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VIncent Haryanto April 23, 2020 at 3:12 am

Dear Jack,

Thank you for this article.
It reminds me the way to hear from God to enable us to keep His commandments. In the past few years, I only rely on the Gospel and new testaments bible and Holy Spirit to hear from God. But as you mention in this article to hear from God thru God’s word in the Bible, In the last few months I started to read the Whole Bible ( The old testaments and new testaments) and it help me to hear from God better and have more clearer pictue of who God is and how powerful,strong, just and loving God is.
Thank you very much

Jack Wellman April 23, 2020 at 9:17 am

Thank you for the encouragement Mr. Haryanto. God bless you for that sir.

Vincent Haryanto April 28, 2020 at 12:15 am

Dear Jack,

Thank you for your reply.
Nice to know you.
God bless you.

Best regards
VIncent Haryanto

Carmen Okamoto May 4, 2020 at 6:47 am

Why does it take a Pandemic to get our attention? For decade’s~reading, comprehension, and focus has been a difficult task let alone Reading the Bible for me. Thank-You…⚘ for helping me as A Christain Backslider…Saved by the Grace and Mercies of Our Lord Jesus…Amen

Jack Wellman May 4, 2020 at 8:24 am

Why does it take a pandemic or something like that to get our attention. The same thing with ancient Israel. They got to comfortable in their own sin and lifestyle so God sent trouble and it was the troubles that made them seek the Lord God, so that’s probably why Carmen.

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