What Is Hyper-Grace?

by Jack Wellman
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What is hyper-grace? Is it something new? Is it biblically sound? Hyper Anyone that’s been around toddlers very much knows they can get very hyper. Hyper means extremely excitable or extremely active. It could refer to someone being overstimulated, keyed up, obsessively concerned, and even fanatical or rabid, so the term hyper-grace refers to an […]

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Top 10 Bible Verses About Sanctification

by David Peach
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There are various ways that theologians break down the concept of sanctification. Depending on who you read, you can find anywhere from 2 to 7 types of sanctification. Much of the differences are simply a matter of semantics. Personally I break it down to 2 major types of sanctification. These two aspects, or types, of […]

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