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DocReits July 21, 2014 at 12:55 pm

Good counsel Crystal,

It is indeed hard to say no, especially to fellow Christians seeking your time and/or finances. How long do you continue giving? 70 times 7?..;-)

Asking the H.S. For guidance is important, but many emotions enter in when folks keep asking for your help. Balancing the continuing drain of financial support against the expectation of the individual seeking self sufficiency is often very difficult.

Eventually “no” often must be said. Do you ever ponder why the church at Jerusalem became so poor that Paul had to finance them through outside donations? Here was where the church was born. They had all things in common and yet they literally went broke.

Did the commune concept become a disincentive to work? Did those working to support those who weren’t (just living off of the producers) become a sign to the workers that they were being taken advantage of, so they quit the church? Thereby leaving the church to fast and pray yet not work, as if manna would fall from heaven for their benefit?

I often use this first attempt by the church to live in a socialistic manner as an example of the first big experimental disaster in their spiritual journey. Do you wonder why the H.S. didn’t clue them in to this error in direction. Or was it a test of their obedience to “work” and give which was the failure?

Surely the H.S. Knew that answer. Yet another example of how God gives us free will to fall into holes of our own making. What does the predestination crowd have to say to this?

Thank you for making us think. It is truly becoming a lost art…


Aubrey August 23, 2014 at 11:35 pm

Thank you for the wonderful message. Praise God!

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