Twins Reliever Blaine Boyer Glorifying the Kingdom

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“Christ has given me a purpose,” states Minnesota Twins reliever, Blaine Boyer.

Blaine in his youth was one who tried to fill the void in his life by being popular, through sports, and being a know-it-all to gain fulfillment. He adds, “Christ made me come to the stark revelation that the world is not about me. Life is not really about trying to glorify ourselves or family. Life is all about glorifying the Kingdom (of God) and understanding about Grace and Mercy that was bestowed upon us.”


“Christ has given me a purpose,” states Minnesota Twins reliever, Blaine Boyer.

This revelation started to come into focus when Blaine was a 15-year-old sophomore at Walton High School in Marietta, Georgia. He was with a group of friends at his buddy’s (Paul Stead) grandmother’s lake home visiting around a campfire. Blaine shares “I was a teenager who thought I had life all figured out; and, besides, I was not really nice. As the evening drew to a close, my friends went into the house; and for some reason, I decided to stay by the campfire on the beach (on Lake Blackshear near Albany, Georgia). Paul’s grandmother, JuJu Jones came out and sat next to me. We started to talk.”

Paul’s grandmother started telling Blaine about Jesus and about heaven and eternal life. She shared that Jesus died on the Cross for the forgiveness of sins. It was a special night for Blaine. “For a very real moment (about 15 minutes) I honestly felt Jesus was talking to me,” says Blaine. “He had singled me out, and He was 100% focusing on my heart. It was kind of a transformation.”

It was not an all of a sudden, snap of the fingers, revelation. But for Blaine, it was, without a doubt, a sudden conviction that was not there before. Blaine continues, “It was a new walk, and it was starting from the inside out. It was a very powerful moment, a single moment when Jesus captivated my heart.”

Paul Stead and the Stead family had a huge impact on Blaine when he was in high school. “They were the first family that lived out Jesus to me in so many ways. I love them dearly.”

Blaine, whose major league debut was June 12, 2005, against Oakland, has an interesting perspective regarding witnessing for Christ. “I truly believe,” he explains, “a person has to earn the right to tell someone about Jesus. I believe it has its place because the Holy Spirit will work where it wants to work. If I want to share Jesus with someone, they need to get to know me and get to know who I am. Not necessarily what I say but also see the way I react.”

Blaine continues, “I hold it in high regard with people watching me and how I act in certain situations. I hope someone will come up and ask what is so different about me. What is it I’ve got and they don’t. That is an easy way to usher in what I have, and that is Christ in my heart. I always let the Holy Spirit lead.”

Blaine has the niche to use certain discussions as an opportunity to share his testimony and to share God’s love for people. He shares what Jesus did on the cross.

Twins teammate, Kyle Gibson, shares, “We are so blessed to have multiple guys on the team who are open to share wisdom and guidance. Blaine is one of these players. He looks at issues in the world in a godly perspective. It is really cool to have a guy on the team you can go to when you’re going through tough times. Blaine is mature in his faith and his walk with the Lord. He is an awesome Brother in Christ.”

Ginsey Paulk Boyer, Blaine’s wife, went to the University of Alabama and would return to Atlanta to visit a mutual friend of Blaine’s. It took a couple of years for Blaine to finally get her full attention. Blaine shares, “We finally started dating; and in three months, we became engaged. She is the strongest woman of faith I ever met. I am just thankful she is my wife. We now have two boys, Levi and Benaiah.”

“Mickey Weston, the Chicago White Sox chaplain, is my second father,” shares Blaine. “If I am dealing with something, I call Mickey.”

Weston, who performed the wedding ceremony for Blaine and Ginsey (his first and a story in itself), is also a director at Unlimited Potential Inc. (UPI). Blaine comments, “UPI is an incredible God-centered organization which seeks ways to serve and glorify the Kingdom. I have been to Germany, Dominican Republic, and Haiti on mission trips with UPI.”

Blaine and Ginsey have found a project they have decided to focus their energy and resources. “My wife and I serve with ‘Help One Now.’ I have seen firsthand in Haiti this off-season the great things happening there. I was heartbroken and blown away to see the kids at Ferrier Orphan Village who were taken away from trafficking areas and kids whose parents abandon them.”

Blaine adds, “Here the kids will get a second chance in life with a group of godly leaders. ‘Help One Now’ is doing some amazing things for kids. We just want to be a part of this project.”

Weston shares, “I really got to know Blaine when we went to Dominican Republic on a mission trip (2003) when he was in “A” ball in the Braves organization. He loves God’s Word and the study of God’s Word. We are constantly talking about how to apply the Word of God in everyday life.”

He adds, “Ever since Blaine has come back to the game after being out for a year and a half, it has been really exciting to see the passion he has for other players. He has a desire for them to really find their life in Christ. Blaine loves the Lord and wants Christ to be exalted.”

“A personal relationship with Christ,” states Blaine, “is what God wants on a regular basis.

“A personal relationship with Christ,” states Blaine, “is what God wants on a regular basis.

When it comes to Scripture, the verse Blaine goes to when he is battling something is Psalms 34:4: “I sought the Lord, and He answered me; He delivered me from my fears.” Blaine states, “This verse is the one I put to play every day whether I am on the mound or dealing with life’s issues. The focus is to seek the Father first. He quiets our fears and delivers us in our time of need.”

“When one is a professional athlete” states Blaine, “people put you on a pedestal which is unfortunate because we are only human. Without Christ, we try to live life by ourselves which is scary. I am thankful I have a Father that not only shows me Grace but also gives me Power to overcome things. He will never give me something I cannot overcome. I am thankful for that victory daily”.

“A personal relationship with Christ,” states Blaine, “is what God wants on a regular basis. He wants to love you, talk with you, and spend time with you. God wants us to deal with everything, whether good or bad, on a daily basis. It is a day-to-day relationship with our Father in Heaven who has done the ultimate so we can spend Eternity with Him.”

By Bruce A. Darnall, Lake Mills, WI

Photos provided by Minnesota Twins Baseball Club

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