15 Eloquent William Tyndale Quotes

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When you hear the name Tyndale what comes to mind? For me it is the Bible in English. More specifically the King James Version (Authorized Version). Before William Tyndale was murdered for his work he translated the entire Old Testament and half of the New Testament into English from the Greek and Hebrew original texts. When his Bibles (pocket sized) were smuggled into England they were soon taken and destroyed. Though he was martyred we are blessed by his work that remains.

The Bible translation was not Tyndale’s only work, he also published many commentaries and life application lessons. Here are just 15 eloquent William Tyndale quotes.

Featured William Tyndale Quote “For it is impossible to preach Christ, except thou preach against antichrist; that is to say, them which with their false doctrine and violence of sword enforce to quench the true doctrine of Christ.”

Heresy & Hypocrisy

Take heed, therefore, wicked prelates, blind leaders of the blind; indurate and obstinate hypocrites, take heed.

For no man by sprinkling himself with holy water, and with eating holy bread, is more merciful than before, or forgiveth wrong, or becometh at one with his enemy, or is more patient, and less covetous, and so forth; which are the sure tokens of the soul-health.

Christ made the bread the sacrament of his body only: wherefore as the bread is no similitude of his blood, so am I not bound or ought to affirm, that his blood is there present.

Neither was there any heresy, or diversity of opinion, or disputing about the matter, till the pope had gathered a council to confirm this transubstantiation: wherefore it is most likely that this opinion came up by them of latter days.

15 Eloquent William Tyndale Quotes

Persecution & Suffering

For if God be on our side, what matter maketh it who be against us, be they bishops, cardinals, popes, or whatsoever names they will?

My overcoat is worn out; my shirts also are worn out. And I ask to be allowed to have a lamp in the evening; it is indeed wearisome sitting alone in the dark.

Scriptures & Truth

I defy [defie] the Pope and all his laws [lawes]. If God spare my life, ere many years I will cause a boy who drives the plough to know more of the scriptures than you do.

I perceived how that it was impossible to establish the lay people in any truth except the Scripture were plainly laid before their eyes in their mother tongue

Many things there be in the scripture, which have a carnal fulfilling, even there where they be spoken or done; and yet have another spiritual signification, to be fulfilled long after in Christ and his kingdom, and yet never known till the thing be done.

I call God to record against the day we shall appear before our Lord Jesus, that I never altered one syllable of God’s Word against my conscience, nor would do this day, if all that is in earth, whether it be honor, pleasure, or riches, might be given me.

Let Christian kings therefore keep their faith and truth, and all lawful promises and bonds, not one with another only, but even with the Turk or whatsoever infidel it be. For so it is right before God; as the scriptures and ensamples of the bible testify.

The Call – Loving & Pleasing God

And as the circumcised in the flesh, and not in the heart, have no part in God’s good promises; even so they that be baptized in the flesh, and not in heart, have no part in Christ’s blood.

There is no work better than to please God; to pour water, to wash dishes, to be a cobbler, or an apostle, all are one; to wash dishes and to preach are all one, as touching the deed, to please God.

The church of Christ is the multitude of all those who believe in Christ for the remission of sins, and who are thankful for that mercy and who love the law of God purely, and who hate the sin in this world an long for the life to come.

Final Thoughts

Today when we read these quotes by this fearless man we can enjoy the elegance of his Old English speech. Even better than that, we can reflect upon how God used holy men to not only record the original words of Scripture but also to translate them into our native tongue. This is a blessing that we should not take for granted.

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Jack Wellman September 18, 2014 at 8:57 am

What a true hero of the faith that I can look up to and look up when I finally enter the kingdom. Thanks Pam for all you do for helping us all know much better those faithful saints of old.


Julie April 8, 2015 at 9:15 pm

Thank you!


Albert Wrigglesworth July 15, 2015 at 11:56 am

Trying to get my hands on the Parker Society’s 3 volume Works of William Tyndale but have read some of his treatise (5 of them) from Kindle download. There are quite a few preachers I have heard that would do well to read of Tyndale and his works in the Holy Spirit. I also have a copy of the Tyndale New Testament in the very old english and I must say makes our present copies look amateurish in translation.
If one wishes to understand this little researched man of the reform period they just need to read his works.


Pamela Rose Williams July 15, 2015 at 12:09 pm

I quite agree Albert! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.


Joe August 20, 2015 at 6:23 am

Tyndale translated only HALF of the Old Testament and all the New…you have it reversed FYI.


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