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Don May 27, 2014 at 8:35 am

I have been asked by our class leader to fill in for him on days that he can not be there. I have done this a few times, but really I am not a speaker and have real problems talking in front of people. It seems I struggle with what to say. I have prayed about this a lot, but do not feel God has given me an answer one way or another. I do feel God wants me to do Something in the church but not sure this is the right venue for me. Please pray for me to find what I can do. Thank you.

David May 28, 2014 at 1:25 am

Hello Don, will def do that.
Between `76 and `83 was led into a role of youth group and drama leader in 2 churches,.
Each and every member of Christ`s Body [the church] has gifts and talents. Whether it is in leadership, serving, pastoral care, prayer, music, encouragement , having certain gifts of the Holy Spirit, whatever.
Seek from God where your talents and gifts lie. Don`t worry He will do the rest.
Blessings, David Central Europe

Rod June 8, 2014 at 6:12 pm

Hi I am a Christian and I do disagree with some of the article here. I don’t wish to offend the writer in anyway and God bless you, but I would just like to make a few points if I may on why I strongly disagree. It’s not what you have written. In fact ideally that’s what we are supposed to do. But to me it has a few bugs. Firstly the article strongly reflects that it that everything is up to us and if you want to work for God put in the hard work. But where is the provision for the Holy Spirit and the work he does. What about when Jesus said before a seed can grow it has to full down and die. Alot of Christians interpret this as meaning our conversion. But the reality is if many of us are truly honest, we are still learning and repenting years after our conversion or there’s something very wrong. Look at Moses. It’s very clear God chose him. What did Moses do? Questioned God even after his 40 years in the desert was over. He broke the tablets of the Ten commandments which was the sin which prevented the people from entering the promise land , not what the people were doing. Paul got his Bible training through being a Pharisee and Murdering Christians. I myself have a Ministry which has taken me to places and helping many people all over the World. I have never advertised and in twenty years have never received a single donation, Tithe or anything else. God provides and I see a lot of miracles and peoples lives being turned around. Problem is I have a reading disorder and I’m Autistic. But I have a strong belief in God and sincerely believe and see the evidence on a daily basis that what I am doing is a Ministry.

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