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Alain July 1, 2014 at 2:28 pm

Hi Crystal,
I have stumbled upon your site looking for ways to respect my husband during conflict. I read one of your articles on the subject and I am going to start applying what I have learned. Thank you. I have many issues with my husband but of course I don’t expect a solution for all of them but Him and I are on what seems polar opposites on all our decisions. Our big deal right now is that we are four years away from paying off our small house and he wants to buy a bigger one. All I see is a 30 year mortgage. our whole ten years marriage has been this way. I want my kids to go to Christian school and he doesn’t see the value of it. I try to avoid talking with my mom or sister about it because of course they are on my side and i end up talking bad about him but sometimes it’s just easier to get it off my chest. I have thought about going to our pastor but your article says to avoid going to a male for advise. I don’t have any female friends I feel I can trust wihtout feeling like I am talking bad about him. He avoids conflict and is a sweeper under the rug. I am desparate to know what to pray and what to do. We are having a really hard time tolerating each other right now. And I feel like every verse and scripture is saying my attitude is wrong which I am willing to change but very weak to do it. I am constantly looking to Jesus because he has changed me in the past. Thanks for your time and wisdom.

Crystal McDowell July 2, 2014 at 9:14 pm

Dear Alaine,
I’m very sorry for your frustration and I believe that God will work in your behalf as you put your trust in Him to make all things work together. As far as godly counsel is concerned, I do believe that you could talk to your pastor. In proper context, I don’t advise spouses speaking to those of the opposite sex who aren’t in a spiritual position of leadership as this could present other potential problems (even in the most well-meaning of saints). I pray that God will also reveal godly women within the body of Christ to help you through this process. Marriage is sacred and I pray God lavish you in His love and presence through this difficult season of your life.

God bless,

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