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Glenn Christian December 25, 2017 at 10:56 am

What you say about Jesus bearing the sin of the world and being a sacrifice on our behalf is true; However there is another part to this. His death was necessary for his own spiritual maturity. (Greater Love hath no man than to lay down his LIFE for his friends). As part of the Fathers plan in reconciling the world unto himself through Jesus it was necessary that Jesus achieve perfection through death as this would qualify him for the immortal state of GODSHIP and the ability to give of his life unto us that are the called and chosen of GOD. You see he had to give up his life to receive a better one (for on earth he was just a man) and in doing so that actually made him a GOD (OH GOD THY THRONE IS FOREVER). Now that his glorification has taken place he then is giving out the same spiritual life that GOD gave him at the river Jordan when the spirit descended upon him like a dove and remained. This giving of spiritual life unto us is the first part of Isaiah 59:21 as we the first fruits of the glorified KING OF KINGS are considered his seed. If a corn of wheat fall into the ground and DIE……..so the harvest that takes place from his death is a tremendous one, all of which are new spiritual entities considered SONS OF GOD. And if sons of GOD then what qualities of JESUS would they themselves not possess after their glorification? Now read the remainder of Isaiah 59:21 and see if you see what his seed does in the coming ages as they too have given their lives for their friends and achieved a similar reward that will fulfill the next step in the verse.
I know this is controversial but an overcomer is rewarded with hidden manna and in order to see these things one must overcome self righteousness. I CHOSE YOU, YOU DID NOT CHOOSE ME. So “I accepted Jesus” is BACKWARDS and implies SELF righteousness. He CHOSE ME is correct and imparted righteousness unto me out of his mercy. I had nothing to do with it!! But am extremely grateful to have received it. Just like PAUL. As you pointed out in the article (it’s the FATHERS WILL that none should perish apart from CHRIST) if he allows you to see what he’s really doing you will be amazed!!! Carefully and Prayerfully consider. IF YOU CONTINUE IN MY WORD THEN YOU SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE. Are you free or do you really believe that its up to you or me or anyone else to save the world? Or has GOD through his sacrifice of JESUS already done that and that its just a matter of time until GOD accomplishes HIS PLAN, HIS WILL, which no one can over rule. WE must see the FATHER for who he truly is.. the orchestrator and finisher of everything, no one over rules the Father EVER. And his will shall be accomplished. That will was to have many children like unto himself. Last thought, DOES ORIGINAL SIN THAT BROUGHT CONDEMNATION TO MANKIND (BECAUSE GOD SAID SO) OUT WEIGH THE SACRIFICE WHICH JUSTIFIES ALL MEN (BECAUSE GOD SAID SO) AND SEEING THAT IT WAS GOD WHO SAID SO IT WOULD SEEM THAT THE SACRIFICE IS MUCH MORE HEAVILY WEIGHTED AND APPLIES TO ALL MEN JUST AS CONDEMNATION DID UNTIL THE SACRIFICE OCCURRED. Does a man have to believe that he is under condemnation to be under condemnation? Or is he simply under condemnation because GOD said so until the time that his justification is made known to him? And remember it is GOD who chooses the FOOLISHNESS OF PREACHING to save those that are to be saved. Makes it sound like just a small portion will be, but not true for that is not his will. His will is for ALL whom HE justified with his sacrifice and he will not settle for even one less than ALL!!!!

esther Marie cantu December 3, 2019 at 8:04 am

This doesn’t explain enough information on the topic. I am doing a debate on this topic and it doesn’t give enough information.

Jack Wellman December 3, 2019 at 1:37 pm

I am sorry it does not give you enough information. Perhaps you need to do the studying yourself instead of relying on other sources or websites. That is on you, not us.

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