Why Christian Posts Are Censored More Often on Social Media

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Why more and more Christians and their posts are being censored, blocked, banned, or even deleted by social media’s.


Recently, Facebook has censored several high-profile uses. So have other social media’s, so why are more and more Christians and their posts being censored, blocked, banned, or even deleted by social media? Isn’t this impinging on our freedom of speech? Is that constitutional right now being taken away for Christians? It used to be easy to make posts about repentance, sin, sanctification, hell, or heaven, but today, social media is starting to censor Christian posts like never before. Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker thinks that “One of the big problems here if it is up to Facebook to police violence… that is a violation of the First Amendment,” but since Facebook is a public company, they can do what they want, but it’s not a level playing field because Christian posts on social medias are being censored, deleted, blocked, and banned more and more…and more than other radical or leftists posts.

Hated for Him

The truth sets you free…or it makes you really mad. You will either love to hear the good news or you will hate it. You will love hearing about Jesus or you’ll hate His name, but it’s really Jesus’ name and what He stands for that people hate more than us. Jesus told His disciples that, “you will be hated by all for my name’s sake. But the one who endures to the end will be saved” (Matt 10:22). They only way the lost sinner can express his hatred for Jesus or God are through us because we’re the closest ones to God, being His children. The point being, “If you are insulted for the name of Christ, you are blessed, because the Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you” (1 Pet 4:14).

Work and Family Censorship

We shouldn’t really be surprised when we’re censored or blocked by our co-workers or family members when we share posts about Jesus Christ. That’s normal in this world, but today, even at family gatherings, when the subject of God is brought up, someone quickly changes the subject and that is a form of censorship. Nobody wants to talk about God at most family gathers (there are exceptions), and if you bring up things like the gospel, you’re going to be treated like a wet blanket and people (even family) will distance themselves from you. The last thing sinners want to hear about is the wrath of God, but unless we proclaim the wrath of God, the grace of God is not important, so it’s God’s wrath that makes God’s mercy relevant to the sinner. Years ago when I worked as a janitor while finishing seminary, I got in trouble at work for leaving Bible tracts on the break room tables. They saw it as “Pushing religion.” Later I got in trouble for sharing Christ with a co-worker, even during break time or lunchtime. They said, “You’re still on company property.” We can’t expect this to get better. On the contrary, it will only grow worse, leading up to the time of Jesus’ return. If we think we’re being censored now, just wait. Someday, law enforcement might even become involved.

The News Media

Today, the news media is censoring Christian content more than ever. Most of the Christian social movements (like the March for Life) are left out of news reports, even if they number in the thousands. All this while other movements, less in number, are covered more comprehensively. Cleary the media is biased toward anything Christian, and the news media seems to be leaning more and more toward the left. Today, anything to the center and right is excluded in national coverage. It’s almost as if Christians have become public enemy number one. It shouldn’t surprise us that when there’s a scandal in the church, it makes headlines, but when a man serves a church faithfully for over 50 years (like Dr. John MacArthur), nobody notices.

Movie and Television Censorship

Hollywood, and the film industry in general, has moved away from any movies with Christian content. If it’s too wholesome, it’s not appealing to producers, believing it won’t be successful at the movie theaters. If there’s not enough sex or violence, producers aren’t even interested in it, good script or not. Movie and television studios are beginning to avoid Christian content because they think it won’t sell. In some cases, they worry they’ll offend someone. Businesses are not as interested in religion as they used to be and will not support Christian movements, not to mention, underwrite Christian moves. Television and movie scripts rarely bring up the name of God, and especially Jesus’ name. They claim that they could offend some. Today, the only time Jesus’ name or God’s name is used on television or the movies is as a swear word or in profanity. Obviously, there is a huge social bias directed toward all of those who believe.


To conclude, this is of the order of first importance. If you’ve never trusted in Christ before, then you are living on borrowed time right now. If you were to die or Jesus were to return before you repented and believed, you would die having the wrath of God abiding on you…forever, and with no chance of forgiveness. Please my friend. Think about your eternity and decide today before it’s too late. You must trust in Christ today to receive the righteousness of Christ (2 Cor 5:21). I plead with you today, to make this your day of salvation (2 Cor 6:2) because we have no promises tomorrow will even get here.

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