The Top 10 Christian Universities and Colleges

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Here’s a review and look at the top 10 Christian universities and colleges in the United States.

Faith-Based Choice

Faith-based universities and colleges are some of the most popular and sought-after choices for students looking at post-school education. This is due to the fact that they offer structure, continuation of family values outside of the home, and a fantastic standard of education all wrapped up into a nice little ball. The myth that faith-based schools only offer something for religious students or for those who are interested in studying religion is long gone. Christian universities offer a great extension of the home for those who have come from a slightly more sheltered background or a religious upbringing and they can be a great stepping-stone for faith-based students to enter the ‘real world’ a bit more slowly. The biggest and most common reason for choosing a faith-based studying environment is simply the fact that people who choose these universities want to make faith the centre of their education, so here are the top 10 faith-based universities and colleges in the US to us.

1: Wheaton College

Our Score: 100
Standard Net Cost: $28,005
Rate of Retention: 94%
Rate of Graduation: 90%
Average Salary Post-Attendance: $48,400

This religious institution tops our list of colleges. Originally founded in the mid-19th-century, this Illinois university is non-denominational and completely private. The primary focus of the school’s motto and message is that faith and scholarly behaviours should be combined, and that this is the key to success in both. Wheaton College is a co-educational arts college, and they offer majors in every field imaginable.

2: Pepperdine University

Our Score: 99.4
Standard Net Cost: $33,814
Rate of Retention: 90%
Rate of Graduation: 86%
Average Salary Post-Attendance: $65,500

This iconic university is built in in the beautiful hills of the Santa Monica Mountain Range in Malibu, California. Pepperdine was initially built upon the principles of being a private Christian college in the early 20th century. Specifically, the institution focuses on New Testament principles and the doctrine of the Church of Christ. The student to teacher ratio is approximately 10 students to one teacher.

3: Luther College

Our Score: 98.4
Standard Net Cost: $25,273
Rate of Retention: 83%
Rate of Graduation: 79%
Average Salary Post-Attendance: $47,400

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Luther College is, as you guessed it, based on the principles of the teachings of Martin Luther and the early Lutheran church. The church was originally founded in the mid-19th-century in northeast Iowa. The college is an undergraduate liberal arts institution with an acceptance rate of 60%. The student to teach ratio is around 11 students per teacher. They offer a range of different undergraduate programmes.

4: Messiah College

Our Score: 98.0
Standard Net Cost: $27,200
Rate of Retention: 87%
Rate of Graduation: 78%
Average Salary Post-Attendance: $45,100

Messiah College is our first on the list which requires students to sign a ‘Covenant,’ promising to uphold a list of certain specific morals and principles which the school finds is crucial to their environment and is the focus of this institution. This is a private religious college which was founded in the early 20th-century in Pennsylvania and they focus on liberal and applied arts and sciences.

5: Samford University

Our Score: 98.0
Standard Net Cost: $29,032
Rate of Retention: 88%
Rate of Graduation: 74%
Average Salary Post-Attendance: $49,900

Samford University has lived through its fair share of history over the years, and easily ranks as Alabama’s top university. It was founded in 1841 and stands tall as a private Christian institution with the focuses of applied science and English majors being the most popular at this moment in time. The student to teach ratio usually sits at around 13 students to every teacher.

6: Baylor University

Our Score: 97.6
Standard Net Cost: $34,898
Rate of Retention: 89%
Rate of Graduation: 75%
Average Salary Post-Attendance: $51,600

Baylor University is a top-shelf private Christian university located in the heart of Waco, Texas. Waco is well-known across the country for its beautiful outdoor locations and its close distance to both Austin and Dallas. This private college was originally founded in the mid-19th-century and is built on the principles of faith, community, and service. The foundation of this institution is based on Baptist principles. The student to teacher ratio is 14 students for every teacher employed.

7. Indiana Wesleyan University-Marion

Our Score: 97.4
Standard Net Cost: $19,333
Rate of Retention: 80%
Rate of Graduation: 64%
Average Salary Post-Attendance: $49,900

This institution is a private, evangelical institution which is located in Indiana and based around the principles of John Wesleyan Christian theory and teaching. It was established in the early 20th-century and offers primarily faith-based religious degrees as well as other degree programs as well.

8: Bethel University

Our Score: 97.4
Standard Net Cost: $27,151
Rate of Retention: 87%
Rate of Graduation: 73%
Average Salary Post-Attendance: $47,300

Bethel University is a Minnesota private school established in the late 19th century. It has an acceptance rate of around 80% and is a smaller private university offering an especially personalized learning experience.

9: Point Loma Nazarene University

Our Score: 97.2
Standard Net Cost: $31,452
Rate of Retention: 88%
Rate of Graduation: 73%
Average Salary Post-Attendance: $50,900

Point Loma Nazarene University is an iconic and very well-known higher education institution which was founded in the early 20th-century. It has a long and rich history of academic excellence and sits in a beautiful location in San Diego, California. The acceptance rates sits at around 75% and is a popular favourite for those who wish to balance religious faith with academic excellence.

10: Calvin College

Our Score: 97.0
Standard Net Cost: $25,596
Rate of Retention: 86%
Rate of Graduation: 74%
Average Salary Post-Attendance: $44,800

The esteemed Calvin College was founded and formed in Michigan in the late-19th-century. It’s on the smaller side of religious universities, but it still holds its own. Its principles are that of the Christian Reformed Church, based upon the teachings of John Calvin. It balances a personalized teaching which is very important at the higher education level. It reflects faith-based family principles that are so important for people who are looking to continue their educational journey with faith at the forefront. This is a small one, but one to watch nonetheless.

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Resource – Scripture quotations are from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version® (ESV®), Crossway Bibles. (2007). ESV: Study Bible: English standard version. Wheaton, Ill: Crossway Bibles. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Author’s Bio: Lauren Groff, a script writer at OX Essays, used to work as an HR and is now a career consultant.

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