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DocReits May 19, 2015 at 10:12 pm

Dr Williams,

While agreeing with most of your article I would like to add this reflection on where we find ourselves today in America and the world. There no longer exists the belief in absolute truth by most of the electorate. That is the crux of all of our social ills, IMO. As a result, it does no good to elect supposed “Christians” to office because the majority of these people do not see truth for themselves as truth for others. (A few true believers vote their personal Biblical convictions…but the operational word here is “few”).

Look at Ted Kennedy(deceased), Nancy Pelosi, and Secretary of state Kerry as a few of the most outspoken Catholic voices for gay marriage and abortion, while still remaining Catholic.

Hence the majority of Catholic representatives and Senators voting for abortion rights. When I have asked them about this, they have replied that they cannot impose their personal religious beliefs upon the electorate they represent. Our current President although not Catholic is in this camp. Hence his personal statements that marriage is between a man and a woman in his first bid for President and now his view that marriage should be allowed among any gender..”just keep everyone happy(sic)”.

So, yes, vote for Christians, but this is America, not in 1892(Holy Trinity Church vs United States” when the Supreme Court ruled that America was a Christian nation) and truth for yourself was truth for everyone. It is America post 1932, when that view(at least as determined by the Supreme Court) was struck down.


Robert May 20, 2015 at 3:06 pm

The idea of tolerance has morphed into the idea that every idea is just as binding and truthful as every other idea (a concept that cannot actually be true); therefore, no one has the right to demand anything from anyone else. ‘Truth’ is becoming ‘what the majority agrees upon’ instead of what God says it is. It is frustrating to see humanity’s selfishness tearing it apart…but the Bible warns us that there are consequences for rebelling against God. I will vote for the person in whose life I have witnessed the most dedication to God, the most fruitful spiritual life (as best as I can tell), and whose public persona most reflects Jesus Christ. Then, I will pray for God’s blessing and grace on that person and our nation. Oh, I only people would realize their dire need for the Savior.
Yours in Christ,

Robert May 20, 2015 at 3:09 pm

“I only people would realize…” should have been “if only people would realize”. Loose nut on the keyboard.

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