What Does The Bible Say About Cavemen Or The Stone Age?

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Does the Bible say anything at all about a lower order of mankind?  What about cavemen?  What about the Stone Age?

Are Cavemen in the Bible?

Of course, the word “caveman” is not found in the Bible and if there is another sub-human species that did exist, it would be one that was not created in the image of God as man was (Gen 1:27).  There is no mention of the “Stone Age” which is believed to have ended sometime between 6,000 and 2,000 B.C. and this would place it near the age in which the patriarchs lived and also the time of Job.  What many of the fossilized remains have turned out to be in most cases are those of apes and archaeologists, paleontologists, and scientists have made huge extrapolations of the fossils that they have found and then they have had to “pencil in” much of what is missing.  There were men who lived in caves, no doubt, but there is no fossil evidence that they were half ape or half human.  The amazing thing is that the drawings and pictures that show the idea of half ape and half human or early sub-human creatures evolving into modern man have never found the fossils to establish this as fact.  Any look at a high school or college textbook about evolution reveals that they must always rely on manmade drawings or computer generated pictures that show the transitions.  These drawings and pictures are necessary because there is no fossil evidence that clearly substantiates the theory of evolution as fact.   These textbooks reveal furry or hair-covered creatures that walked partially upright and working with stones, sitting in caves building fires. The truth is if you go into any natural museum of science, you will never find the fossils that demonstrate one species evolving into another, newer form.  That is, there are no transitional sets of fossils showing the evolution of mankind from apes or even any lower form of man-like creatures that became what is known as man today.

The Stone Age

As I wrote before, the time period for the end of the Stone Age fits into the time frame of the Patriarchs and so the idea that mankind were using stone tools is not surprising at all.  Apes today have been found to use whatever necessary implements that they can find to extract termites from their nests or use stones to crack hard-shelled nuts in order to eat them.  What the history books show at the end of the Stone Age does not reflect the fact that technology was actually far ahead of what recent archaeological evidence has revealed.   The sophistication necessary for the building of the Tower of Babel showed that mankind had advanced quite remarkably resulting in some very amazing achievements (Gen 11).  In fact at the time that the earliest pyramids were constructed (around 2600 B.C.) near the end of what is commonly called the Stone Age, the technological achievements were nothing short of spectacular and far ahead of what most people believe.

What does the Bible say about cavemen?

What does the Bible say about cavemen?

Were there Other Man-like Species?

Even if there were man-like or sub-human creatures, we do know that God is the creator and there is no evidence in the Bible where God used natural processes like time and chance to bring about any of the species, including mankind.  God created all plant life, all insect life, all mammals, birds; in fact everything in the universe but the crowning glory of God’s creation was man (Gen 1).  He was the supreme pinnacle of creations and the only living creature that He ever created in His own image (Gen 1:27).  He was not created by time and chance as a single-celled amoeba whereby He used natural processes to have the single-celled organism evolve into the human species.  God created them as mature adults, as male and female, and gave them names (Adam and Eve) and the fact that there was fruit already in the Garden of Eden shows that the plant kingdom never involved an evolving process either but was created at an already mature stage.

What is peculiar is that evolutionists, archaeologists, or paleontologists can find a single tooth and develop it into an entire animal.  That is the human imagination taken to its highest order.  Was there another human-like species that lived prior to man’s creation?  Did the earth undergo a re-creation of the earth (Gen 1:1-2) and these now extinct species die in the chaos of what resulted when Lucifer-turned-Satan wasted and ruined the earth when he ruled?  We cannot say with 100% certainty.  Perhaps many of these died in the epic flood during Noah’s time.  Even if this were all true, this doesn’t mean that God is still not the Creator and that if any of these sub-human creatures existed they were not made in the image of God.  If they played no part in God’s redemptive plan which occurs from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21 why would God feel the need to mention them in the Scriptures…just to satisfy our curiosity?

Did Ape or Sub-Human Creatures Evolve into Mankind?

I briefly touched on this before where they will find a single tooth or find a lone femur bone and make infinite theoretical jumps and conclude that the creature must have been a former species related to mankind or some other species that later evolved into something else.  Here is one example of why such flimsy hypotheses are extremely unreliable.  There are an estimated 100 million fossils in public and private collections and with over 300 million species that are presently known, we do not have one single set of transitional fossils among any of them.  That is a remarkable roaring silence that evolutionists cannot deny.

Leaps of Faith

Charles Darwin himself had great reservations and doubts about his own theory where he writes in the sixth chapter of his book On the Origin of Species that “Long before having arrived at this part of my work, a crowd of difficulties will have occurred to the reader. Some of them are so grave that to this day I can never reflect on them without being staggered.”(1)  If Darwin were alive today, he would have no more evidence for the theory of evolution than he did in his own day.  Long ago there was trumpeted as one of the greatest finds in history in what was called the Nebraska Man, however when the rest of the skeleton was found, was it part man?  What is a sub-human species?  No, Nebraska Man was imagined as a “missing link,” all from a single tooth which later turned out to be an extinct pig!  It was yet another hoax of many whereby a single bone was re-constructed from the fertile imaginations of evolutionists who tried to fit it in as a missing link. What is even more remarkable, they keep looking for a missing link when the whole chain is missing.


Who cares if a missing link or a lower form of a man-like creature is found?  So what?  What does that prove?  Who created the universe and the world? It was God and nothing from mankind to this day has ever proved the Bible to be wrong.  In fact, there is not one single shred of scientific, archaeological, or paleontological evidence that has ever disproved the Bible to be inaccurate.  In truth, what we are finding today are more and more discoveries that reveal that the Bible is accurate and that the accounts of the Bible are of historical realities. Here is a reality for you.  If you have never repented and trusted in Christ, your life as you know it today will be extinct someday and either you will be cast into an eternal lake of fire (Rev 20) or you will be in the presence of the Lord forever in eternal joy (Rev 21, 22).  The choice is up to you.  It is not what you believe so much as Who you believe in and if that is Jesus Christ, then you already have eternal life and you will never go extinct.

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