What Does God Say About Serving Others?

by Dr. Michael L. Williams
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Not long ago it was common for churches to offer tapes or CDs of sermons for people to listen to. Later, sermons could be downloaded from church websites. With the invention of social media, live broadcasts of church services are now possible. However, what is being broadcasted today has changed. Instead of inspirational preaching, many […]

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Foot Washing in the Bible

by Pamela Rose Williams
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In Bible times people wore sandals so foot washing was the first thing they would do before entering a tent (house). Mostly the host would provide the water for foot washing, but in some cases a servant would wash feet. Let’s take a look at what the Bible says about foot washing. Bible Times Foot […]

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How To Be A Servant Of All

by Jack Wellman
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Jesus said the greatest will be the servant of all, so how do you become a servant to all? We are Slaves One of the worse mistranslations in the Bible is where the word “servant” is translated from the Greek word, “doulos” which doesn’t mean servant but slave. Jesus tells us that we are to […]

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