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Christine March 29, 2013 at 6:30 pm

I agree with tattoos. To those who choose professional careers must avoid getting tattoos. A friend told me that getting into big auditing firm must not have tattoos. Removing tattoos is so much costly by laser. I am professional accountant student – this tattoos thing is very true.

Yes, reading is important. I noticed the differences between those friends who love readings and never read books ( except study text) are more willing to listen to other’s people thoughts and more understanding without being judgemental. Reading means you learn from the author’s experience at the same time appreciating other people thoughts.

I believe your well-written article will be so much valuable to share with high school graduates. Today’s world is so much dynamic and not easy to comprehend without strong faith to Jesus Christ, particularly young people.

Living in the student hostel / university dormitory is so much challenges. I have been through this. As student cannot choose whom their roomates will be. Group pressures are unavoidable certainly.

David, please pray for all of high school graduates.


Chevelle April 4, 2013 at 9:31 pm

I like this article. However, I do think graduates should ardently take a look at not just going to college, but what field they are studying. Go to college to gain knowledge, but do not go to look for life direction. Most student enter college as very vulneralbe and moldable individuals and many of the people you come in contact with will take advantage of this. The Bible is the greatest guide for life and stick to it.
Academia is full of atheist and agnostics and they implement their own beliefs into what they are teaching (some not all however). Praying for those instructing you is a very good thing to do in college.

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