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5 Thanksgiving Bible Craft Ideas

Are you looking for some Thanksgiving Bible craft ideas that you can do with your children? Perhaps you are a Sunday school or Children’s Church leader and you need some fun things to do with your students. Here are 5 Thanksgiving Bible [1] craft ideas that you may want to try. I have broken them down into appropriate age level for each project for your convenience.

Thanksgiving Bible Crafts [2]When doing crafts with children, especially in church, you should be sure that each child has an old set of clothing that they may wear for crafting or a smock that they may wear over their clothing so that they will not soil their good clothes. In addition to this, other supplies and materials are included with each project below.

Preschool – Grade 2 crafts:

Thanksgiving necklace or bracelet

What you need for each necklace or bracelet:


  1. Allow children to choose 7 favorite foam beads
  2. Help children find the letters for their first name from the alphabet beads
  3. Help children build necklace or bracelet by stringing the beads onto the ribbon. Do one foam bead then one letter and alternate until finished.
  4. Tie a square not onto the ribbon so the beads do not fall off

Thanksgiving Colored Pages Book

[3]This is a project that you can do with the children over several weeks leading up to Thanksgiving time. It will require some pre-planning on the part of the leader, but will be fun for the children.

What you need for each book:


  1. Have each child color several pages. Decorate with a little glitter glue and set aside to dry.
  2. Leader: Help each child print Thanksgiving verse on front cover (you may need to do it for the very young children) Suggested verses may be chosen from our page here: Thanksgiving Bible Verses [4]
  3. Gather the pages together and assemble into a book with covers
  4. Three hole punch the pages … tie a ribbon into each hole to bind the book together
  5. Put child’s name on back of book

Grade 3 – Grade 5

Thank You Cross Hanger

[5]What you need for each cross hanger:


  1. Hole punch the larger brown strip of card stock at the top about ¼ inch from top
  2. Glue the smaller brown strip to the larger one into the shape of a cross
  3. On each small square write one word for which you are thankful (be sure each child includes “Jesus” on one of the squares)
  4. Glue the small squares onto the cross – Jesus at the top, two on each of the horizontal brown strip and the other two vertically down the cross.
  5. Use the glitter glue to embellish each corner of the cross
  6. Glue the sparkly embellishment just below “Jesus” in the blank brown space.
  7. Tie  the ribbon so that the cross may be hung.

Grade 6 – High School

Give Thanks Card

[6]What you will need for each card:


  1. Color the tree trunk and branches, leaves and pumpkin that are on the PDF that you printed
  2. Fold the white card stock in half to make a card
  3. Glue the colored card stock to the white card (leaving white edge visible on all sides)
  4. Cut out the tree, larger leaves and “Give Thanks” square
  5. Glue the tree into the lower left corner of the color stock that you already glued to the white card.
  6. Glue some leaves onto the branches of the tree
  7. Glue the “Give Thanks” square to the right of the tree near the bottom of the card
  8. Glue one leaf onto the “Give Thanks” square wherever you like
  9. Write a Thanksgiving verse inside the card. You may choose one of ours: 15 Thanksgiving Quotes [9]

Turkey Rice Mosaic

Note: This project requires at least one day of prep for the colored rice.

What you will need for each mosaic:


  • Small amount of red for the caruncle (that thing hanging on the throat)
  • Small amount of yellow rice (this is for the feet and beak)
  • Medium amount of white rice (no color for part of the tail feathers)
  • Medium  amount of dark brown (for body and some tail feathers)
  • Medium amount of light brown (for neck and some tail feathers)

Allow the rice to dry in a safe place

  1. Have artist write a favorite “thankful” Bible verse below the turkey image.
  2. Put glue onto whichever part of the turkey you want to color first (don’t use too much glue or your paper will get wrinkly)
  3. Use the paint brush to spread the glue
  4. Drop colored rice onto the glued surface
  5. Press rice down to adhere to glue
  6. Use tweezers to remove rice from unwanted area
  7. Continue with next color until finished
  8. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours

The rice mosaic idea is from a fond childhood memory of my own and it is the most difficult of these projects. I hope that you are able to find at least one project that works for you and do it with your children or students to create some memories of your own.


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Project Photos by Pamela Rose