4 Good Prayers For A Better Marriage

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Here are 4 good prayers to pray for your marriage in the hopes that it will be better for you both.

Prayer for Renewal

Oh Lord God my Father, please help us grow closer together and be joined in one purpose to glorify You in our marriage.  Help us to remember what first brought us together which helped our love grow strong enough to commit to marriage in the first place.  I know that time and the business of life sometimes diminishes our feelings for one another.  We both get so busy we forget to find time for romance.  Please place this on our hearts to renew or revive what we had when we were first married.  To revisit those places we first dated, even if it’s only possible in our minds.   Help us both focus on You oh Lord for You are first in our lives because no marriage will be blessed by You unless You come first and ahead of my partner.  Please help us both in our marriage to make is stronger and to make it a more God-glorifying union of the institution that You created for our own good and in the strong name of Jesus Christ I pray, amen.

 4 Good Prayers For A Better Marriage

Thankfulness for my Spouse

Righteous God, thank you for my spouse because, just like our children, they are a gift from You because nothing happens that You do not ordain and even our bad choices and decisions can be made to be a blessing to us (Gen 50:20). Forgive me for all the times that I’ve neglected You in times of prayer, praise, and devotion and also for the negligence in my marriage.  I know that marriages take so much work and that they don’t just happen automatically. Thank you for your patience and Lord God, I thank You for my beloved spouse and for my spouse’s patience with me for how far I fall short at times.  Please forgive me as I also ask my spouse to forgive my neglect of them for which I have no excuse.  You are such a good God and a God that desires our highest and ultimate best and for Your precious Son, Who died for us and for the glory of His name it is through I pray, amen.

Blessings for my Spouse

Great God in Heaven, I want to first and foremost, give You thanks for my spouse for they are such a blessing to me, our family, and to so many others.  I pray that You would bless them and that You would grant them godly wisdom and knowledge so that they might make good decisions today at work and at home for the purpose that You, ultimately, will be glorified. Help our marriage stay strong by Your Spirit and by revealing to me where I fall short and where I can grow to be a more loving, supportive, and godly mate for my spouse.  They deserve the very best and I know I haven’t always given them my very best.  Let my spouse be a godly influence on those they are around today and that Your great name would be made famous among those they work or live around.  Help my spouse to realize just how much I love them and need them and that we both can come to know you in a much deeper, more intimate relationship as we make You that 3rd cord that is not easily broken.  I give you the glory for this marriage and ask Your blessing on it and on my spouse in particular and again, I thank God for them and for your grace and mercy and in the name of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, I pray, amen.

Prayer Walking and Waking

God, my righteous Father, as I leave today to take a walk or to go to work, I ask for You to keep our marriage strong, even during the absences where we must be apart.  I know that I have so much to learn about my spouse and I need to show my spouse patience because You are perfectly patient with me even when I blow it big time (again!).  Just as in the model prayer called the Lord’s Prayer, I pray for Your name to be glorified in our lives and for Your will to be done over my own and that we as a couple, keep our focus on You and on Your Son, Jesus Christ.  Marriage in itself is a true miracle and we both need Your daily divine intervention to be able to keep this marriage strong and godly. I pray for You to keep changing my heart more like Christ’s; for you to open my eyes to see things that I sometimes miss; that I will have ears to hear what Your Word says about being more Christ-like, and to be a better communicator and to break my pride and tell my spouse just how much I need them and that they are a gift from You.  I want to be more like Jesus so that my love for my spouse is more like Your love for me and them.  Revive my heart oh God and my love for my precious spouse and create in me a deep desire to serve them as You sent Jesus to be a servant and give His life as a ransom for us who did not deserve it and in Christ’s precious name I pray, amen.


Every marriage is a miracle and it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, commitment, and by all means, a lot of prayer.  I know that God can change even  a pagan king’s heart (Prov 21:1) so I know I can trust You but I also need to have a heart change and to humble myself before You and to serve my spouse and put them first, esteeming them better than myself.

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