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DocReits April 18, 2014 at 6:05 pm


That was, IMO, a well balanced response to the issue of the Christian and war. I agree. I have a patient(a Lutheran minister, and street preacher) who actually was a soldier in Hitler’s army at age 17. He suffered through the bombing of Dresden during which the entire city was destroyed with approximately 75-100,000 deaths.


He just completed a 3,000 page tome on pacifism and often tries to persuade me to join his ranks. His argument is sound in that he does not want to kill anyone who is considered an enemy as they might be unsaved and their death, at your hands, is damning them to hell. OTOH, if they kill a Christian, it is of little eternal consequence, as we go directly to God.

I asked him what he would do if a home intruder threatened his daughters, or a foreign army was landing on our shores. His answer was the same…”Let them”. His response is extreme, IMO, but gave me pause to examine and respect his opinion, even though I cannot agree.

I told him it is a good thing he has people like me in his life as I would be the first one at his door, prepared if necessary, to send the intruder to meet His God. He gasped in disbelief and asked me, “Doctor, are you not a Christian?”. My reply was, “Are you not a father?”.

My son signed up for the Marines years ago. I asked this peaceful boy if he thought he would be able to look down the barrel of a rifle and end another’s life. He did not enlist. I have the utmost respect for the Marines but one must have those questions answered before enlisting.

I was raised as a Roman Catholic and was weaned on St. Augustine, so I am biased in my opinion. My personal belief is that the Scriptures quoted in your article about turning the other cheek are concerning those challenging our faith. It is for personal insults to the cause of Christ where we are meek as we attempt to win souls by being as harmless as doves.

If foreign armies are marching upon my home I will pick up the sword, as those in authority order. Just my opinion. Thank you for embracing a very controversial topic.



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