10 Questions For Your Christian Accountability Partner

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Having an accountability partner will help you when trying to overcome specific sins or to grow spiritually mature in certain areas. An accountability partner can be your spouse or a trusted friend. Often people find confidence in their pastor since he is spiritually mature and can empathize and pray with them.

My accountability partner is a friend at work. We keep each other accountable in several ways and for different reasons. When I have to look him in the eye and tell him that I did not read my Bible or pray like I said I would, it helps motivate me to not want to disappoint him in the future. Of course we are accountable to someone far more important than a trusted friend. God already knows everything we do. We should be motivated by His omnipresence and omniscience.

Here are ten great questions to use with your Christian accountability partner. If you can meet together once a week and work through these questions, I know God will help give you the victory you need. These are just suggested questions. You and your friend should use these to start a list of questions that are specific to your own needs.

Questions For Christian Accountability Partner

You and your friend should use these to start a list of questions that are specific to your own needs.

Have you had your devotions faithfully?

The foundation to any spiritual growth will be Bible reading and prayer. Covenant with one another to spend time with God. If you are not faithful to this activity, be honest with your accountability partner and let them know. Tell them why you did not accomplish this. Verbalizing it will help you see that it is often poor choices that you made to skip this important activity. Everyone is busy, but saying you can’t spend a few minutes with God every day is probably just an excuse. Admit where you have fallen short to your friend and ask God to help you do better the following week.

What did God teach you through His Word this last week?

Regularly spending time with God will result in a greater love for the Bible. Share with your friend the blessings God has bestowed through the scriptures you read. Being able to share these blessings is further proof that you have spent time with God.

Have you been pure in your thought life?

Philippians 4:8 tells us to think on godly things. Your partner does not need to know everything going through your head, but you should be honest with them as to the things you struggle with in your thought life. They can only pray for you when they know your needs.

What sin did you battle with this week?

If you and your friend are meeting weekly to help you or them to overcome a certain sin, then you should focus on that need. However, as we start to see victory in one area the devil attempts to tear us down in another area that we may not be paying attention to. Let your partner know this new area of battle so that you can help one another through it.

Did God give you victory in an unexpected way?

Besides the surprising struggles we may face with sin, we can also be excited when God gives an unexpected victory. As you start to see balance in one area you may find that other areas, which you were not even focusing on, will become more balanced and godly.

What do you anticipate will be a battle in the coming week?

Maybe you already know your schedule for the upcoming week and know that there will be battles forthcoming. Share with your friend how they can pray for you on certain days. There may be a client you will meet with who tends to put you in compromising situations. Let your partner know of the need and then report back with them the following week.

Did you shared your faith with someone?

Tell your accountability partner about how God prompted you to testify of your salvation. You may not always get a chance to share a complete explanation of the Gospel, but you should always be sensitive to the Lord’s leading to do so. If you never feel the Holy Spirit leading you to tell others about the Lord then you may not be paying attention. By bringing up the subject every time you are together, you will start to look for times you can share. You will certainly be more sensitive to God when you take an active role in looking for opportunities.

Are you being honest with others?

This goes beyond what we would call a lie. Have you been hypocritical with your family and co-workers? You don’t need to bare all your problems to the world, but you certainly should allow others to help you bear your burdens and needs through prayer. What people see and who you really are should be the same. If you have a godly thought life and are growing spiritually then you should not be embarrassed to live openly what is inside you.

How have you matured spiritually?

Are you closer to God and His Word this week than you were last week? Obviously you won’t become a spiritual giant overnight, but you also know when you are not advancing. Allow your partner to encourage you in the right way.

How is your family life?

Living right and godly at home is the proof of your spiritual maturity. You may be able to fool many people at work, school and play, but it is hard to fool your family. This does not have to be a negative question either. Use it to help you see positive things you can do in an active way and not just trying to stop the negative from showing up.

What questions would you ask?

There are certainly many more questions that could be asked. The list would change based on the needs of the two people holding each other accountable. That is why I tried to keep this list generic. Maybe you can think of other general questions that should be asked when meeting with an accountability partner. Please include them in the comments below.

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