20 Bible Quiz Questions About The Life of Jesus

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The life of Jesus is one we have read about often in the four Gospels. How well do you think you know about His life and activities? Test yourself on this Bible quiz about the life of Jesus to find out.


1. Who ordered the census which brought Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem?

2. Where did Joseph, Mary and Jesus live?

3. What type of work did Joseph (Jesus’ earthly father) do?

4. How old was Jesus when He first taught in the temple?

5. How long was it before Joseph and Mary discovered Jesus was missing?

6. Where was Jesus baptized and by whom?

7. What were the three temptations that Satan gave to Jesus?

8. Who was the first disciple to come to Jesus in John 1?

What was the first recorded miracle of Jesus?

9. What was the first recorded miracle of Jesus?

10. Whom did Jesus call the “generation of vipers?”

11. What was Jesus doing when the disciples were scared during a storm on the sea?

12. How long had Lazarus been dead when Jesus brought him back to life?

13. What was the reaction of the people after Jesus cast the legion of demons into the swine?

14. Jesus said, “Get thee behind me Satan” to which disciple?

15. Who anointed Jesus’ feet with an expensive perfume and then dried His feet with her hair?

16. How many people did Jesus raise from the dead?

17. How many loaves of bread and fish did Jesus use to feed the 5000 in John 6?

18. Which disciple first refused to allow Jesus to wash his feet?

19. In whose new tomb was Jesus buried?

20. What was Jesus’ final command to the disciples before ascending to Heaven?


1. Caesar Augustus. Luke 2:1

2. Nazareth. Luke 2:3

3. He was a carpenter. Matthew 13:55

4. Twelve years old. Luke 2:42-47

5. After one day they knew He was missing, but it took a total of three days to find Him. Luke 2:42-47

6. In the Jordan river by John the Baptist. Matthew 3:13-17

7. Satan asked Him to turn the stones into bread: Matthew 4:3; To prove that He was invincible: Matthew 4:5-6; To worship Satan for the purpose of having the kingdoms of the world given to him: Matthew 4:8-9

8. Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother and one of John’s disciples. John 1:40

9. Turned the water into wine and the marriage of Cana of Galilee. John 2:1-11

10. At various times the Scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees. Sometimes separately and sometimes together. Pharisees and Sadducees: Matthew 3:7; Pharisees: Matthew 12:34; Scribes and Pharisees: Matthew 23:33

11. Sleeping. Mark 4: 35-41

12. Four days. John 11:39

13. They were angry and wanted Him to leave their city. Matthew 8:28-34

14. Peter. Matthew 16:23, Mark 8:33

15. Mary, the sister of Martha. John 12:3

16.Three. The widow’s son: Luke 7:11-17; Lazarus: John 11:43-44; Jairus’ daughter: Matthew 9:18-26, Mark 5:21-43, Luke 8:40-56

17. Five loaves of bread and two fish. John 6:1-13

18. Peter. John 13:4-9

19. Joseph of Arimathaea. Matthew 27:57-60

20. Go into the world, preach the Gospel, baptize believers and teach them. Matthew 28:19-20 Mark 16:15, Acts 1:8

Your Favorite Facts About Jesus

Do you have any favorite quiz questions or facts about the life of Jesus you want to share? Please leave a comment and tell us what captivates you in the life of our Savior.

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