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Carrie Hanks June 15, 2012 at 6:32 am

Awesome is the only word that comes to mind. Giving Glory to God. I will share with as many as possible. Thank you.

Jack Wellman June 15, 2012 at 2:42 pm

Thank you so kindly Carrie. What a blessing your comment was to me. We had this written in the hopes that we are all worshiping Christ. It is no so much where we worship but Who we worship.

Kidcruze June 19, 2012 at 8:25 am

Hey Jack, I just want to start off by saying that I am happy to have found this site. I habe been having some trouble with my faith and wanted to know if you can help me out? I have been having this trouble for about a year now and it has been bothering me. First it started off with a news report with scientist Stephen Hawking claiming that there is no heaven or no god, next it came from talk that the bible contradicts science and that it contradicts itself, and many athiests claim that christians “cherry pick” their verses to suit them, and I have came across christians that say they became athiests because they went to college and studied many religions and how they arose, or went into a field of science(biology, psychology, or astronomy) and said there was no basis for their former beliefs. Another thing that scared me was a research done by Michigan University that shows athiests know more about christianity than christians themselves, and all these findings had me questioning the existence of god and the authority of the bible. I have looked for some good christian scientists who tackle the issue, some did okay but others who athiest scientist claim were exposed and arrogant(Kent Hovind) and I believe those christians give christianity and good christians a bad name. I mean I want to get back into strongly believing in god and the bible like I used to but these studies I am finding it hard, now sometimes I believe other times I doubts, can you help me out?

Jack Wellman June 19, 2012 at 2:54 pm

Hello friend once again…great question. The Bible says that “the fool says that there is no God.” What about In A Brief History of Time, where the renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, with no religious axe to grind, has a very reasonable approach. Commenting on the odds against the universe’s incredibly complex and perfectly balanced array of fundamental factors coming into existence by chance, he wrote: “It would be very difficult to explain why the universe should have begun in just this way except as the act of a God who intended to create beings like us.” Hmmmmm…

Any secular or worldly university study you must know is going to be biased. I would like to debate an atheist and in fact have done so….there is no concrete evidence that atheists know more about God that Christians know about atheism. Kent Hovind was exposed? By what? How so? You know they are going to try and deceive you about something because atheists truly don’t want there to be a God so they won’t have to give an account for their sins. Find out just where they say the Bible contradicts itself. Did they give Scriptures? Let me know of them and I bet I can reconcile their misconception. God is not a liar. The Bible is true. In the last times persecution will grow worse.

Let me direct you to two links about this subject. One is called Does Faith in God and Science Conflict With Each Other? at:http://www.whatchristianswanttoknow.com/does-faith-in-god-and-science-conflict-with-each-other/

The other is an apologetic blog that I have at: http://jackwellman.blogspot.com/

Just type into the search box on the top of that link and type in “evolution” or “blind chance” and see how many scientific articles I have on this site that establish God as Creator, Creation as a fact, and evolution as a myth. Let me know what you think.

Kidcruze June 20, 2012 at 10:32 am

Well I do remmember pointing to scriptures in Mark as having contradictions, another thing that often bothers me is when athiests cite old testament scriptures to try to prove the bible condones slavery. I also hear some christian scientists say they believe in evolution, do you know why?

Jack Wellman June 20, 2012 at 4:04 pm

Thank you again. Which Scriptures in Mark are contradicting? Can you be more specific? Atheists are condemning about anything to do with the Bible and they are saying the Bible condones slavery? What they need to do is actually read the Bible, i.e, Exodus 21:16 states, “Anyone who kidnaps someone is to be put to death, whether the victim has been sold or is still in the kidnapper’s possession.” Hmmmm, what would they say about that?

Some Christian scientists say they believe in evolution. Some? Who? Where did you hear this from? Which ones do? The ones that I know of do not. I don’t know why they would because they used to believe the earth was flat at one time. They believe in an unproven theory? Why after 155 years its still a theory and not moved into being scientific fact? Believing in something, like evolution, does not make something true.

Kidcruze June 20, 2012 at 5:46 pm

Well the christian scientists who do believe in evolution are Francis Collins, Francisco J Ayala, and Gerald Schoer, do you know who they are? And I will readily admit that I haven’t really read the bible thoroughly. I have heard some athiests claim that they read the bible entirely and studied different religions(christianity included) and their origins and that is why they are athiests and some of these people are former christians. I’m sorry to bring up so many issues but they have honestly left me with no peace of mind. Could you take a look at the Michigan knowledge of religion statistics real quick? This is really frightening me.

Jack Wellman June 20, 2012 at 7:22 pm

No problem bringing up these issues. That’s what we are here for my friend. In the first place, atheists do not exist and so God doesn’t believe in atheists. Why? One of the greatest scientists who ever lived, Thomas Edison, said, “We do not know a millionth of one percent about anything.” That’s probably a conservative figure. The atheist says dogmatically that there is no God but the can not prove this beyond any doubt. Have they been to all quadrants of the known universe? Haven’t they seen the thousands of archeological digs confirming the Bible is true? They can not ever be absolutely certain that God does not exist. One absolute truth is that we do not know everything there is, therefore, absolutes do exist.

So if you say categorically that, “There is no God,” is to make an absolute statement for which you can not prove. For that statement to be true, I must have absolute knowledge of the entire universe in all dimensions and in all recesses of the universe, even beyond those we can not see or ever hope to reach. We already have the concrete absolute that no human being has all knowledge. Therefore, none of us is able to truthfully, dogmatically and absolutely make the assertion that there is no God.

If you insist upon disbelief in God, what you must say is, “Having the limited knowledge I have at present, I believe that there is no God.” Owing to a lack of knowledge on your part, you don’t know if God exists or not. You certainly can not prove absolutely that He does not exist. So, in the strict sense of the word, you cannot be an atheist for an atheist denies any beliefs in a God for which they can not have concrete proof of their belief. Without concrete evidence or proof, how can the atheist declare with absoluteness that there is absolutely no God? This can never be proved conclusively.

While it is true that theists and agnostics, Jews and Mormons are among the highest-scoring groups on a new survey of religious knowledge, outperforming evangelical Protestants, mainline Protestants and Catholics on questions about the core teachings, history and leading figures of major world religions. This may seem paradoxical, since atheists and agnostics have very low levels of religious commitment and yet score very well on the survey questions. HOWEVER, atheists and agnostics account for a relatively SMALL share of the total number of people with low levels of religious commitment; 4% of Americans describe themselves as atheists or agnostics, while fully 35% have low religious commitment. Atheists and agnostics answer an average of 20.9 questions correctly, compared with an average of 15.4 correct answers among people with low religious commitment who do not describe themselves as atheists or agnostic. If you were to subject the same numbers in the surveys, the test scores would actually flatten out. Many profess to be “Christians” and yet never read their Bible or go to church. Atheists know the Bible only because they are looking for things to attack it for. Make sense? This same website at Mich State said, I quote, “Statistics on religion, like most other statistics, must be interpreted with a critical eye. Data on religion may be reported at either the insitutional level or the individual level.” Take this with a grain of salt in other words. If you are fearful it is because you have not read the Bible yourself. Don’t believe what others say, read for yourself.

Kidcruze June 20, 2012 at 8:41 pm

I’ll check that out. Thanks for your help, I appreciate it, if I have anymore more questions I’ll come back.

Kidcruze June 22, 2012 at 8:20 am

I have another question. Did Paul the apostle really believe that the world would end in his lifetime, and did Jesus tell his disciples that after he died he would return within their lifetime?

Jack Wellman June 22, 2012 at 4:27 pm

Thank for the questions. I believe that Paul did not know of the time of Christ’s return and so every Christian has lived with this tension of Jesus’ return could come at any given moment. The world is not going to end but the end of this age and the Kingdom of Heaven will begin.

When Jesus said that He would return again for His disciples, the disciples also thought that Jesus return would be in their lifetime but when Jesus “said to them, “I tell you the truth, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the kingdom of God come with power.” (Mark 9:1). The understanding is that since He was standing on the Mount of Olives, where He would ascend (go up) up into heaven, some would be standing there that would not “taste death” before they see the kingdom of God come with power. Two ways this could happen. One is that this is the same place that Jesus is prophesied to return to the earth and as Zechariah 14:4 says, “On that day his feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, east of Jerusalem, and the Mount of Olives will be split in two from east to west, forming a great valley, with half of the mountain moving north and half moving south.” and so when He returns, some will not taste death but will be changed from mortal to immortal and be as He is.

Another possibility is that the disciples did see the Kingdom of Heaven in the Transfiguration in Matthew 17:1-7 when Jesus revealed His divinity in what is called the chicana glory (some spell it shekinah glory) and so they did see the Kingdom of Heaven in Jesus’ divinity and saw Moses and Elijah and this was the future of the coming Kingdom of Heaven.

Jacob N Apagu June 19, 2012 at 9:21 am

What is Faith, and Who define Faith in the Bible

Jack Wellman June 19, 2012 at 2:44 pm

Thank you Jacob for your question. Faith is defined by God’s Word, the Bible. Faith is a trust issue. To have faith that a chair will hold you up is to trust that it will and have faith to sit down on it. Heb 11:1 says “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Our faith is only as strong at the Object of our faith and that is Jesus Christ. Faith is trust with feet on and walking with it.

Read all of Hebrews 11 and you’ll see faith being lived out. In verses 13 & 14 for example it says, “All these people were still living by faith when they died. They did not receive the things promised; they only saw them and welcomed them from a distance, admitting that they were foreigners and strangers on earth. People who say such things show that they are looking for a country of their own.” Faith is not a hope-so but a know-so.

Hope that answered your question Jacob.

Vasili June 20, 2012 at 3:08 pm

This is all, in fact, false teaching. Your assumption that there is no correct physical church is a scary thought. There is a one holy and Universial church. This would be The Orthodox Catholic Church. The church from whom Rome fell away from
And led the eventual reformers in the right direction (though they did end up failing as well). You are right in saying the church is a assembly of believers, but not every assembly is correct for sure, and the reformation sparked some of the most influential heretical and schismatic groups. Many of These groups are still alive and well in Modern Protestantism.
This is all a “feel good theology” for a Protestant failure in ekklesiology. Protestantism is what happens when a simple man is left to interpret Holy Scripture and decide what HE THINKS God is saying.
I am Greek Orthodox, forgive me for possibly sounding rude, but this is simply such a bad idea, that I must comment.

Jack Wellman June 20, 2012 at 3:56 pm

Indeed, it is scary if you believe you are the only ones who have access to Jesus Christ. All I can do is that you are not judgmental and condemning in person to those around you. Yes, you are rude but I do forgive you. I am sad that you are condemning Protestants and the Roman Catholic church. It is good that not all Greek Orthodox’s feel the way you do and I am thankful to God for them.

Sara June 20, 2012 at 10:40 pm

This confirms one of the wisest quotes I have encountered. I have read a quote that describes this article. This is not our church, Pastor ___’s church, or your church, but it’s God’s church. Denominations are totally man-made, meaning that the thousands of churches are man made, but the same goal of all- to know the love of God and Jesus Christ. I truly do not think God shrugs a shoulder when it comes to denominations, it’s such a preference and dependent on what you have been exposed to, but instead he focuses on whether our hearts are true and set to praise Him and Jesus Christ.

Jack Wellman June 21, 2012 at 2:40 pm

Amen Sara. The church is not a building nor a denomination, but the Body of Christ. Thank you for your comment full of wisdom my friend.

Amber September 19, 2012 at 10:39 pm

This is so helpful! I’ve been struggling with trying to find the “right denomination.” I was afraid of choosing wrongly, and then going to hell because of my choice, which seems ridiculous. Now, I know what to look for, and one that suits my personal taste in a church. To me that’s all denominations seem to be, personal preference in loving Jesus. Thank you for this article and this site! I am new to Christianity, as I feel that God has recently called on me.

Jack Wellman September 20, 2012 at 5:20 pm

Hello Amber. You are so kind. If you look at nature and different nations and peoples, we see a great variety indicating that God loves variety. I appreciate you saying that. As a pastor, I would never put down other Bible-believing churches. I am overjoyed that you are a new believer. That is so awesome.

Amber September 20, 2012 at 10:09 pm

Thank you Jack for commenting back! Yes, I am new to Christianity, and have so many questions in my journey of seeking truth. (And I’m excited!) My journey brought me here to this site!
I feel like I’ve always had a spiritual side, or a love for a creator, as I have always felt connected to something bigger than myself, or an inner knowing. I didn’t know how to describe it then, but now I know that it was God all along.

I recently gained a fear of death, and was so upset about it…it was consuming me. That fear led me to Jesus, and once I found him, I was comforted. And I am thankful.

I also feel that God is showing me all kinds of signs everywhere I look, every day, telling me that he is with me, and he wants me to fulfill my purpose here on earth. I’m not 100% sure of the specifics yet of my purpose, but I think I am on the right track. I know God would want me to be kind to all people, even those I don’t get along with, find a good church, help those less fortunate, and inspire others with my art, as God has given me the gift of being artistic. At least I hope that last part is part of my purpose. 🙂 And I hope I am doing enough, sometimes I feel like I should be doing more to glorify God. Anyway, thank you for commenting, you are actually the first person I’ve talked to about any of this.

Jack Wellman September 22, 2012 at 5:48 pm

What an awesome post Amber. I thank God that you are truly seeking the face of God and wanting to find His purpose for your life. The journey is just beginning and may God richly bless you in your walk with Him.

Kenneth April 9, 2013 at 4:57 am

God truly use you Jack Wellman. Great answers religously & scientifically. I’m sorry to say this, but those who don’t read the Bible, the Word of God, with the help of the Holy Spirit in them & guiding them won’t understand it(the Bible). The year 2009 i was in a very dangerous train accident. I was in a conscious coma for a month. Not knowing what’s going on around but seeing things i can’t even remeber. My skull was broken & so was my neck, my spine & left rib also. A part of my right calves inside was hanging out. When i regained fully consciousness of what state i was in, i was like wow! Speechless. But this is what draw me closer to God & let me accept Jesus as my Lifesaver. While i was laying there in hospital, i threw up. I couldn’t bring myself up, because i was strapped. The vomit went straight to my lungs, blocking it. For 2 days, an oxygen machine kept me alive as i couldn’t breathe. My mom & congregation of the church prayed & leaving it in God’s Hands to answer their prays. The machine kept me alive, but couldn’t give me my breath back. Praise God. Glory to God i’m healthy as can be. Thank God that i can still walk normal, my neck is ok & my spine is fine. My rib still pain now & then, but it’s very little compared to how it should have been. Just a little bit slightly memory loss, where my skul is concern, but it’s not that bad. God gave my life back. Not just to share my testimony, but to also win souls with the art He gave me. That’s part of His Plan that i asked Him everyday to guide me. So no atheist or scientist that don’t believe in God, can’t tell me there’s no God. It reminds me of a joke i’ve read once. Teacher: Can you see God? Students: No. Teacher: Can you touch God? Students: No. Teacher: So there is no God! Johnny: Sir can you see your brain? Teacher: No. Johnny: Sir, can you touch your brain? Teacher: No. Johnny: So you have no brain! We never too young or too old to learn. I learn everyday something new. If i say i can’t figure things out. God says I will direct your steps. (Proverbs 3: 5-6).

Jack Wellman April 9, 2013 at 1:54 pm

Kenneth, what an awesome post and how mightily God is using you and is going to use you. I love the story about the teacher. That is a great example of God, even though unseen, we know He exists. Also, you are so good to pray for unbelievers and that the Holy Spirit would reveal Who Jesus Christ is and to see their need for a Savior and to repent and confess. I believe God has given you His Spirit to move in the hearts of men and women and you have such a compassion for the lost in the Great Commission. I thank God for you Kenneth.

Kenneth April 9, 2013 at 5:09 am

O ya! I forgot to add. I pray for the unbelievers. I ask God to send His Spirit in Jesus name. Guide them away from what the enemy is brainwashing them for. Go well. God bless.

Kenneth April 10, 2013 at 5:45 pm

Thank you Jack. I’ve read many of your articles by now & is about to read many more. It’s so very informative & i told my mom you replied to someone in one of your articles that what you say comes from God. Like you said there is Someone that it comes from & as born again Christians we know who’s that Someone. That’s the way we recognize each other as part of the Body of Christ i think. There’s a question i would like to ask you Jack. I have this friend. A boy that’s actualy 12 years younger than me. He have a communication problem, because he don’t talk much at all. He talk to me alot because he feels it’s easy to talk to me, but other people he shut out. Even his mother & brother. When he’s being asked something he shrugged his shoulders, nod his head yes or no or show hands signs. He also have a learning problem, that’s why he can’t read or write properly. I teach him now & then when we have time. Sometimes he’s very frustrated & short tempered when something don’t go his way. Satan know this & use this let him even blame God. Now i have many times talked to him about God the Father, Jesus the Son & the Holy Spirit. Many scriptures out of the Word of God i’ve read & explained to him. Monday he told me he wants to convert. I told him that’s the best decision ever & played him a gospel music programme on my pc where it’s being asked at the end of the show if anyone wants to give their heart to Jesus & say what must be said in a prayer. This afternoon his mother called me to calm him down as his temper was flaring up again & he wanted to break the furniture & he was using foul language, swearing & blaming God according to his mom. Now as you can see Jack this is the work of the evil one. He knows my friend Adrian want to go to the Father in Heaven, but don’t want to let him go. I pray everyday for him & his situations & i bind any evil demon. I know what’s binded on Earth is already binded in Heaven. My friend don’t want to attend church even though i’ve took him once or twice to go with me, but i know i can’t force him. I’ve told him the Monday i would like all my friends to give their hearts to Jesus & accept Him as theis Savior, but i can’t force them. That’s the work of the Spirit of God & that’s where i leave it. Sorry for such a long story Jack. I just want to paint for you a picture of the situation. The question is what must i do with a friend like Adrian? Must i try to talk more sense in him or must i leave it in God’s Hands. How do i know God say that’s enough & that He’ll take over from here? Must i do more to bring him closer to God like James 4:8 say come near to God & he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners & purify your hearts, you double minded. Thank you for reading this Jack.

Jack Wellman April 10, 2013 at 8:34 pm

Hello Kenneth. I thank God that you care enough to witness and be part of the Great Commission and have a compassionate heart in desiring to rescue the perishing.

As for the mother, not the child is not wild because of the witnessing or presence of God. Quite the opposite. He may have an evil spirit that is resisting the Holy Spirit. Keep praying for him and also for others. It is God Who does the calling to Christ (John 6:44) but He still needs witnesses but you must leave the results up to God. As you said, you can’t force anyone to convert or talk more sense into them. Let the Holy Spirit do the convicting and converting….pray and witness but not too much. We must allow the Holy Spirit to work without human pressure. Do this and leave the rest up to God.

Kenneth April 12, 2013 at 8:08 am

Hello pastor. Thanx for replying. My friend avoids me now but he attend church with his mom last night. I have to admit i’m guilty of putting a little pressure on him. Yes i know i can’t do that. That’s the work of the Holy Spirit to convert a lost soul in Jesus name. I know there’s an evil spirit busy with him & trying to keeping him from a new life with God. & in the meantime evil spirit also try to convince me to say that’s not enough & that’s where the pressure comes from. I do pray for him & others everyday. I’ll just leave it in The Hands of God. We can encourage witness, but we can’t convince to convert. Thanx a lot man of God. Keep on doing what you doing what God put you on this website for.

Jack Wellman April 12, 2013 at 10:07 am

Kenneth, at least you care enough to be a part of the Great Commission for the fact is that only 1 in 10 believers actively share their faith with the lost and only 1 in 20 will ever lead at least one person to faith in Christ so I am encouraged that you are involved in rescuing the perishing. I agree that we can leave this in God’s hands but I thank God for you sir that you have compassion for the lost. May God richly bless you for that my good friend.

Michael September 3, 2014 at 3:23 am

Where does the 34,000 denominations number come from? The one place I see these grossly inflated numbers is in Roman Catholic sources, who use these numbers as a contrast to their one united church (which is apostate). The only way I could see you could get a number like that would be to treat every non-denominational church as its own denomination.

David August 30, 2015 at 7:24 am

Division through denomination is a human issue . Unity between true christians may come through persecution

Brian October 5, 2015 at 10:09 pm

This is wonderful to see this website. i have thought for a long time that the church has battled against itself in the since that we have wanted to force other denominations to be the same(note that i said denominations and not religions). not all religions believe in Jesus Christ. as far as true Bible believing and devoted denominations we can truly live as brothers and sisters in Christ. we must learn to love as Jesus loved which we are told love covers over a multitude of sins. when we get caught up in seek out the bad in others and the attacking which was never Jesus way we quench the Holy Spirit which we are clearly told not to do. Follow after Jesus with all your heart mind and soul and then be at peace my dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus. Fight the good fight as to win the prize.

Allan November 30, 2015 at 10:43 pm

I feel compelled to answer this question.\
We would not have so many denominations if all churches would throw their “doctrines” into the lake of fire, and teach the bible verse by verse. Churches do NOT have to explain what God means, God will reveal to each what He wants us to know.

We are only here for one main thing. We are to decide whom we will worship, God or satan!

Nagesh December 7, 2015 at 11:48 am

Good work. thanks.. Praise the Lord Jesus

Patrick A. Paye August 18, 2019 at 9:36 am


Jack Wellman August 18, 2019 at 10:05 am

Thank you for the encouragment Mr. Paye.

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