How to Find God’s Will in Your Life

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Many people are seeking to find their purpose in life.  What is God’s purpose for them?  Frequently, the desires of our hearts are also the will of God.  How can you find out what God’s will is for your life?  The answer to these questions is of supreme importance, not only for believers, but for God as well.  God wants you to know His will for your life.  A good place to start is in prayer, reading the Bible, and in seeking counsel from Christian friends.

If you are not a believer in Jesus Christ and have not placed saving faith in Him, then you are out of the will of God for He desires that all to come to repentance and faith and to be born-again.  If you are not a Christian, then you will never truly find out what God’s will is for you.  For non-believers, God’s will is for you to place your faith and trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior – to repent and ask Him to forgive your sins.

How To Find God's Will

The Bible is clear about what God desires from Christians. God wants us to glorify His Son’s name, Jesus Christ.

Biblical Purpose for Your Life

The Bible is clear about what God desires from Christians.  God wants us to glorify His Son’s name, Jesus Christ.  He desires that we tell others about the good news of the Gospel.  Apart from these two obvious wills of God for us, what other Scriptures tell us what God wants us to focus on?

Romans 12:1-2 says, “Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.  Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”  When Paul says “I urge you” the Greek indicative is to beg or plead with the brothers and sisters.  The word “urge” is more like a desperate plea for your own sakes and in fact the word urge is from the root word for “urgent.”  This means it is of critical importance.  Also, notice in verse two that it says, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”  This renewing is the same Greek word that typifies the Transfiguration of Jesus on the mount of Transfiguration (Matt. 17:1-6).  This is where the Shekina Glory was revealed to Peter, James, and John.

So we know that God desires for us to not be conformed to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of the mind by the Holy Spirit.  In Romans 1:2 it says, “Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”  It says that only then, that is after the renewing of the mind and not being patterned after this world, that we can know “his good, pleasing, and perfect will.”  That’s it! This is His perfect will!  God’s will for our lives is that we not be conformed to the world but allow the Holy Spirit to transform our minds and then we can “what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”  How clear that is.  That is God’s will for our lives.  It is not for us to be rich, to never be sick, and to not suffer, but to conform to His will and His will is a “perfect will!”  Wouldn’t you expect to know where to find God’s will?  Naturally you can find it in the Bible, because God’s Word to us is the Bible.

So God’s will for our lives is to be transformed by the Holy Spirit, to not be conformed to the world, and maybe even to suffer.  Wait!  To suffer?  First Peter 3:17 says, “For it is better, if it is God’s will, to suffer for doing good than for doing evil.”  Jesus had to suffer more than anyone else in human history and just before Calvary Jesus “fell with his face to the ground and prayed, “My Father, if it is possible, may this cup be taken from me. Yet not as I will, but as you will” (Matt. 26:39).  There it is. Jesus wanted to seek and do God the Father’s will over His own. And what was God’s will for Jesus?  The prophet Isaiah tells us what God’s will was for Jesus just before the brutal Calvary: “Yet it was the LORD’s will to crush him and cause him to suffer, and though the LORD makes his life a guilt offering, he will see his offspring and prolong his days, and the will of the LORD will prosper in his hand” (Is. 53:10).  Yes, this was God the Father’s will for Jesus.  His will for Jesus was to “crush him and cause him to suffer” and to make “his life a guilt offering” for those who would believe in Him.  It should not surprise us then that sometimes God’s will is for us to suffer and this suffering is for God’s glory!  I realize that for some who are reading this article about how to find God’s will for your life would not ever think about it being to suffer, but this is from the Bible and the Bible is God speaking to us from His Word (2 Pet. 1:20-21, 2 Tim. 3:16).

Seek Godly Counsel

Another way to find God’s will in your life is to seek the counsel of an adviser, a friend, a pastor, or teacher.  The Bible says that “in the multitude of counselors there is safety” (Prov. 24:6b).  Proverbs 11:4b also says that “there is safety in having many advisers.”  The key word in these proverbs is many.  Asking your best friend may not help you find God’s will for your life.  It may be good advice but it may not be God’s will.

It’s not like God is trying to hide His will from us or that He will not help us find His will for our lives.  Just read Ephesians 1:11, “In him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will.”  Everything will work out for our best and things in our life will be according to “the purpose of his will.” Romans 8:28 confirms “that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

Trust God’s Sovereignty

As we read in Romans 8:28, Christians can rest in the fact that God is sovereign over everything that happens in this life.  He directs events, He puts people in our paths, and essentially He enables us to be in the right place at the right time.  Proverbs 21:1 is one of my favorite Scriptures for reassurance when I am praying for God’s will in my life, “The king’s heart is like channels of water in the hand of the LORD; He turns it wherever He wishes.”  If God can direct the king’s heart to “wherever He wishes”, then surely He can direct you to the right employer, to the right woman or man, to the right ministry, or whatever His will is for you.  The key here is that your will must be aligned with His will or you will be frustrated.

We already know that God’s will is for us to not be conformed to this world, to be renewed in our minds by the Holy Spirit, and to seek godly counselors, but He also wants us to know that He is directing your life in His good and pleasing sovereignty for what is best for you (Rom 8:28).  He wants you to trust Him in this directing.  Proverbs 16:33 indicates that “The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the LORD.”  This clearly means that if we cast some dice, God not only knows where they will land, but what their sum total will be.  That “decision is from the LORD.”  The question is, will you trust Him with it?

Daniel 4:35 says “All the peoples of the earth are regarded as nothing. He does as he pleases with the powers of heaven and the peoples of the earth.  No one can hold back his hand or say to him: “What have you done?”  If God does what He pleases with the nations of the world, and “no one can hold back His hand”, then surely you must know that He can help you find your will for your life which will also be His will for your life.  An important lesson here is that God’s will for your life should be what you are seeking as your will for your life.  You do not want to seek your will unless it is also God’s will. To seek a will for your life that is different from that of God’s will for your life will be a continual frustration.

Aligning Your Will With God’s

The true joy in your life will be finding God’s will for it.  Anything short of this will not be pleasing to God and will not please you in the end.  God’s will for your life is also revealed in these Scriptures.

1 Thessalonians 4:3-5It is God’s will that you should be sanctified: that you should avoid sexual immorality;  that each of you should learn to control your own body in a way that is holy and honorable, not in passionate lust like the pagans, who do not know God.

1 Thessalonians 5:18give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 John 2:17The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.”

Matthew 28:18-20Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

God’s Will is Found in the Bible

God doesn’t want to frustrate us in seeking His will for our lives.  As it says in Deuteronomy 29:29,  “The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may follow all the words of this law.“  We can see that finding God’s will for our lives is found in the Bible.  His words to us are His Word in print – the Bible.  You will be amazed at how much of God’s will for your life will be plainly revealed to you by simply reading the Bible every day.  God is not trying to hide His will for your life.  That is not His way.  He wants you to know His will and the will of God is in the words of God – in Scripture.

Final Thoughts on Finding the Will of God

This is not an exhaustive list, but we can sum up some of the know will of God for your life:

  • Do not be conformed to the pattern of this world.

  • Be transformed by the renewing of your mind by the Holy Spirit.

  • Suffer for doing good.

  • Seek a multitude of godly counselors.

  • Trust in God’s sovereignty.

  • Abstain from sexual immorality.

  • Live a holy, sanctified life.

  • Being thankful to God for everything.

  • Read His Word, the Holy Bible.

God’s will for your life is much more than an occupation (a teacher, a janitor, a painter, an accountant, or a carpenter) – it is for you to live a life pleasing to Him, allow the Holy Spirit to renew your mind, suffer for good, trust in Him, live a holy life, and read His Word.  This is the will of God for you and for every Christian’s life.

Now the question is, will you make His will for your life, your will for your life?


New International Bible (NIV)
THE HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION®, NIV® Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.™ Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.

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Josh January 7, 2012 at 9:32 am

Awesome article Jack. So eye opening. One of my favorites.


Jack Wellman January 7, 2012 at 9:44 am

Thank you so much Josh. I wish I had included the point that God will never reveal His unknown will until a believer obeys His revealed will (e.g., Rom 12:1-2). That is, when we obey what light God gives us, He continues to reveal even more light but will not reveal His unknown will for your life when you are not following and obeying his reveal will in the Bible, and that is to obey, and grow in the grace and knowledge. My apologies for not including this important point. Thanks Josh my friend. God’s will is for us to be friends is abundantly clear to me…for that it is easy to know and for you I thank God for.


Venus Hunter January 8, 2012 at 4:55 pm

This artical was inspiringly awesome! Filled with truth. To God be the glory. Thanks for being obiedient and gracious.


Jack January 8, 2012 at 4:58 pm

Venus, thank you so much for your comment. I myself am at a crossroads and seeking God’s will in my life. Part of His will for me is to be a faithful witness of Jesus Christ to the community in which I live and to be able to offer myself as a pastor to a nursing home for Weds. night Bible studies. I pray this is a door that will open for me for many of those in nursing homes never receive any visitors (60%) and need someone just to sit and listen to them and they are actually hungry for someone to read the Bible to them. Oh what a privilege this would be. I pray that God opens this door for me to be able to do so. God bless you Venus and thank you for visiting us here and I hope you will return soon.


Christof January 10, 2012 at 5:31 pm

This is also one of my biggest struggles and these pointers surely makes sense – I will apply it in my daily life.


Jack January 10, 2012 at 6:02 pm

Thank you my friend. I still struggle almost every day and just finding His will even in one day is tough. Perhaps that is why Christ told us to for for the Father to “give us this day our daily bread” because God gives us just enough grace to make it thru “today” because like the manna in the wilderness, its not good after yesterday and you can’t gather any for tomorrow. Blessings to you my friend Christof.


SALON January 12, 2012 at 8:38 pm

I thank God for placing your article on my path. What a mighty blessing from God. Who faithful and beautifully works for our Salvation. How blessed we are to serve a Holy God, who loves us with a burning fire! Truly purifying love!!!! Bless Your Holy Name Father!!! Thanks Jack…so wonderful to see how God is taking great care for you. God bless you!


Jack January 12, 2012 at 8:44 pm

What an amazingly inspirational comment Salon. Thank you so much. The Bible truly is the Manual for the human soul…if only we would answer it and read it and heed it…and apparently you have! Praise God Who knows the end from the beginning and sees things that are not as already existing. Don’t we serve an awesome God Salon. Thank you so much and please return to visit us again my friend. You truly gave me much joy with your words. I thank God for you my friend. All credit, glory, honor, and praise belong to our Mighty God who is worthy of all praise and He will not share His glory with another – and why should He!?


SALON January 12, 2012 at 8:56 pm

Yes! ALL Glory Honor and Praise to our Wonderful LORD and Saviour!!! Who is always worthy to be praised! Glorious! And I do love it! I so love it Jack seeing His captivation light shine through His creation. Does it not draw you closer?!? I have spoken from my heart, as you have. It’s the beauty of our LORD. His perfection is nothing less than Holy! When I read His word, it comes alive and stirs my spirit. This is how I know Jesus is in this place. Absolutely Beautiful! And of course I will often come back bc He is here. May the blessing of GOD continue in abundance in you for all that cross your path in Jesus Mighty Name Amen!


Jack January 12, 2012 at 9:01 pm

These words of yours are clear evidence that the Holy Spirit is working in you, that Jesus is alive in you, and the Father abides with you for none can praise God as you do and not be a child of His. Glory Hallelujah, which literally is universal in all languages and means “Hallelu” (praise) Jah (God).


SALON January 12, 2012 at 9:41 pm

Can I just say that He makes me feel so alive. This great thing that the all wise GOD has done has redeemed me from spiritual death–YES! I am redeemed from the curse of the Law my friend and brother in Christ! I AM A PARTAKER OF CHRIST! Hallelu!!! I always want to praise Him and give Him the Fruits of my lips. He is the One that has given me the praise!!! wowww! How glorious!!! And every time I think it stops there…He shows me His glory more and more! Now I can tell ppl that one blessing from GOD is like a Kaazillion! : ) All it takes is that One Blessing to get you started Glory to GOD! Thank You Sweet Jesus!!! God has been more than compassionate to me. I just desire to please Him. His word is my comfort food! I love the work that He is doing in me. But I get such wonderful pleasure seeing it in others. To be kept by Him is the best love ever. I cannot speak of a greater love than His. We can actually be lazy bc He is doing all the work. All we have to do is love Him with our whole mind body and soul. What is it to share this great gospel…to live by it?!? To know that God loves those that love more than receiving anything this world can offer. But on the contrary to have light knowing that all in the heavens and the earth belongs to GOD is priceless! Only GOD can bring us to that place! AMEN! I’m just learning..but I have great expectation of our GOD. What might start off small ends up humongous! From beginning to end! Great GOD of Heaven! Thank Jack for all of your kind words. I do hope to line up with His word as you have. I’m confident that He will do it for me. And keep doing it for you. He is a good GOD! Amen


Katie January 12, 2012 at 10:11 pm

Thank you for this article Jack! I often get so consumed with finding “*my* purpose,” that I overlook the most basic answers in the Word! A great reminder to focus less on me and more on Him!


Jack January 13, 2012 at 3:02 pm

Amen Katie. I would say welcome to the club. I sometimes try to find God’s hidden will while ignoring the obvious will of God. Thank you for your comment and transparency my friend.


KENEDY January 13, 2012 at 12:30 am

so inspiring Jack.My heart is now a bit relaxed after knowing and understanding the will of God.Dedication is required for full commitment to the ministry of Jesus.Romans 12:1-2 has realy moved me.God bless you


Jack January 13, 2012 at 3:03 pm

Thank you Kenedy. I agree that a transforming of the mind and commitment to the ministry IS the will of God and I need to focus on the written will and let that be my priority. Well said my friend. I appreciate your comment and visiting the website. Please return again.


sangeeta January 15, 2012 at 6:56 am

thanQ god,Amen


Jack Wellman January 15, 2012 at 1:08 pm

Thank you Sangeeta. I am so glad you found our website and hope you will return again to comment where you can. God bless my friend.


abbie February 15, 2012 at 9:39 am

I just ran across your website, and found myself engrossed in this reading. I am a single, divorced lady and I felt the voice of God speaking to me in this msg. I am asking God for the right mate/husband. One that is completely His will. The Kings heart is like channels of water, the Lord directing it. If God directs the Kings heart, surely He can direct me to the right man to spend the rest of my life with. I must align myself with his will, transforming my mind to his way, and will. God Bless you!


Jack February 15, 2012 at 3:02 pm

Abbie, what a wonderful post. I will pray for God to direct your steps and reveal His will for your life. Yes, if God can direct the King’s heart (today, this means presidents & all in power), then surely no thing is too hard for Him. I wrote, ironically, an article called True Love: How Do You Know When you Find it? I find this interesting because I just wrote this and here you come with your wonderful post, seeking a godly husband. Isn’t God’s divine timing and sovereignty amazing. How amazing is our God. Thank you for your comment and please come back again soon. I pray this link of the article helps you Abbie.


Abbi February 15, 2012 at 5:13 pm

I am only a click away. Anticipating what I might find.
Thank you!


Jack February 15, 2012 at 5:15 pm

My pleasure Abbie.


Kevin April 19, 2012 at 12:32 am

This was a amazing read. Thanks Jack and i pray God continue to use you as a vessel. Im sure this touched many as it touched me to become better and find my will and live TOTALLY for God. Also thanks for sharing in the comments that we MUST first follow and obey His will in order for God to show his glory. Thank you Jesus


Jack April 19, 2012 at 4:14 pm

Kevin, you are more kind to me in words than I truly deserve. I surely deflect all credit to God Almighty for without Him, I would be nothing and I give Him all credit, glory, honor, and praise, for which He is truly worthy. I still struggle to obey His revealed will for my life (found in Scripture) so His hidden will can be revealed to me. I thank God for such edifying comments and humility and your words so full of grace Kevin. Please come back and visit us again my friend.


francis August 3, 2012 at 9:58 am

God bless you dear,for allowing yourself to be used by the Holy spirit.


Jack Wellman August 3, 2012 at 4:48 pm

Thank you so kindly Francis for the grace-filled words of yours. And please do come back again soon my friend.


Kyle Murray August 13, 2012 at 10:21 am

I searched Google for “bible scripture knowing God’s will praying asking seeking” and your article popped up. It is very encouraging. I am struggling with finding God’s will and then stepping out with faith to follow it. Also, having patience finding God’s will. I feel like everyday at my current job I feel unfulfilled as far as eternity is concerned. I sneak in scripture and devotions but I feel like these are more for me and not for a lost world. I feel a burden for a certain demographic of people yet I have no means to reach them from my desk. I also have a large family to support. I really do believe God will take care of me if I obey Him but I also seek more concrete signs than I should. Thank you for your article as I find my path. I wrote down the main points and keep them in my pocket.


Jack Wellman August 13, 2012 at 2:50 pm

Hello Kyle. Isn’t God awesome. I believe He sent you here for a purpose. I am overjoyed you found this article beneficial. The one thing you can do is give Bible tracks to your co-workers at lunch or at the end of the day…and you can pray for the lost people at work. Two things that work powerfully together to save people are: prayer and the Word of God for there’s power in God’s Word.


Isaac Michael September 28, 2012 at 7:23 am

How to Find God’s Will in Life Romans 12:1-2 says “therefore, i urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living holy and pleasing to God-this is your true and proper worship. Do nt Conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you wil able to test and approve what God’s wil is “His wil is Good, Pleasing and Perfect for U.


Jack Wellman October 5, 2012 at 5:42 pm

Good work Isaac. I used the Romans 12:1-2 in this article. Thanks friend.


alawale ademola October 5, 2012 at 5:34 pm

the words are challenging and very truthful. may the anointing never run dry.


Jack Wellman October 5, 2012 at 5:43 pm

Thank you so much Alwawale. I appreciate your kind words. I pray God richly blesses you today.


Dawn October 15, 2012 at 9:07 pm

Many years ago, I decided I would allow the Holy Spirit (after a slight prompting in my spirit) to align my life with the Word. Since that time my life has never been the same. I could not have imagined a life so very sweet and I am truly thankful to Jesus Christ for choosing me. One can think they have a great life, right!…but a life with Christ is clearly out of this world. There is nothing you can compare it to. Anyway, I read your article and the comments…Wish to thank you for a great article and all those that commented…all very inspirational and I do send a blessing to you all. Jesus truly is alive! Oh, I just happened up on your article and glad I did.


Giftson Immanuel November 14, 2012 at 10:42 am

Dear brother… I am so glad that God has kept this website on my path of life. 🙂
I’m really touched by the point on doing God’s revealed will first… I need to do a lot of spiritual workout… 🙂
Thank you for your message..
God bless you even more bro 🙂


Ron November 23, 2012 at 3:06 pm

Thanks and God Bless you Jack for this website, God has revealed something in my life that is kind of hard to believe but I know it’s my Lord Jesus showing me and talking to my heart (That The Kingdom If God Is At Hand) and how much he loves his children . On November 5th 2012 around 6:30 or 7 PM I went outside to take the trash to the dumpster and I have been praising him every day for a very long time and telling Him all my problems and thanking him for his love that he has shown me in my life and asking him to show me His will for my life. So as I was coming back from dumpster I was looking at sky praising my load Jesus and at that time I had a premonition the sky open up it was like a vale was removed from my eyes it was wonderful I was not scared or frightened it was like looking at a large field with a very bright warm sun shining on it this lasted about 3 seconds I know my Lord is close by and always has been Praise God . I have had 2 premonitions in my life and I have never been frightened the first in 1998 I was driving to work one morning around 5:30 AM I was about 5 miles from my house and all of a sudden a brilliant white light fill the inside of my Van the light was like brilliant white ribbons waving in the wind and I do believe that this is my Lord Jesus looking over me and I believe that He is not finish with me yet. (Your Will My Lord God Be My Will For My Life. Praise To The Lord God Almighty)


Roopa December 4, 2012 at 2:49 am

Nice article.kindly pray for me…


Jack Wellman December 4, 2012 at 11:20 am

Hello Roopa, I will be glad to pray for you and have your name written down on my prayer journal.


Ron December 4, 2012 at 10:27 pm

Hi Roopa, Remembering one another in prayer is Gods Will please pray for me also.. God Bless you


Smyrna February 7, 2013 at 8:51 pm

Hi Mr. Wellman,
greetings in Jesus Name. Wonderful article, well written and clear. Just came in from Bible study, and this was the subject. I am just doing further research, when I came across your article. Thank You, God bless you and I hope and pray that your Nursing Home ministry opens soon. And continue to write so that those of us who desire a closer walk can glean more. Thank You


Jack Wellman February 8, 2013 at 10:48 am

Thank you for your most kind words. The nursing home ministry went so well until my job forced me to work afternoons and nights and sadly, none of the church members at the church where I pastor at were willing to take turns keeping it going. I also have a letter-to-prisoners ministry and they don’t seem to want to do that.

May God richly bless you in your hunger for the Word of God. I wish we had more Christians who were hungry to know more about God.


johnwesley February 8, 2013 at 5:09 am

prise the lord


Judith March 16, 2013 at 8:41 pm

Thank you so much for this article. I recently have been dealing with depression, confusion and just generally feeling lost in the world. I often found myself questioning who I am and was advised by a family member to read the Bible. Best decision I’ve ever made. Many people forget they are not God and that some thing’s/situations need to be left with God. He knows best, no one suffers for no reason. REMEMBER that there is only one God, and He is the only person that will take you higher and make you a better person. I am still very young, but I know that God has a plan for me and I believe and Trust in Him; everyone should!
God Bless you Jack.


Jack Wellman March 16, 2013 at 9:00 pm

Amen Judith. I so agree. Reading the Bible answers almost everything we need to know. I do know that when we follow God’s revealed will, He will then gladly reveal what is His hidden will and I do know that the will of God for us is to glorify God. I see that is your desire. I also found by hearing someone say to find out what we can do for God: Where is there a great need, where is there a great opportunity, where is your desire at….these three can help find your place, passion, ministry that God desires for you.


Nozipho April 3, 2013 at 9:08 am

WOW! is all i can say, God is an awesome God, He is the God of yesterday, today and Forever. We serve a Wonder. I really needed to hear this, as I have been asking God to reveal His will for my life and I get this today. Wow, thank you Jack you . God is really working thru you.


Jack Wellman April 3, 2013 at 7:12 pm

Thank you so much Nozipho…what an encourager you are my friend. If God can use a donkey to speak thru to Balaam then He can use anybody! LOL


Kim April 6, 2013 at 8:22 am

Thanks for sharing this message of truth. My mind left me with a question: to what standard must we achieve with the revealed will of God before he reveals more of His will. I personally continually work on obvious struggles of character that I already know I need to work on. Patience, unconditional love. Things that to me are so obvious and life long? I think these revealed fruits of the spirit will b a continued work in progress that perhaps this is the extent of His will for me? Or perhaps these are the roots of the unseen wills?


Jack Wellman April 6, 2013 at 10:56 am

Kim, I really loved your last three sentences/questions. What is God’s hidden will is often revealed when He revealed will is obeyed and I strongly sense that in you.


sharon April 8, 2013 at 7:59 am

I have been restless for sometime now, just wanting to know the will of God for my life especially in the area of my career. Your article has been very illuninating, i felt God speaking to me as i read it ,one line after the other.Sometimes we get bogged down with the cares of this life…………..waking up early and going to bed late just to make ends meet and forget the core ingredients of our fellowship with God!……..a daily walk with him via his word and prayer. Im returning to the basics, it holds the keys to anything else. God bless you!!


Jack Wellman April 8, 2013 at 11:45 am

Thank you Sharon for your comment. I believe you are spot on…even I need to do this. I have been trying to read the Bible first thing in the morning and it is that important and also to do so at night…just the same with prayer. I can sense the Holy Spirit working in you for no one hungers and thirts for Him without the Spirit of God in them. For more on the “basics”, please check out this article below.


Sandra April 17, 2013 at 9:45 am

Thank you for this article. My husband and I are seeking God’s will in our lives concerning employment and a possible move. I have been looking up verses in the Bible and just decided today to do a web search on the subject. I know that God only wants the best for us, and if we earnestly seek Him, He will reveal to us the right decision to make. Your article confirmed for me that praying, asking others to pray for us, seeking counsel, reading His word, (all things we strive to do separately, and together as a couple) are what we should be doing. We have to make a major decision by Monday, please pray that God’s will be revealed like the morning sun!


Jack Wellman April 17, 2013 at 1:01 pm

Hello Sandra. It will be my privilege to pray for you both to have God’s will revealed to you. I believe it will be for you are seeking His will above your own and that is so wise. I thank God for men and women of faith like you two and that my prayer is that God would reveal His will for we always know that God’s will is to glorify His Great Son, Jesus Christ.


aya May 18, 2013 at 1:55 am

bringing all the glory to God..after reading this article, i truly believe that God is starting leading my life..sometimes i fail serving Him because of lots of hindrance like my work and so on , but i believe God doesn’t stop giving me the opportunity to be revive again and strengthen me spiritually..i believe its not late to be still in God and do His will..God bless…


Bennet May 18, 2013 at 3:09 pm

I want to know more about the wil of God for my life


Jack Wellman May 18, 2013 at 10:04 pm

Bennet, if you want to know more about God’s will for your life, read the Bible, do the revealed will of God and He will reveal His hidden will. No man can tell you what that is. For example, read Romans 12:1-2 and you will find the will of God that can be known. Obey these and He will give you the will for your life. One will is to be obedient, and to witness to others and to glorify and give glory to Jesus in all you do and say. These we KNOW for sure.


Godwin May 26, 2013 at 10:34 am

Today is the most fulfilling day in my life through ur write up Pst Jack, i want to know more of the will of God for my life, pls sir can you help me to achived this? God bless you sir


Jack Wellman May 26, 2013 at 5:11 pm

Thank you Godwin for your question. I can not tell you what God’s will is for your life but God does have one and please re-read this article for the answer is in this article. Until you do the revealed will of God (like in Romans 12:1-2) and read the verses again under the section that is called:

Aligning Your Will With God’s

for the answers are there. Obey God’s revealed will and He will reveal His will for your life. We know His will is to obey Him, and to glorify Jesus Christ’s name.


Sibusiso June 8, 2013 at 2:37 am

Hello Jack, I have read your amazing article several times now and each time, I always learn something new from it. It’s been 18 months now that I am separated from my wife who is hell bent to have a divorce – “so that she can find her own happiness!”

The good thing out of this is that, it has helped me to find my God again. I came across your a reticle as I was grappling with the whole issue of “what God’s will is” about my marriage and future in general. I have to deal with “the patterns of this world” on a regular basis – well meaning friends and family – that “it is God’s will that I should be happy….and get on with my life”.

It’s been a difficult journey…but the Lord’s voice is clear; -that I should continue to “stand” for my marriage and family, even when it appears like “I am hoping against hope”!

It’s a very lonely place to be…but in Him, I am placing all my trust!

Thank you for your inspiring message. God bless!


Jack Wellman June 8, 2013 at 10:35 am

Sibusiso, what an encouragement you are my friend. Even amidst this grief and heartache, you are still being faithful to God and I am so inspired by your faithfulness to God. I thank God that there are believers like you who are willing to stay the course and stand firm in Him even while is such agony. May God richly bless your faithfulness to Him Sibusiso.


Rob June 10, 2013 at 1:02 pm

I just wanted to say, I’ve been a christian for a long time, though I’ve not lived the christian life…needless to say, God finally got ahold of me, and now after all of these years of “being of the world” I now have a new focus in life, and that is God, I’ve struggled through the years, but more so after my heart attack and subsequent triple bypass three years ago, struggled in my belief, and all the snares that come with a sinful nature…lately I prayed that the Holy Spirit would fill me, and that I have “finally” decided to let God’s will for me take over. I struggle everyday, forget to pray, or give thanks for the smallest of things…but, I believe God does have a purpose for me, and in the time we are living, I truly believe Christ will return soon, and I am painfully aware of how much I have let down my God…doing MY will, and living for MYSELF, but thanks to this website, and the lessons I’ve been learning here, I believe that with fervent prayer, that God will show me his Will for me…if you have time in your daily prayer, would you pray for me, as I will pray for Gods will to be done in your life as well, thank you again for a truly blessed ministry, here on biblegateway…may God bless you abundantly.



Jack Wellman June 11, 2013 at 8:59 am

Wow Rob. I am so impressed by your humility and humbleness and truly God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble, such as you. I am so honored to be of some service but ultimately God alone is worthy of all glory.


Rob June 11, 2013 at 5:59 pm

Amen, Jack…yes, to God the glory, but I’ll pat his servant on the back for making the message so concise, and clear, I’m also excited (I’m 53, and I’m excited!!) about my new study bible that will arrive tomorrow, I plan on using that along with this ministry to enhance my walk with Christ, and glorify the Father…all I can say is “God is awesome!” and that isn’t close to what He truly is…but we will all enjoy His glory forever and ever…won’t THAT be AWESOME?!
THank you for answering back so quickly, and I look forward to more from the word of God, and you, until next time…
May God bless you for the work you are doing…


Jack Wellman June 11, 2013 at 8:57 pm

Wow…I so covet your hunger and thirst for the Word of God to be in the church I am the under-shepherd of for our church is hurting and membership is dying (we have an older membership). I agree, God will be so awesome and amazing that I get goosebumps just thinking of that Great Day and I get to me you too brother. May God richly bless you my good friend.


Josiebel June 18, 2013 at 6:52 am

I am so blessed today reading your article Pastor Jack and all the comments, I am also Christian and I’m currently seeking what’s really God’s will for my life because I just recently lost my job abroad and I am struggling about my decision if it’s God’s will for me to go back home while I have ministry in my strange land. So, I am reading the scripture and I come up also in browsing the net and saw your article. I am so enlightened while reading all of these..Praise God and Glory to Him for your life and all true Christian and believer of Christ..Can you please include me also in your prayer because I want to always obey God and always please Him in my life.. Thank you so much.. May God bless you abundantly for His Glory.


Jack Wellman June 18, 2013 at 3:33 pm

Hello Josiebel. You can count on my prayer. Please, to all other readers and visitors, please, please join me in praying for Josiebel and for God to help provide a clear and concise answer to knowing His will.


Rebecca July 28, 2013 at 5:51 pm

Thank u man of God bro Jack. Let the anoiting of God be upon u in Jesus name. Let goodness n mercy be with u ol the days of yr life AMEN


Jack Wellman August 3, 2013 at 1:41 pm

Wow Rebecca…you sure know how to make a person leap for joy. I can not wait to meet you my sister on that Great Day our Beloved Redeemer’s Day (but must wait) and I pray for the King of that Kingdom to come quickly. I am so much richer for knowing you and I know that I will weep with joy to meet our Loving Savior and part of that joy will be to meet you and the other readers/commenters in person.


ruby August 3, 2013 at 1:27 pm

Hi Jack wellman,

This is awesome and peaceful !! May the Lord have mercy and his grace abundently on you!! please include me and my family in your prayers.!!


Jack Wellman August 3, 2013 at 1:42 pm

Thank you Ruby…as I just told Rebecca, you sure know how to make a person leap for joy. I can not wait to meet you my sister on that Great Day our Beloved Redeemer’s Day (but must wait) and I pray for the King of that Kingdom to come quickly. I am so much richer for knowing you and I know that I will weep with joy to meet our Loving Savior and part of that joy will be to meet you and the other readers/commenters in person. I will pray for your family and all to the glory of Jesus Christ our Lord.


mohan September 19, 2013 at 10:40 pm

Thank you for the article. Still I have a question. Can we find out which career is to be chosen according to God’s will? Or is there God’s will in some career and not in another career? How do we know which occupation God wants us to do?


Jack Wellman September 20, 2013 at 9:49 am

Great question Mohan. I believe we can only know God’s hidden will if we obey what is His revealed will, as displayed in the verses in this article. The way we can know God’s will is that if a job does open up for one thing. Also, God works through all careers. He used me as a lowly janitor but God commands that we not despise the small things for He works in people through any job. No job is more in His will than another. The only jobs that God does NOT want us to have are in sinful activities like gambling casinos and jobs such as these. We can only pray for God’s will to be done and to pray for Him to close the doors of those jobs He knows will not be best for us and to clearly open doors for the jobs He does want us in. If you do God’s will that is revealed then He will reveal what is up to now secret. We simply have to trust God for what doors do open and walk thru them in faith. I can only say this because the Bible is silent on what jobs God approves us and how we can know which are the right jobs…given the fact that jobs at strip clubs and casinos we clearly know are not God’s will. Make sense? I pray it does. Pray for God’s will and in Jesus’ name so His name will be glorified. That is about all you can do but it is also the most you can do Mohan. I hope this helped you in some way my friend.


Rene November 17, 2013 at 1:15 am

Thanks Jack for this insightful article. I liked when you wrote that God does not want to hide his will from us. I believe we do not need nor should we torment our minds and souls about desperaterly finding a special calling of God – the closer we are to God, the more “redeemed” our souls are, the more naturally we will follow God´s guidance in all things. So lets first get redeemed through the working of the Holiy Spirit from those confused and misguiding inner advisors such as fears, bitterness, anxieties, frustrations, anger, greed, perfectionism, the obsession with permanent positive external feedback, and so on. The more we get rid of those, the clearer the will of God for our lives will shine.
Another thought on God´s overall will for everyone of us I found in John 15,11 and 17,13, where Jesus said: “I want you to be completely happy” – happiness of course not in the (fake) sense of an ever increasing accumulation of positive external circumstances, but of an inner life filled with joy/makarios, no matter what our external situation may look like. God´s will is indeed perfect for us!


Jack Wellman November 17, 2013 at 2:27 pm

Well said Rene. This is so good and I am blessed by your words of comfort. Thank you so much.


Christina January 6, 2014 at 5:01 pm


I cant even remember how I got here – I was looking up premonitions or something lol

Ever since I was saved, filled with the spirit I have had such a desire to do only Gods will. Ive had moments where I have sat and doubted my decisions and things that I have layed down for it. Ive never compared my walk with anyone though as I know that God ultimately is the ‘perfector and author’ of our faith…sometimes though I find it hard as I am 22 I get alot of people who tell me I should be doing this, and studying that and the world is at my feet – its not like I dont want to – at the moment I work in elder health as a caregiver – its cast as a low-paid, stressful and lowly job. God has taught me so much in the last 3 years and I have had my moments where I would gladly pas sit over and chase my own dream or career – but something deep within me just can t let go. Its hard to explain to people that I know – and sometimes I sit down and wonder if I take things too seriously and should consider options in lifelike careers etc…but because of my testimony and what God has done in my life – ofcourse I take it seriously as what he has done for me…was seriously a work of God 🙂 lol

I guess sometimes the will of God can be clear and other times uncertain. I just witnessed and experienced a church split that was just so wrong and bitter, It had potential to knock me out of the race completley. I found myself in serious doubt issues and fearing deception. The hardest lesson out of it was learning to separate my walk ( in humility) – of my convictions and revelations and ending relationships that just couldnt be the same. One of the darkest seasons of my life.

I found myself making decisons that noone else would understand – noone else would see – and sometimes I wouldnt understand.

I guess thats where this comes in – excuse my long chat its just nice to speak about it – I was reading through this and felt just so peaceful and thankful. I was about to go back to work and do my thing, and moving out soon to my own place and kinda scared that I would become isolated and religious or something with my pursuit of his will…..but reading this – I cant explain. I just feel his presence and my confidence came back to me. Its a personal thing. I couldnt explain but just want to say thanks for the time and thought put into this – it is inspired by the Holy Spirit and has comforted my wrestles and restored my confidence – without explanation 🙂 lol Thank you.


Jack Wellman January 6, 2014 at 7:44 pm

Amazing Christina…just amazing. I am speechless (imagine a speechless pastor! LOL). What an encouraging comment this is my friend. I thank God that He brought you here and that I could in any way, even a small way, could be of help to someone who is a sister in Christ. When we do God’s revealed will (i.e. in Romans 12) then He will reveal those hidden wills of His for us clearly. I just love Duet 29:29 which says that “”The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our sons forever, that we may observe all the words of this law.” Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Had a very hard day. Have a $4,520 bill that I can’t pay but God will provide. You actually gave ME hope.


Chris Flatt January 30, 2014 at 11:48 am

This is a great article Jack, very helpful. May God Bless you in all that you do sir.


Jack Wellman January 30, 2014 at 11:56 am

Thank you so much Chris for the encouragement. Your words were like a soothing balm to my heart.


Scott W March 7, 2014 at 7:24 pm


Thank you for your guidance in the word of GOD. I am struggling with trying to know where my hearts treasure is with respect to the vocational side of my life. The Bible says where your heart is there is your treasure. I’m in a career crisis and desperately need a financial miracle. I took a chance and started a new company, but I’ve ran out of money and am not sure what to do now. I really need the Lords guidance, but am not sure if waiting on the Lord to reveal to me what to do versus acting on my own until he tells me to stop is the right way to proceed. I’ve prayed for an answer, but I’ve not received one yet, and I’m not sure it works that way. Any advise is welcomed. God Bless!


Jack Wellman March 7, 2014 at 7:32 pm

I know what you mean. I believe that God opens doors that no man can shut Scott just as He shuts doors no man can open. I will join with you in prayer over this my friend. I know this is hard to know when the Bible is silent on specifics such as which vocation to choose. I remember hearing a wise, old teacher/pastor say once that “Whatever your passion is or if you could choose to do anything in the world, what would it be” and that is usually closely matched with your calling. We don’t have a specific calling I don’t think in one way…that is, we can be salt and light wherever God plants us but it is often closely associated with what you truly love to do and I don’t know if that helped or not. God loves to do the impossible with things that look that way and that way Jesus’ name, in whose name we pray, is glorified for we do know for sure that God’s will is always, 100 percent to glorify His Great Son, Jesus Christ and whatever job you do.


Scott W March 7, 2014 at 7:53 pm

Thank you Jack! I will continue to pray, however with what you have just said it makes me almost afraid to pursue what I think God really wants me to do. I believe that several years back that God called me to pursue professional golf to use as a platform to glorify Jesus and also to take advantage of the unusual talent I had be given in it. My response was how could it be possible? It sounds crazy, but then I think most often about how God gave Abraham a son at such an old age and that God loves to take little people like myself and do big things for his Glory. I’m afraid of what happens if it doesn’t work, or I misinterpreted what he said to do? Or perhaps, maybe it was my own desire somewhere deep inside myself? Perhaps this might explain why this current business I started has not worked? It’s a lot, I know. Thank you and God Bless my friend!!


Jack Wellman March 7, 2014 at 8:15 pm

Superb point Scott. Abraham is a great example of never being too old to begin again. Moses was 80 when he started to bring Israel out of Egypt. I myself didn’t get called into the ministry until I was 50! So there is no way to tell by a person’s age for the more unlikely something is, the more glory God receives. God loves doing things in people who seem to be the most unlikely to do them. Perhaps a golfing coach or something like that? who knows. I do know that every occupation is like a holy calling when done for the glory of God (Ecl 9:10) or as Colossians 3:17says “And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” I was probably the only janitor in the plant where I worked in Wichita with a Bachelors Degree and I did that for 7 years and felt a little like Joseph and when I was on my knees scrubbing the bathroom floors (imagine how bad in a machine shop of 150) and hand scrubbing toilets, urinals, using a blade to scrap uric acid off a tile floor, etc, I kept thinking “Lord, I am doing this for your glory and kept thinking of Ecllesiates 9:10 and Col 3:17 and 1 Peter 5:8 and 1 Cor 10:31 ….and yes, thinking of Joseph. It kept me going. May God grant you direction and to make the mundane, if necessary for a season, for His glory for you are really working for him and not man.

Does that make sense Scott. I pray it does and pray for you.


Matthew Angelo March 24, 2015 at 1:18 pm

Hello there, Scott.

I think we are on the same boat, but somehow not. If you want, I can share with you some of the best teachings I have learned.

First is to never stop praying. Keep on going, my brother. Because what the enemy wants is for us to get tired of waiting, talking to Him, and walking closely with Him. Never waiver because your labor will surely bear fruit. We don’t stop praying not because He hides his personal will for us, but we live in a very noisy and corrupted world that distracts us from His perfect purpose. Keep on going.

Second is keep on reading the Bible. Because sometimes His personal will lies on these generic passages. Remember that the Lord Jesus teaches us using parables, right?

Third is to always have your heart ready for his revelation. Becasue our God works in unfathomable ways. Ways that our limited thinking can ever imagine.

Fourth is to be with Godly people. Because He also wants us to be together, strengthening one another. Each of us holds His words of wisdom. And we learn from one another.For he also shows His loves for us through one another.

Fifith is you can assess yourself. Each one of us has unique talents. Know where you are good. Remember the days that you were praised by other people because of your specific abilities. You can also rely with your past accomplishments.

Then return to our Maker. For in everything we do, His approval is very vital. And do not waiver. because He wants us to have the best of the land. If you feel that He is ignoring you, that is totally a deception. Have your quiet moments with Him, where nothing and no one can distract you. And in His perfect timing, boom. His will will be revealed.

These are just some of my personal learnings. Again, I am not sure if all of these are right, or if I am able to deliver my thoughts properly. I am also waiting for His ultimate design for me to be revealed. One thing I keep on remebering is that if he did not fail Abraham, Noah, Moses, Job, Joshua, Joseph, etc., he won’t definitely let us down. Not this time. For his love is never-changing.

I hope I was able to help even in a little way. God bless us all…..


Scott W March 24, 2015 at 2:51 pm

Thank you Matthew! And Thank you Pastor Jack! I’m still just waiting on the Lord, and I continue to pray and seek. I’m still doing my business and times are still hard, but I know I’m blessed and that the Lords Will Shall Be Done! I’m at peace, and I completely trust the Lord, and I’ll await his direction.

I’ve learned to do the best each day with what you have. When and if the Lord has a new direction for me, I’ll be ready. It’s true Matthew, I must stay in the presence of the Lord, continue to pray, and read the Word.

I thank all of you for your kind words and prayer. God Bless.


Jack Wellman March 24, 2015 at 3:05 pm

Thank you Scott and to Matthew and Patty. Adversity is allowed by God for many reasons. You can call them storms if you like and to me, they are storms of direction, storms of reflection, storms of correction, storms of affection, and storms of perfection. Even the smallest of irritations in an oyster forms a precious pearl. Adversity can work in our life to refine us and make us more like Christ. God says clearly in His word that He tests us and tries us like silver is refined in the fire (Psalm 66:10). This makes silver all the more valuable as the impurities are removed. A faith that has never been tested is a faith that cannot be trusted and God doesn’t test us to break us but to build us up. A set bone is stronger after it has healed and is even harder to break. So is the work of adversity in the life of the believer. I don’t think I have ever learned more from when things go well than when things go badly.


Matthew Angelo March 24, 2015 at 3:26 pm

It seems to me that everything turns out to be well for you, buddy. I am blessed by your faithfulness. You are precious to God. Always remember that. And believe me or not, I went through heaven and hell before I started believing. But now I realized that the hardship I went through made me more valuable in His eyes. And so are you. You are a precious stone for Him. We know that burglars break in to steal you. But He protects you with all His might. And you don’t need to worry, for He is able.

May all good things start to work for you, buddy. I pray that you will also find your “Heaven Here On Earth”. It is His promise. Never let go. You are dearly loved…


Michael Gboyega April 16, 2014 at 11:11 pm

Hello Jack, thank God Almighty for directing me to your article, I am a Nigerian, I live in Nigeria western part of Africa,I am a gospel music minister still growing,I love to play the Guitar,playing the Guitar to touch life, to heal,to lift up the soul of the down hearted is what I see as God’s purposes for my life Though,still trying to fulfil that for my life.Knowing this, recently,I sowed seeds toward the attempt of taking a step forward in fulfilling this purpose by applying for short music training in the US the visa was not issued to me,I really wish t to come over to continue my calling overthere may be supporting a ministry and acquire more knowlege function effectively in my calling but was disappointed,even last week I had a a car accident but I give Glory God, I thank Jesus that I was not injured He saved me no body was injured just the car damaged. This article met me at the right season in my life journey,the part of the article that says God allows suffering in our lifes,(Is. 53:10).  Yes, this was God the Father’s will for Jesus.  His will for Jesus was to “crush him and cause him to suffer” and to make “his life a guilt offering” for those who would believe in Him.  It should not surprise us then that sometimes God’s will is for us to suffer and this suffering is for God’s glory!  I realize that for some who are reading this article about how to find God’s will for your life would not ever think about it being to suffer, but this is from the Bible and the Bible is God speaking to us from His Word (2 Pet. 1:20-21, 2 Tim. 3:16). God Bless You as He continues to use you for His Glory.


Jack Wellman April 17, 2014 at 11:48 am

Amen my brother in Christ, Michael. Great points about suffering and every one who lives a godly life will suffer persecution and will have to suffer but like gold is purified in the fire, we are having the dross burned off of us to appear more and more like Christ and you are so right…that is God’s will. No one ever grew in faith by living a life free of problems but problems, trials, and suffering shape us more and more into His image.


Sally August 22, 2014 at 8:51 pm

Hi Jack,

I have been just encouraged by this article of yours. I know that God used you to encourage more believers in the world. Keep on writing for HIS glory and we know that the LORD will bless you even more. Thank God for your life!


Jack Wellman August 22, 2014 at 8:56 pm

Wow Sally. That was so nice. I do hope it is for HIS glory and His alone, for I only want to glorify God and lift Him up for I could do nothing without the Spirit’s help so even any good that I do is from Him. May God richly bless you for your encouragement. I wish I had you in the church where I pastor at. Thank you so much!


scott September 1, 2014 at 10:30 am

CRUSH, you say God intended to CRUSH Jesus Christ in the “Biblical Purpose of your life” section. Sacrifice YES, Shed his blood YES, but never to crush him. Very poor choice of words my friend.
Don’t you think God suffered also, watching his only begotten son being treated this way. Can you imagine watching your only son being spit on, beaten, then nailed to a cross all for the sins of others? Jesus willing sacrifice was greater than we can ever imagine, but also was Gods for he loved his Son Jesus with all his heart.

But shedding of Gods only son’s blood, was the only way, but he did not “Crush” the Lord Jesus in any way shape or form, as you stated. He did what was painfully necessary for the salvation of mankind that loves and accepts Our Lord Jesus Christ. God and Jesus are Holy, we are only made acceptable by Jesus Sacrifice on the cross for our sins. But God did not “Crush” Jesus, He loved and loves his only begotten son, Now and Forever. Please be careful of your chosen words. Thank you for your time.


Jack Wellman September 1, 2014 at 10:47 am

Thank you Scott for your comment. You said that God “did not “Crush” the Lord Jesus in any way shape or form, as you stated” but it was not me that stated this. This is in the Bible and you will notice that I am not using my own words but the Scripture. The word is Isaiah 53: for the word crush is the Hebrew word “daka'” and it literally means in the Hebrew “to crush, to be crushed, to be broken.” So I am careful to chose my words because they are God’s words. Do you not agree with the Scriptures? Please be careful in accusing others of doing something that they are quoting Scripture form and not “as [I] stated.” Yes, He loves Him, there is no question but the Bible says that word “crush” is from the Hebrew and not my own invention and so I do, indeed, chose my words carefully. Do you have a Hebrew lexicon in your study or Bible? Please look it up sir.


Sheridan February 10, 2015 at 7:36 am

Just what I needed to read. Praying God will reveal His will to me through His word and other faithful followers I have contact with.


PattyG March 21, 2015 at 6:54 pm

~ G L O R Y ~

Jesus speaking to His Apostles (and us) right before His crucifixion.
John 16:13-15
13 “When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come.
14 He will glorify me, for he will take what is mine and declare it to you.
15 All that the Father has is mine; therefore I said that he will take what is mine and declare it to you.”

John 16:22-23
22 “So also you have sorrow now, but I will see you again, and your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take your joy from you.
23 In that day you will ask nothing of me. Truly, truly, I say to you, whatever you ask of the Father in my name, he will give it to you.”

John 16:33
33 “I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

Jesus shares His will (inheritance) with us.
John 17
1 When Jesus had spoken these words, he lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said,
“Father, the hour has come; glorify your Son that the Son may glorify you,
2 since you have given him authority over all flesh, to give eternal life to all whom you have given him.
3 And this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.
4 I glorified you on earth, having accomplished the work that you gave me to do.
5 And now, Father, glorify me in your own presence with the glory that I had with you before the world existed.
6 “I have manifested your name to the people whom you gave me out of the world. Yours they were, and you gave them to me, and they have kept your word.
7 Now they know that everything that you have given me is from you.
8 For I have given them the words that you gave me, and they have received them and have come to know in truth that I came from you; and they have believed that you sent me.
9 I am praying for them. I am not praying for the world but for those whom you have given me, for they are yours.
10 All mine are yours, and yours are mine, and I am glorified in them.
11 And I am no longer in the world, but they are in the world, and I am coming to you. Holy Father, keep them in your name, which you have given me, that they may be one, even as we are one.
12 While I was with them, I kept them in your name, which you have given me. I have guarded them, and not one of them has been lost except the son of destruction, that the Scripture might be fulfilled.
13 But now I am coming to you, and these things I speak in the world, that they may have my joy fulfilled in themselves.
14 I have given them your word, and the world has hated them because they are not of the world, just as I am not of the world.
15 I do not ask that you take them out of the world, but that you keep them from the evil one.
16 They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world.
17 Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth.
18 As you sent me into the world, so I have sent them into the world.
19 And for their sake I consecrate myself, that they also may be sanctified in truth.
20 I do not ask for these only, but also for those who will believe in me through their word,
21 that they may all be one, just as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that they also may be in us, so that the world may believe that you have sent me.
22 The glory that you have given me I have given to them, that they may be one even as we are one,
23 I in them and you in me, that they may become perfectly one, so that the world may know that you sent me and loved them even as you loved me.
24 Father, I desire that they also, whom you have given me, may be with me where I am, to see my glory that you have given me because you loved me before the foundation of the world.
25 O righteous Father, even though the world does not know you, I know you, and these know that you have sent me.
26 I made known to them your name, and I will continue to make it known, that the love with which you have loved me may be in them, and I in them.”

Jesus again speaking directly to the Apostles (and us):
27 Until now you have asked nothing in my name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.

Luke 11
9 “And I say unto you, Ask , and it shall be given you; seek , and ye shall find ; knock , and it shall be opened unto you.”

† Trust in the Lord


PattyG March 24, 2015 at 1:49 pm

Pastor Jack,

How can we tell if something is God’s will or our will be done?
I had a comment just today from someone very close to me who said, “It’s God’s hand.”

Everything at least in the short term worked out on a very large purchase of land that the people could not pay cash.
It has not closed yet.

They have 3 major other debts.
1 Fulltime income (moderate)
1/2 Time income (very modest)
They think they will be able to retire in 2 years.

But what of the consequences if it really was Man’s hand pushing the process along? I really can’t say anything more.
I hope it really was God’s hand and not theirs pushing.

Pray for them please.


Jack Wellman March 24, 2015 at 1:53 pm

Patty…no one can know God’s hidden will for their lives until they obey the revealed will, which I believe I wrote about here. But the word retirement is not in the Bible. The final retirement is the grave. As long as we draw breath, we should do whatever we can for God and retiring is okay but that doesn’t mean to a rocking chair. If it is done for God’s glory or man’s enjoyment might be the determining factor. What is the purpose of the land? To make more money? I cannot answer that question for someone else. They must seek God’s will by fasting and prayer and godly counsel. Otherwise, it may turn out that they are seeking their own way and the ways of man and God are never the same. Wish I could be more help my good friend.


PattyG March 24, 2015 at 2:19 pm

Thanks Pastor Jack.
The place is supposed to be for the extended family.
No dwelling or good water removal system.
Old water lines.
Problem is it is in a highly undesirable place with much pollution.
It’s very cold in that region.
It is doubtful if it ever would sell to anyone else should they need to sell it.
So I am really out of it which is fine.
I can’t say any more.
I just pray that it is God’s will.
We may be doing the same thing but our financials are we have no debt whatsoever and can pay cash.
We have been praying for a very long time but have not jumped on buying just because we could have many times.
Our purpose is to have a place for refugees as it were for hard times.
We have not pushed it just because we want it.
No instant gratification.
Doesn’t the Bible say to stay out of debt (if possible) rather than garner more debt?
A large debt load doesn’t seem to bother some people.
I couldn’t enjoy something that I couldn’t afford.
I guess I was raised differently.
Oh well.
I really love my relatives.
Thank you.


Jack Wellman March 24, 2015 at 2:24 pm

Well said sister. I agree, no debt is a godly goal for sure. I have had many ask me about whether something was the will of God or not but they will never know God’s hidden will until they obey His revealed will, like mentioned in Romans 12:1-2, 1st Peter 3:17 and even Isaiah 53:10 where it was the will of the Father to crush His Son on our behalf. If they are not making God’s Word their priority then they are saying that their own life is your priority. His will is that we are conformed to the image of God and to His will (Eph 1:11). Isn’t that what they want? If we make God’s Word our priority we will clearly see that God’s will is to avoid sexual immorality (1 Thess 4:3-5) and in giving thanks to God for everything (1 Thess 5:18), because only those who do God’s will abide forever (1 John 2:17). My point is that if we make God’s Word your priority, we’ll find His will, at least those things He has revealed to us and our children (Duet 19:29).

If someone is not sure or can’t seem to find a solution to their problems then I ask them about how much time they spend in prayer and in the Word of God. Often these two are the pulse of the life of the believer. If there’s a low pulse in prayer and Bible reading, then the Christian is on life-support. Their decisions will be man-centered and not God centered and you can guess what the results of their decisions will be. I don’t like the thought of getting into debt at this time in America.


PattyG March 24, 2015 at 2:37 pm

I like this thought you said,
” Often these two are the pulse of the life of the believer. If there’s a low pulse in prayer and Bible reading, then the Christian is on _life-support_ ”

Very good! I will have to remember that one.
Sure will come in handy in my life going forward for my husband and I.

You know I still harken back to something a professor of mine said,
“The more you know the more you don’t know.”
In other words do not be wise in your own eyes.

And another…
“The hardest person to see is yourself.”

That is why I always ask for expert help guiding me on the narrow path.
Christian mentors who are honest, fair and truthful.
Will correct me when I am going the wrong way and always offer help.
Righting my footing before stumble then fall.

We all need wise council that is biblically-based.
Love. That is what it is!
I think of you this way dear Christian brother!

Matthew Angelo March 24, 2015 at 2:32 pm

Hi everyone.

I would just like to share with you the learnings that I have already acquired long ago. But the realization just hit me. But I would like to ask permission from Pastor Jack, the author of this article, for my personal thoughts about God’s will. And again, I know that my knowledge is still limited. I am trying to understand His will and purpose by praying, reading His word, learning from Godly people, etc. The things that I know are very little compared to the things that I don’t. So every single correction from this comment of mine is really appreciated. I am willing to learn from all of you, since I know that God has imparted His mind in all of us.

God’s will is for us is perfectly designed. To have a perfect fellowship with Him. But this perfect plan has been destroyed when man fell into sin. Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. And the rest is history. Our God’s design that was once perfect has already been destroyed. You might wonder why I included their stories in this testimony. Because we need to track where it all began. Trials, hardships, illnesses, catastrophes, deaths, etc., suddenly came in the picture the moment that they disobeyed Him. I am not pointing fingers at Adam and Eve. It is just that man was separated from God at that time. And the perfect fellowship that they once had died; because of sin.

Now, as we fast forward to the present, God’s plan still doesn’t change. His design for us remains the same. We can consider some factors why it somehow hard to find His true will for us. First is our fallen nature that we inherited from our ancestors. But God already made a way to draw Himself near again; through our Lord Jesus Christ. So that whoever believes in Him won’t only perish, but will have eternal life (John 3:16).

We can’t also disregard the fact that the dominion on Earth that was once ours has been stolen by Satan. Jesus said it Himself that He is already the father of this world. The father of all lies (John 8:44). How did he steal the authority from Adam and Eve? By telling them that they won’t die if they eat the fruit. An absolute deception. Did Adam and Eve really not die after they ate the fruit? They did. Their relationship with God did the moment they disobeyed Him. And since Satan is now the father of this world, the system works based on His design. Life is easy for those non-believers, but hard for Christians. Because the moment that we accepted our Lord Jesus Christ, we suddenly got included on his target list. At first, he can still care less if we do good or not, because we did not have the living God in our lives. But we became a threat for him because of Christ’s redeeming love. That is why he is doing his best to kill our faith in Him, to steal our joy, and destroy our relationship with Him. That is his main agenda, after all. To kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10). And it easy for him to do that. He is the father of this world, isn’t he? Of this corrupted world, to be specific. By all means, whatever it takes, as long as he can draw us away from the Lord, he will do it. But in Him, there is hope. For our Jesus came in to give us life and have it to the fullest (John 10:10). Our biggest hope and this hopeless world. God never designed hardships for his sons and daughters, because we are still in this world. In these corrupted and dirty vessels called the body. As long as we live here, we will still commit mistakes. We will still fall. But: THERE IS A PROMISE. For us princes and princesses of His eternal kingdom, He will remember our sins no more (Hebrews 8:12), we are already citizens of heaven, as He has already written our names in heaven (Luke 10:20). And most of all, after all of these hardships, He will come. He will be with us, we will be with Him. He will wipe away our tears, abd there be no more mourning, crying, pain, or even death. He will make everything new (Revelation 21:3-5). His ultimate will for all of us is already taking place, brothers and sisters. And that makes my heart jump with full joy.

I hope I will be able to send you the message properly, the exact way God told me, through His mysterious and marvelous ways. My explanations might be vague, but one day, all of these will come to pass. Things will one day make sense. He might not give us specific answers as of this time, but one day He will.

Again, I would like to thank everyone taht will read my message. I pray that I’ll be able to share with all of you His love through this. God bless us all.


Jack Wellman March 24, 2015 at 2:34 pm

My friend…I see no reason why you shouldn’t share this with us in the hopes that it would help others. I still have so much to learn and the Spirit of God is constantly directing and correcting so I’m all for it sir.


PattyG March 24, 2015 at 2:47 pm

Your message is a good one…
well thought out and with good citations!
I thank you for it!
I share your HOPE for eternity and all to be set right when it is God the Father’s will and perfect timing.
I say, “Come Jesus come!” Set all things new and right in this fallen world.
Thank you God for carrying me this far in your hand.
I am secure resting on it and under your eagle’s wing.


Matthew Angelo March 24, 2015 at 3:04 pm

Hey there, Patty.

Thank you for your kind and uplifting words. This is really a perfect avenue for us to strengthen each other’s faith. I know that our God is pleased as He sees His children guiding one another. Truly I can feel His love through you guys.

Let us all not lose hope in His love and promises. We might fall, but we’re never defeated. We might be lonely, but we’re never abandoned. We might be hurt, but we’re never destroyed.

God bless you, my sister. I declare that you may have your own “Heaven Here On Earth” in the name of our Savior Jesus…..


Matthew Angelo March 24, 2015 at 2:51 pm

Thank you, Pastor. You really are a man after His own heart. And with that being said, I can only imagine the things that you have to go through because of your holy life. I know that you are one of our enemy’s main target because you lead people to God by your wisdom. I pray for your welfare, your safety, and most of all, for your faith not to waiver. I pray that you find genuine strength in the midst of trouble. I declare favor for you in our God’s eyes for you are making a difference. I pray for your life’s prosperity, in all aspects, as youo are dearly loved by our Father. I also pray for endless hope for you as you might be knocked down by all forms of hardships. I won’t lose faith in the fact that He will bring us back on track if in case we fall.

God bless you, my brother.


Jack Wellman March 24, 2015 at 2:49 pm

Patty, these statements “The more you know the more you don’t know” and “The hardest person to see is yourself” is so very good and very true. This makes me think of Romans 7 for Paul. Transparency is surely a strength. Yes, I do believe what Matthew wrote is very beneficial, just as what you professor wrote. Spot on both of you.


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