We seem to be lacking quality time with our children and it seems there is always some new way to deal with the issues of life.  Soon we find ourselves spending too much time and money on what the world has to offer for the solutions to life issues and not enough time on what God has to offer. If this sounds familiar to you, then you might consider some reasons why you might need Biblical Counseling.

So many people view the Bible as a religious book and never even consider consulting it for the real answers to an abundant life. God gave us His word, the Bible, so that we can use it for life application to obtain true joy and peace. Here are 10 reasons you might need Biblical Counseling (in no particular order):

#1 You Can’t Seem to Find Enough Time

The Bible is an excellent source for time management. A Biblical counselor can help you to glean time management skills by using principles that are God spoken. Managing your time begins with a proper relationship with God and Jesus Christ.

#2 Your Children are Out of Control

Your family was designed by God. If you find that you are not enjoying the fruit of the womb, you may want to seek Biblical counseling to learn how to raise “family centered children” rather than a “children centered family”.  Perhaps you have been told your child has ADD, AD/HD or ODD.  Maybe your teen has been cutting or is involved with other non-Christian behaviors. If you find this to be true, you may want to seek Biblical counseling.

Biblical Counseling

You can have victory over your bad habits through Jesus Christ

#3 You Are Strug- gling with the Need for Alcohol or Drugs

Sometimes we fall into the sinful habit of using too much alcohol or illegal drugs. The Bible has answers for what causes this type of behavior and you can have victory over your bad habits through Jesus Christ.

#4 You Just Don’t Love (Him) or (Her) Anymore

God gave you a spouse and in the beginning things were wonderful, but now you are having trouble “loving” your mate. God’s word commands that we should love everyone, even our enemies. This begins with understanding the true meaning of “love”. The Bible has an answer for this.

#5 You Are the Victim of Abuse

Our world is full of hatred and evil. If you are the victim of a violent crime such as physical or sexual abuse you should immediately call the authorities. Once the proper authorities have been contacted and you are ready to begin the recovery process Biblical counseling can help.

#6 You Are Finding it Difficult to Interact with the Outside World

You are anxious or fearful to step foot outside of your home. Something has made it so that you are so frightened that interacting with other people is almost impossible for you. The Bible has great answers for how we should deal with anxiety and fear. A Biblical Counselor can guide you through and help you to apply those answers to your circumstance.

#7 You Have Found that Special Someone and You Want to Get Married

Understanding the roles of the husband and wife and God’s design for marriage is the best thing you can do before you tie the knot. Too many marriages begin with false expectations and tragically end in divorce. The Bible is the best place to find God’s idea of what a marriage should be.

#8 You Have Just Lost a Loved One to Death

You may feel very alone in your struggle with the grief that you are trying to bear. You are not alone; the Bible is filled with examples of death and how to deal with it. Grief is handled by everyone in various ways, and it is one of the most agonizing emotions that one will deal with in this life. Although a Biblical counselor cannot remove your pain, they can help you deal with the coming days as you learn how to live with your loss.

#9 You Find it Hard to Control Your Anger

Anger that is intense and destructive leads to broken relationships, illness and sometimes even death. Learning to deal with the things that make you angry is the best way to resolve this problem. The Bible is a great place to look for Anger Management. A Biblical counselor can help you identify the things that cause you to be sinfully angry. Anger is acceptable, so long as you are not “sinfully angry”. The Bible says “be ye angry and sin not” (Ephesians 4:25).

#10 You Have No Desire to Maintain Daily Activity

Every day it gets harder and harder to get out of bed. When you do finally get up at noon or after noon, you find it best to sit in your home in darkness. You have no desire to do the things that need to be done. Getting ready to go to work is a major effort because it seems like there is no joy in anything you do. Maybe you have been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder or manic depression. God promises to give us true joy when we do things His way. Seek Biblical counseling to learn how to get motivated and back on track.

More About Biblical Counseling

To learn more about Biblical Counseling you may be interested in a related article that I wrote a short time ago, read it here: What is Biblical Counseling?

In addition to writing and editing for What Christians Want to Know, Pamela is the Office Administrator at Selah Mountain Ministries in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Selah Mountain’s main outreach is Biblical Counseling. For more information about Selah Mountain Ministries, or for help finding a Biblical Counselor in your area, visit them on the web at: Selah Mountain Ministries. She and her husband, Dr. Michael L. Williams, believe that God has given us His Word as a gift to humanity and so they freely share the Word with others. The counseling ministry is supported solely through the donations and love offerings of others.

Sources – The Holy Bible, King James Version; YouTube: Image: photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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