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DocReits January 5, 2017 at 10:03 pm

Hi Dr Williams,

Great reminder!

So a rhetorical question(I know your answer). Can there be such a thing as a “Christian gay church” or believer? I am frustrated by my dealings holding up the Word of God against a maelstrom of protest over my suggestion that Christians cannot and do not embrace sin. We all sin as Christians but we get up, dust ourselves off by God’s grace, are grieved that we hurt God by sinning, repent(turn) and move on as we attempt to follow Christ.

I believe we, as Christians, must suffer grief over our sin and always turn from it towards Christ and follow, follow, follow. Pilgrim dropped his burden at the foot of the cross…he did not pick it up again. Where are the pastors and lay folks raising their voices(not in condemnation) but in pointing to God’s Word that we must “try to live holy lives, because if you don’t, you will not see the Lord”(Heb 12:14).

Thank you for your faithfulness,


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