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Joe Sewell July 20, 2012 at 10:24 pm

I find the part about those who would bring the newborn church back under the rule of the law interesting, because the very same thing is happening again today. A friend and former co-worker of mine has fallen in with the “Hebrew Roots” crowd, who teach that grace must be melded with “keeping Torah.” I guess they chose to ignore this part of Scripture in favor of “the old ways.”

Jack Wellman July 21, 2012 at 3:17 pm

Amen Joe. I see this tendency, to be honest, even in my own life. It creeps in so easily and all of a sudden, I make a comment or think a thought that is judging someone without even knowing their heart or intent. The church I am under-shepherd of is trying to overcome this reputation too because I hear it a lot when I do door-to-door. It takes 10 good acts to overcome one bad act in public. And it takes only 1 minute to ruin 10 years of Christian living. So I am my own self concerned over this. During a revival once, a man came forward and the deacon stopped him and grabbed his pack of cigarettes out of his pocket & crushed them and told the man, “there is none of that in here!” The pastor came up to the man and gave him $5 & said, “Here, this should replace it.” The deacon learned a valuable lesson that day. Not that I condone cigarettes but I don’t condone this judging from the exterior when Jesus was more concerned with “what comes out of the mouth that condemns a man than what goes in.” I too learned something when I heard of this account.

Many blessings Joe. You’re one of a kind and always bless my soul brother.

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