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Rebecca St. James has been singing contemporary Christian songs since 1980. “God, I give you my gifts. Use my life to make a difference and change the world.” That was Rebecca’s prayer at age 12!  Most of her popular songs are from the 1980s when she began touring in Australia, her home country. In 1990 the teenaged Rebecca started touring with a popular male contemporary Christian artist named Carmen. She is best known for her message on purity and even wrote a song about it (the featured song below). She was recently married at age 33 to fellow musician Jacob Fink.

Top 10 Rebecca St James songsRebecca seemed to disappear from the music scene for a few years as she pursued acting and writing. One popular movie, Sarah’s Choice, gave her the leading role as a young unmarried woman who made the choice to give her unborn baby life. She has also had several books published.[1][2] Enjoy my top 10 Rebecca St. James songs – including the old and the new. I have also found that she has some songs available for free download at her page here: Rebecca’s downloads

Featured Rebecca St. James Song – Wait For Me Rebecca says on her web site that it is the lyrics that she looks for in a song; this is what moves her most. And it is the lyrics in this song that drew me to feature it. Purity, abstinence and pro-life issues are all hot topics in which Rebecca has been very vocal and active for many years. Rebecca released this song in 2000. This is perhaps Rebecca’s most famous song. It is a love song really – one that she sings to her future husband, one that was written and released before she even knew who that man was! I am thankful for folks like Rebecca who use their fame and influence to talk and sing about the hard things in life. I hope you enjoy the video in the upper right of this page.

Breathe (Marie Barnett)

It really matters not who is singing this song, it is just lovely. Rebecca does a little more of an upbeat version than the song writer, Michael W. Smith. Here are the lyrics


This is the air I breathe
This is the air I breathe
Your holy presense
Living in me

This is my daily bread
This is my daily bread
Your very Word
Spoken to me


And I, I’m desperate for You
And I, I’m desperate for You

(repeat several times)

Expressions of Your Love (Chris Tomlin)

Maybe it is because she is singing it with Chris Tomlin (the song writer) that I like this one. Maybe it is because it is just a great song. Here is a video for you.

In A Moment (Michael William Neale & Joel Smallbone)

This is a thoughtful song that looks to the future — that time when Jesus comes back to capture up His Church. Take a look at the lyrics below:


In a moment, everyone falls silent
To hear the mighty trumpet
Split the eastern sky
Just imagine the King of all Creation
Riding through the heavens
Returning for His bride

Alleluia, alleluia
Hear the sound of Heaven ring
Alleluia, alleluia
All the earth will bow and sing

All the broken, they’re no longer broken
As they dance before Him
A radiant debut
And the lion walks beside the lamb and
All is well again
He’s making all things new

Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia

Hear the sound of the crowd, sing alleluia
Face down on the ground, victorious
Hear the sound of the crowd, sing alleluia
Face down on the ground, victorious

Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia

Hear the sound of the crowd, sing alleluia
Face down on the ground, victorious
Hear the sound of the crowd, sing alleluia
Face down on the ground


I Will Praise You

This is an excellent “fire storm” song. What I mean by this is that Rebecca encourages her audience to focus on the hope that we have in our Heavenly Father. It is a good one to listen to when you are experiencing hard times. Many of the lyrics are based upon Scripture, I found some from Psalms 30:5, Mark 4:38 and Hebrews 11:1 and here are my favorite lyrics from the chorus of this wonderful new worship song:

Whatever the storm

Whatever is lost

Whatever it takes

Whatever the cost

I will praise You

I will praise You



Jesus I am broken now
Before you I fall I lay me down
All I want is you, my all

I cry out from the ashes
Burned with sin and shame
I ask you Lord to make me whole again

For you say if I will come and will
Pray to you
There’s forgiveness when I
Turn from me and pray
For you say if I will come and will
Pray to you
You hear me and heal me when I pray

Your ways are not my own
But I long for them to be
So this what I pray
One with you you’ll make me

Melt me away ’til only you remain

For you say if I will come and will
Pray to you
There’s forgiveness when I
Turn to you and pray
For you say if I will come and will
Pray to you
You hear me and heal me when I pray

Jesus I am broken now before you
Take me I am yours

Yes, I Believe in God

A great song about unashamedly proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Enjoy this video:

You Make Everything Beautiful

This is a very peaceful song which I think really spotlights Rebecca’s beautiful and unique voice. You can download this one for free at her myspace page, I provided a link in the opening paragraph above. My favorite lyrics from this song are:

In my weakness You can shine

In Your strength I can fly

From the Movies

Rebecca also wrote some title tracks for movies. Here are a couple that I like:


Rebecca wrote this one for the movie “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”. In this movie the lion, Aslan, represents Jesus and I love the lyrics to this song. They speak of the relationship between the believer and Jesus. Here is a video that includes some clips from the movie.

Little One

This one was written by Rebecca for the movie “Sarah’s Choice” in which she played the leading role. This is a touching video:

There are More

Rebecca St. James has written and recorded many, many songs. Do you have a favorite you would like to add to the list? Include it in the comments below.


[1] Rebecca’s official web site

[2] Christianity Today April, 2011

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Robert June 26, 2012 at 10:40 am

Thanks Pamela,
I was not familiar with Rebecca, but if she’s hanging out with Chris Tomlin she’s in good company. She has a beautiful voice.
Yours in Christ,


Pamela Rose Williams June 27, 2012 at 5:27 pm

Thank you for your kind words Robert. Rebecca was really most popular in the 1980s and 90s. Last year she released her ninth studio album in spring of 2011 which is a new worship CD entitled “I Will Praise You” and it was her fist in several years. Her voice is lovely, I quite agree … AND did you know Chris Tomlin is my all time favorite male Christian artist and worship leader? Most of our followers here at WCWTK should recognize that because this is probably the 100th time I have said that. He is a talented man. Blessings to you!


Susan June 26, 2012 at 2:02 pm

Nice article, but “Breathe” was written by Marie Barnett, NOT Michael W. Smith.


Pamela Rose Williams June 27, 2012 at 5:37 pm

Hi Susan, Well now that is embarrassing! I knew Marie wrote that song because I learned it when I wrote my Michael W. Smith article a while ago — weird thing is that I did not attribute that song to her there either. So now because of your good catch I have updated both of these articles. I do apologize for that and thank your for letting me know of my error.


Warren Panis November 17, 2012 at 2:25 pm

To little deeper:
Hey its your loving brother. Jesus loves you forever! Since I’ve listen to your songs I’ve learning to love my self more and more! It strengthened my relationship to God. I hope God is with you and you are serving God faithfully and with holy fear. Congratulations to you’re new album! May you pray for my health,it is kinda gloomy. Remember this is just one life and better seek the truth and live the life! By the way in God’s plan I’m with music ministerial as an instrumentalist and later on maybe enter monkship or priesthood. You’re fan and brother in life by Christ ,LEE 32> I love you and keep in touch in your success and needs from Philippines. UABF CHURCH CRC CHURCH Philippines.


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