The Logical Reasons I Believe the Intelligent Designer and Not Evolution

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If someone asks you why you believe in God, can you tell them? Here’s help.

Law of Entropy

If someone asks you why you believe in God, can you tell them? Here’s help. To start with, I mention the Second Law of Thermodynamics which states that “as one goes forward in time, the net entropy (degree of disorder) of any isolated or closed system will always increase (or at least stay the same).” There is always a breaking down of systems, not building upward, just like the human body ages. The universe is using up energy and energy use is one way, therefore evolution cannot be true because evolutional theory proclaims a building up or growing into more order. We know this cannot happen.

Can Creationism and Evolution CoExist

Those who promote the theory of evolution ask us to doubt God’s word concerning creation.

Irreducible Complexity

It was because of the enormous complexity of human DNA that I cannot believe in evolution. One simple strand of human DNA/RNA is more complex than all of the nation’s transportation systems, including highway, airports, and railways combined. That the complexity of the human body would just happen by chance is impossible (see: Law of Entropy). It would be like someone throwing several Scrabble games letters onto a gymnasium floor and coming up with the Declaration of Independence. The design of both the universe and the human body, not to mention the rest of living organisms, demands an Intelligent Designer and Creator! DNA/RNA does not and cannot occur by random chance.


Does Archeology Support The Bible

Archeology is demonstrating that the Bible is truly reliable and accurate as written.

How can you dispute the thousands of archeological discoveries that have validated biblical history and stories over the centuries, including the hundreds of prophecies fulfilled that were impossible to know at the time of their writing, and the fact that 40 authors wrote 66 books of the Bible with the vast majority not knowing each other, yet all are infinitely in agreement about the overall theme of the Bible. The main point here is that archeologists continue to unearth more evidence that what the Bible recorded actually did happen. Today, there are over 50,000 digs at nearly 30,000 different locations that have supported the Bible’s historical record.


New Testament manuscripts are amazing abundant. In fact, there are over 25,000 New Testament manuscripts of which 5,000 of these dated from the first century. There are about 6,000 complete or fragmented Greek manuscripts, 10,000 Latin manuscripts and over 9,000 manuscripts in various other ancient languages. One of the greatest supportive facts is that the evidence verifies the dating of Matthew’s Gospel as far back as A.D. 60. Most scholars agree that Mark wrote the first Gospel and places the composition of Mark to within 20 years of the events that took place and were recorded in his Gospel.

Regarding the Old Testament, the nearly 6,000 Dead Sea Scrolls are so close in agreement, contextually, that there is only 0.01% in differences and the main differences are only in the differentiation of vowels. All together there are so many manuscripts that it is impossible to ignore its historical and evidential veracity.

Fossil Evidence

The reason that scientists, archaeologists and paleontologists call the Cambrian Explosion an “explosion” is because most of the present species that exist today or have ever existed are found in what is known as the Cambrian layer or explosion. This “explosion” of fossils comes in an extremely shallow layer of the earth that seems to match the creation account of Genesis one, where all plant and animal life were created within a short period of time.

Points to Ponder

If evolution were true, there should be multiple millions upon millions of transitional fossils…yet there is a roaring silence of evidence.

Today, the only fossils we find are either existing specie or those that have gone extinct.

The Cambrian Explosion is consistent with the creation account of life as described in Genesis.

There is no observable evidence of evolution in the fossil record.

There is strong evidence that fossil dating is not accurate.  For example, carbon dating’s accuracy is best when it is less  than 6,000 years, so carbon dating methods are not a reliable method in dating former living matter (plant, vegtable or animal), and even less so in non-organic matter (rocks, etc.).

After the great Mount Saint Helens eruption they reportedly found chicken bones that had been fossilized and that these bones had tested to be several thousands of years old when in actuality, they were less than 25 years old.  One thing we do know is that carbon dating is not a reliable dating method because rocks or other matter than undergo great amounts of pressure or heat or experience a cataclysmic event can and will effect carbon-14 rates where it starts to change into other atoms over time. The conclusion is that carbon dating’s accuracy gets worse the further you go back into time.

It is he who made the earth by his power, who established the world by his wisdom, and by his understanding stretched out the heavens.

Geological features are consistent with a worldwide flood as described in Genesis (rapid fossilization/Cambrian).

The oldest known plant is the Gingko Biloba, dated to around 270 million years ago, yet it is exactly the same today as it was some “270 million years ago,” although, once again, carbon dating methods cannot be trusted.

You cannot find any transitional evidence in fossils of plants evolving from one plant into another; not one!

Monkeys have not evolved one bit since arriving on the planet, remaining exactly the same as the earliest fossils.

It’s the same for so-called other dinosaurs like opossums, crocodiles, and even cockroaches which are classified as being from the dinosaur age.  Not one of these three has changed or evolved into anything else over the supposedly “millions of years.”


After 150 years, the theory of evolution is still not proven and remains a theory even today. Scientific laws describe what happens as a fact while theories try to explain why things happen, but these two are not the same!  Although scientists believe in it, they cannot prove it and there is no scientific evidence for it being true, so evolution and a self-created universe are impossible; logically, scientifically, and even theoretically. Those who believe in evolution want to kick God out of the classroom, but you cannot kick out what you cannot prove. God is Creator…the Intelligent Designer and evolution is simply a way of denying there is a God so they can continue living in sin. They deny the Creator so they can worship the creation rather than the Creator (Rom 1:25), but unless they repent and believe, they will perish along with all their theories. I pray and I plead with you right now, repent of your sins and place your trust in the Savior.  Then you can come to see the beauty and mercy of the Creator who bids all to come to Him (Matt 11:28-30) so that you might have eternal life (John 3:16-17).

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Resource – Scripture quotations are from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version® (ESV®), Crossway Bibles. (2007). ESV: Study Bible: English standard version. Wheaton, Ill: Crossway Bibles. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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