20 Good Christian Quotes About Attitude

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Perhaps you have heard it said: “Attitude is everything”. I must agree! I think being a parent has taught me this concept more than anything. Even being a parent of adult children — they notice your attitude so much more than the little children do. However, the little children tend to emulate your attitude. Don’t you find this to be true? Attitude is so important that people are often quoted for what they say about attitude. Here are some good Christian quotes about attitude. I hope you can prayerfully consider how keeping your attitude in check positively affects everyone around you.

“The greatest day in your life and mine is when we take total responsibility for our attitudes. That’s the day we truly grow up.” ~ John C. Maxwell

Attitude & Choice

Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going to determine how you’re going to live your life. ~ Joel Osteen

We choose what attitudes we have right now. And it’s a continuing choice. ~ John C. Maxwell

If I belittle those whom I am called to serve, talk of their weak points in contrast perhaps with what I think of as my strong points; if I adopt a superior attitude, forgetting “Who made thee to differ? and what hast thou that thou hast not received?” then I know nothing of Calvary love. ~ Amy Carmichael

You say, “Well, I am not going to be anyone’s ‘yes man.’ If I see something wrong in a person, I’m going to warn others about it.” Fine. But beware that what you are calling ” courage to speak out” is not more truly a deception masking a rebellious, dishonouring attitude. ~ Francis Franqipane

A test of a Christian’s character is what he does after he comes to the blockade in the road and what his attitude is after everything has left him except Jesus. ~ Lester Roloff

Attitude, Prayer & Praise

Prayer is not so much an act as it is an attitude – an attitude of dependency, dependency upon God. ~ A.W. Pink

Prayer is not only asking, it is an attitude of heart that produces an atmosphere in which asking is perfectly natural, and Jesus says, “every one that asketh receiveth.” ~Oswald Chambers

It is not the body’s posture, but the heart’s attitude that counts when we pray. ~Billy Graham

Every human activity, except sin, can be done for God’s pleasure, if you do it with an attitude of praise. ~ Rick Warren

Persistence in prayer for someone whom we don’t like, however much it goes against the grain to begin with, brings about a remarkable change in attitude. ~ F.F. Bruce

Consider how your attitude contributes to someone else’s day.

Consider how your attitude contributes to someone else’s day.

About Attitude – Chuck Swindoll

The remarkable thing is, we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day.

We cannot change our past. We can not change the fact that people act in a certain way. We can not change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude.

When you have vision it affects your attitude. Your attitude is optimistic rather than pessimistic.

Words can never adequately convey the incredible impact of our attitudes toward life. The longer I live the more convinced I become that life is 10 percent what happens to us and 90 percent how we respond to it.

About Attitude – Watchman Nee

When a believer has crossed into the domain of the spiritual he daily ought to maintain a combat attitude in his spirit, praying therewith for the overthrow of all the works of Satan done through the evil powers.

The right attitude is this: that I have my own will, yet I will the will of God.

Most soulish believers assume an attitude of self-righteousness, though often it is scarcely detectable. They hold tenaciously to their minute opinions we ought to lay aside the small differences and pursue the common objective.

The attitude of saints toward their possessions most assuredly signifies whether they continue to preserve their self life or whether they have consigned it to death.

Often Satan injects pride into the believer’s spirit, evoking in him an attitude of self-importance and of self-conceit. He causes him to esteem himself a very outstanding person, one who is indispensable in God’s work. Such a spirit constitutes one of the major reasons for the fall of believers.

Final Thoughts

Attitude is everything. It is a choice and it affects your prayer and praise to the Lord. Consider how your attitude contributes to someone else’s day. The truth is that your attitude directly affects whether or not you are a blessing or a curse.

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